Optic Atrophy Treatment

The human body is an entity that carries different worlds within itself. Eyes, ears, kidneys, muscles, bones form a world within themselves and branch off. Because of these serious details, the doctor of each part of each organ is different.

One of these areas is the eye. Our eyes are serious organs whose nerves reach the brain. If it is damaged or completely loses its function, our life is deeply affected.

In this article we wrote for you, we will talk about Optic Atrophy.

What Does Optic Atrophy In The Eye Mean?

The nerves between the eye and the brain are the mechanisms that enable us to see by transmitting light and images to the brain. When these nerves become damaged and unable to function, it is called Optic Atrophy.

Is There a Treatment for Eye Nerves?

Some of the diseases caused by damage to the optic nerves are treated. Along with the doctor’s examination of the patients, eye scans are made in detail and the type of disease and its underlying causes are determined and the treatment process is started.

However, with today’s technology, there is no cure for the Optic Atrophy disease that the person experiences. Diagnosis of this disease in the early stages and treatment of partially occurring optic atrophy is carried out, but if it is advanced, treatment is not possible.

What Causes Ocular Nerve Damage?

Sight is one of the most important skills in life. The vision process of people begins with the light reaching the retina. This light turns into electrical energy from the retina and reaches the brain by passing through the visual pathways of the person. Light reaching the visual part of the brain passes through nerves called optic nerve, optic chiasm and optic tract.

These nerves unite and form the optic nerves. People can see thanks to the optic nerves. These eye nerves can be damaged due to some reasons and lose their function. We can list these reasons as follows:

  • The person’s optic nerves are under a certain pressure. Thyroid diseases can create this pressure
  • Infection in the middle ears or sinusitis by affecting the optic nerves
  • Occlusions in the vessels that support the functioning of the optic nerves that allow the eyes to see
  • Damage to the optic nerves as a result of some trauma
  • Damage to the optic nerves due to glaucoma
  • Exposure to migraine headaches
  • Bubbles that occur in a person’s brain vessels
  • Benign or malignant tumors in the brain can be shown among the causes of this disease

What are the Symptoms of Optic Atrophy?

There are certain symptoms that occur with this disease. We can list these symptoms as follows:

  • The person begins to see blurred
  • Disturbances in the person’s peripheral vision
  • Disorders of the person in seeing colors
  • Complete loss of one’s vision

How Is Optic Atrophy Diagnosed?

This diagnosis is made after a doctor’s examination with the help of ophthalmoscope, OTC, tomography and MRI.

How to Strengthen Eye Nerves?

Before we get eye nerve diseases, we can support our eye nerves and prevent them from being damaged, especially by eating healthy. Eating foods that contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the eyes will support our eye health. Briefly, we can list these foods as follows:

  • Foods such as spinach, green tea, walnuts, zucchini, salmon, carrots, grapes, corn, and kiwi support eye health.

What Does It Mean if the Eye Sees at 10 Percent?

In some cases, the eyes lose their function and the person’s vision distance is shortened. We can explain this with the following example:

For example, a person with healthy vision can see an object at 100 meters, while a person with 10% vision can see the same object at the same distance at a distance of 10 meters.

Optic Atrophy Treatment in Turkey

Treatment of many diseases can be carried out in Turkey with a high success rate. The quality of life of people is increased by reducing the effects of incurable diseases with both surgical operations and drug treatments.

One of these diseases is Optic Atrophy that occurs in the eye. Many foreign people prefer Turkey during the treatment process in order to include the curative part of this disease, which has not yet been cured, into their lives. Treatments, especially at affordable prices, are one of the reasons why many people prefer them.

It is not correct to say the price of the treatment of Optic Atrophy in Turkey without seeing the patient. Although each disease is individual, there are many factors that affect the course of the treatment process. You can also contact us to have information about this disease and to learn the price information

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