Your lodging is conveniently located near the hospital. We provide all transportation between the hotel and the hospital via private vehicle. And we provide an ambulance if it is required
On the day and time of your arrival, our company’s staff will greet you at the airport. If the patient’s condition prevents them from traveling by private vehicle, a private ambulance will transport them to the hospital. Our operations teams manage the entire pre-flight process. The patient is returned to his or her home after the treatment process is completed.

During your stay in Turkey, you will have access to interpreting services around the clock.

We will provide your flight ticket on the appropriate day and time after the treatment process has been planned.

Following your treatment, you can schedule personalized tours based on your preferences.

Before the patient arrives, the patient sends the health facilities that are suitable for the health service that the patient needs, as well as the medical information and papers of the health tourist, and our firm conducts the required discussions and creates a treatment plan.

Each patient’s treatment is meticulously arranged by specialists. Online meetings with the patient are held during this procedure, and the patient is informed about details.

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