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Our Facilities

Translation Services

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For those who want to receive the highest quality health care in Turkey but have language problems, we assist our patients with our specialized interpreter staff in English, Russian, French, German and Arabic. When you come to our country, you will definitely not have language problems. In the near future, we will also continue to assist patients coming to our country in Italian, Spanish and Persian languages.

City Tour Service

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You will not come to our country only for treatment. At the same time, you will see all the beauties of the city you have come for treatment. Our translators and guides will introduce you to your city in the best way possible and will make sure you see all the beauties of the city. Are you ready to get the best treatment and have a great vacation?

Flight Ticket Service

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We plan your treatment process after an online consultation with our specialist doctors working in our contracted hospitals. According to the plan we have prepared, we carry out your visa procedures and flight ticket reservation procedures. All you have to do is come to our country.

Airport Transfer

Our Facilities 7 Im 0002 Service For Airport Transfers Min

We welcome our patients coming from abroad at the airport. In the online interviews we make beforehand, we get all the information about the patient. We learn the day and time our patient will arrive in our country and at the agreed time, we meet our patient at the airport with our VIP vehicles. We pick up our patient from the airport and take him/her to the ultra-luxury hotel where he/she will stay. The whole process is carried out by our professional teams. After the patient is treated, we also complete the patient’s return transfer.

Accommodation Service

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Within the scope of health tourism, we offer the best accommodation service to our guests coming from abroad. In 5-star ultra-luxury hotels, we make your reservations before you even arrive. Before and after the operation, we provide accommodation in ultra-luxurious hotels, as well as the most luxurious vehicles from the airport to the hotel and from there to the hospital where you will be treated.

Planning a Complete Health Care Treatment Process

Our Facilities 11 Im 0000 Planning The Full Comprehensive Health Treatment Process Min

We host our guests coming to our country from foreign countries for different health problems in the best way possible. We create a customized treatment plan for each patient and carry out the whole process with our professional and experienced staff. We conduct online interviews with patients who apply to us for treatment in our country. We then arrange an online consultation between the patient and the treating doctor in order to fully plan the treatment process. We plan details such as city tours, accommodation and transfers to the finest detail for our patients to have a more comfortable treatment process.

Overseas Patient Transfer

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We send all your information to the health institution suitable for the health service you want to receive in our country. We welcome you from the airport with ultra luxury vehicles. If you have a serious health condition, we will pick you up from the airport with a fully equipped land ambulance. Or we pick you up from your country under the supervision of a private ambulance plane and a specialist doctor and ensure that you reach the health institution where you will receive treatment.

We provide services with specialist doctors in hospitals in Turkey, which is the center of medical tourism. We are among the preferences of international patients with our quality and affordable healthcare services.

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