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What is Amnesia, Its Symptoms and Amnesia Treatment in Turkey. Since the existence of humanity, many diseases have existed along with health. These diseases have affected various organs in various ways, affecting human life badly and even resulted in death. One of the most important organs of humans is the brain. The brain seriously surprises people with its magnificent creation. However, some diseases occur in the brain and cause problems in people’s lives. One of these diseases is amnesia. So what is Amnesia and how to treat it, let’s examine it together.

What is Amnesia?

Amnesia is a disease that occurs in the brain and causes memory problems. Contrary to what is known, it does not affect the body health of the person. In this amnesia, the person hardly remembers the past or does not remember at all. In addition, it cannot record and store new memories and information.

What Are the Types of Amnesia?

Amnesia, also known as amnesic syndrome, is a condition in which a person forgets his or her distant past and recent past, and does not record new information and memories about the future. There are many known types of this disease. What are the Types of Amnesia, we have listed them for you below:

  • Retrograde Amnesia; In this type of amnesia, the person forgets not the distant past, but the recent past after being diagnosed with amnesia. For example, if this amnesia occurred after an accident, the person forgets about the accident and the days before it.
  • Anterograde Amnesia; It is a type of amnesia that affects a person’s ability to record and remember future information.
  • Transient Global Amnesia; In this type of amnesia, the patient usually recovers after one day. However, since future records and memories are not recorded during that time, the patient does not remember a day after he recovers. Because the brain did not record it. He remembers the past, remembers his frequent transactions, recognizes his relatives. However, since the memory does not record the day, there is a situation of constantly asking the same questions.
  • Post Traumatic Amnesia; In the type of amnesia that occurs in the traumatic event, the forgetting style of the person can be either retrograde, anterograde or both.
  • Infantile Amnesia; In this type of amnesia, the person cannot remember memories from 3-5 years ago. The reason for this is that the regions that support memory are developing.
  • Dissociative/Psychogenic Amnesia ; In this type of amnesia, deterioration in the mental health of the person occurs. The person forgets the traumatic event and personal information.

What are the Causes of Amnesia?

When we look at what are the causes of amnesia, there are many reasons for this ailment. These reasons can be briefly explained as follows:

  • amnesia due to dementia
  • Amnesia caused by damage to the hippocampus
  • Amnesia caused by head trauma
  • Amnesia, which occurs as a result of severe trauma and stress
  • Amnesias occur as a result of electroconvulsive therapy

What Are the Symptoms of Amnesia?

When you are asked what are the symptoms of amnesia, the clearest answer to be given is the symptom of memory loss. The person afflicted with amnesia cannot recall memories, memories, information, and experiences from the past. It cannot keep in mind and record future information and events. As a result, they either have difficulty in remembering or cannot remember at all.

In addition, in some memories, the sequence of events changes and even fictions can occur. As a result, tension and irritability occur in the person.

How Is Amnesia Diagnosed?

If the person has symptoms of amnesia, such as not remembering, he or she should consult a neurologist as soon as possible. During the examination, doctors ask many questions such as how long the state of not remembering has been, whether the underlying cause of forgetting is a result of trauma or psychological, whether the forgetfulness progresses, and how it affects the person’s life. These questions give important clues to the doctor to make a diagnosis in treatment.

In addition, when we look at How to Diagnose Amnesia, the patient’s past health history, the examination of the neurologist, and tests to determine whether the patient can perform cognitive activities are performed. In addition, diagnostic methods such as MRI and CT are also used to diagnose. The activities occurring in the brain are investigated by the EEG method.

How is Amnesia Treated?

Even in the light of today’s developing science, no treatment method has been found to completely cure amnesia. However, there are many answers that can be given to the question of How to Treat Amnesia. Even if it is not completely healed, techniques are used to strengthen the memory. For example, in amnesia caused by a blow to the head, after the trauma is intervened, the person recovers by resting at home and by various light cerebral activities. In addition, after severe psychological traumas, this type of amnesia is tried to be overcome by receiving psychological support.

In amnesia caused by alcohol, it is expected that the person will get rid of the amnesia with alcohol treatment. The type of amnesia caused by dementia is tried to be improved with cognitive support and drug treatment.

However, if the amnesia is permanent, the doctor tries to treat it with learning methods suitable for the person. However, the patient can receive psychotherapy. Details such as photographs, various smells that affect the person, and music that affect the person may also contain important clues to probe the memory.

How to Prevent Amnesia?

Amnesia is a serious disease that negatively affects a person’s life. Small changes in a person’s life can greatly reduce the risk of developing this disease. So, How to Prevent Amnesia, let’s examine it together:

  • Minimizing alcohol consumption
  • Using a helmet to take precautions for situations where the person’s head is likely to be hit
  • Leading an active life in order to support mental health (such as traveling, reading)
  • Doing physical activities
  • Making healthy eating a way of life
  • To take the amount of fluid sufficient for the body during the day

Which Department Should I Go to for Amnesia?

After the person shows various symptoms, he/she should go to the neurology department in hospitals and be examined. This is the shortest answer to the question of Which Department to Go to for Amnesia.

Amnesia Treatment Prices in Turkey

In the light of developing and advancing science, Turkey follows the latest developments and treats its domestic and foreign patients with the latest technological methods. With these treatment methods, clear cure of many diseases is realized. For this reason, Turkey ranks first among the countries preferred by foreign citizens living abroad for treatment.

The fact that doctors and nurses are experts and experienced in their fields can be shown as the first criteria preferred by patients. Then comes the fact that the hospitals are equipped with the latest technological devices and that all the personnel who take care of the patients are friendly and helpful.

The affordable prices of treatments and other personal needs in Turkey can be shown among the reasons for preference. However, it would not be very healthy to give clear information about Amnesia Treatment Prices in Turkey. Because the conditions such as which disease or trauma caused amnesia, the treatment process, the treatment methods to be applied, the length of stay in the hospital directly affect the prices. If you want to be treated for amnesia in Turkey, you can contact us for detailed price information and answers to your questions. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa procedures with our invitation letter sent to the consulate.

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