What Is Emphysema

What is Emphysema, Its Symptoms, Emphysema Treatment in Turkey The way people were created is full of miracles. The constant pumping of blood by the heart and the cleansing of the blood by the kidneys is a miracle in itself. Another wonderful thing is that we breathe. Humans breathe through their lungs. The lungs bring the oxygen taken from the outside with the blood. What is emphysema and how it is treated, before we move on to it, let’s examine how the breathing process works.

The breath we take from the outside first fills our lungs. fter this, it reaches our bronchi and then the air sacs called alveoli. The blood vessels in the air sacs take the fresh air and meet it with blood. In the exhalation process, the process works in the opposite way. In this process, which is exactly the opposite, the carbon dioxide in the blood is expelled and we breathe.

A healthy person has approximately 300 million air sacs in their lungs and their shape resembles a cluster. With the breath we take, the sacs expand, and with the breath we exhale, they contract. In other words, the breathing process is directly proportional to the flexibility of the sacs.

What is emphysema?

If we move on to the question of what is emphysema, it means that the air sacs called alveoli lose their flexibility and do not contract again when exhaling after they swell while inhaling. Non-shrinking air sacs remain inflated. Since there is a little air left in it from the previous breathing, there is no room for the newly taken oxygen. As a result, shortness of breath occurs.

If this disease, which occurs in the air sacs, is treated early, the recovery rate is high. But if left untreated, it can cause serious harm to the person. There are many different treatment methods for the disease, which can be treated with today’s technology.

What Causes Emphysema?

Emphysema, which can be treated but needs serious attention and treatment, occurs due to many different reasons. In short, we can list the Causes of Emphysema for you as follows:

  • smoking
  • Having Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
  • Exposure to cigarette smoke. That is, passive smoking
  • Factors such as exposure to air pollution can be among the causes of emphysema

What Are the Symptoms of Emphysema?

When we look at what are the symptoms of emphysema, some cases are personal. For this reason, the symptoms may also differ. But if we briefly talk about the common symptoms:

  • Chronic cough and difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in the sternum
  • Coughing attacks and difficulty in breathing that occur while the person is doing a physical activity
  • Inflammation caused by smoking in the trachea tract
  • Dense sputum formation
  • feeling of extreme tiredness
  • Blue, gray bruises on the lips and nails of the person
  • excessive weight loss
  • fast beating heart
  • chest wheezing
  • There are symptoms such as shortness of breath when climbing stairs

How is Pulmonary Emphysema Diagnosed?

Emphysema is a type of disease that will make the person very difficult if left untreated. For this reason, early diagnosis is very important. So, how is the diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema made, let’s examine it together.

First of all, the patient must have certain symptoms. The person who applies to the doctor due to a number of complaints is first taken for a physical examination. After this examination, the doctor requests certain tests and examinations. We can list them as follows:

  • Diagnosis with lung function tests
  • Diagnosis by spirometry method
  • chest filming
  • Diagnosis with arterial blood gas analysis
  • The disease is diagnosed by using diagnostic methods such as computed tomography

What are the Types of Lung Emphysema?

If we need to answer the question of what are the types of pulmonary emphysema, there are two most common types of this disease. The first is COPD. It is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Another is Aip. So it is called acute interstitial pneumonia.

While the cause of COPD is smoking and environmental factors, the cause of AIP arises from damage to the lungs by an infection.

How is Lung Emphysema Treated?

Pulmonary Emphysema and COPD is an incurable disease. When we look at How to Treat Lung Emphysema, the treatment methods are not completely curative, they are studies aimed at reducing the damage caused by the disease and increasing the quality of life of the patient. The treatment methods used for patients who have difficulty in breathing can be listed as follows:

  • Techniques are learned to learn how to breathe properly and lung rehabilitation therapy is applied
  • Nutrition Therapy Treatment Method
  • Oxygen Support Therapy
  • Surgery Treatment
  • To help him quit smoking
  • To encourage the patient to exercise by creating a regular exercise program
  • Protecting oneself from cold weather
  • Vaccine treatment option
  • Treatment methods and supporters such as protecting oneself from infections can be applied

Does Emphysema Kill?

Lung emphysema is a type of disease that cannot be fully treated, and it is aimed to improve the quality of life of the person by treatment. In this disease, when the treatment process is started with the desire and effort of the person, the life expectancy can be extended.

During this treatment phase, the patient must strictly comply with what the doctor says and quit smoking, especially if he or she is using it. Factors such as timely controls, timely use of drugs, etc. also affect the treatment process positively. If we answer the question of Is Emphysema Killing, if the person is diagnosed late, smokes persistently, does not follow the doctor’s instructions and does not support the treatment process, yes, this disease can result in death.

How Many Years Do Emphysema Patients Live?

It is not a very correct behavior to give life to diseases. Because, external factors such as the life struggles of the patients, the type and stage of the disease, the treatment methods used, and the age of the patient can change the life span of the person. For this reason, it would not be correct to give a clear answer to the question of How Long Do Emphysema Patients Live?

Emphysema Treatment Prices in Turkey

Developing and advancing technology and science also affect the field of medicine. Scientists in Turkey and around the world find suitable treatment methods for many diseases and patients by conducting various researches. In this way, remedies for diseases that seem impossible to treat are a glimmer of hope for people. Turkey is among the countries where such studies are carried out and new inventions are made. For this reason, Turkish hospitals and doctors, which attract the attention of foreign citizens, are preferred for treatment.

  • Large and fully equipped hospitals.
  • Doctors have expert and empathetic thinking in their field.
  • To be helpful and hospitable to everyone, including the intermediary firms and all hospital staff who are interested in you.
  • Finding correct and satisfactory answers to all questions in a short time.
  • Scientific treatment methods.
  • The devices used in the applied diagnosis and diagnosis stages are state-of-the-art.
  • Reasons such as the affordable prices of the treatments in the field of health in Turkey can be shown among the reasons for preference.

Emphysema Treatment Prices in Turkey vary. There are differences in the treatment methods used for factors such as the condition of the disease, age, way of fighting the disease, stage and type of the disease. For this reason, the price is not clear. You can ask us all your questions about emphysema and get correct and satisfactory answers. You can also contact us for price information. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter we send to the consulate.

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