Ilasik Laser Treatment

iLasik Laser Treatment, i-Lasik Laser Treatment Prices in Turkey Technology and science are advancing at full speed in order to make people’s lives easier by merging. This progress is a beacon of hope for many people, especially in the field of health.

Many diseases are now treatable. These treatments have made extensive progress, especially in the eye. People who have had to wear glasses or lenses throughout their lives can now start to see normally with lasik laser treatment.

In this article that we have researched for you, we will talk about the laser treatment, which has been preferred by many people recently. Together we will find answers to many questions such as what is laser treatment, to whom it is performed, and how it is done.

What is iLasik Laser?

Many people in the world have refractive errors. These are examined under three headings as hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia. Ilasik laser treatment is a treatment method that will provide permanent vision by treating patients who use glasses and lenses because of these defects.

It has been revealed as a result of research that large occupational groups such as those working in the army and those working in NASA, prefer this treatment method and provide permanent improvements.

Who is i-Lasik Laser Applied to?

Ilasik laser treatment method is applied to many people. But in order for this application to be made for you, you need to have a number of criteria. We can list these criteria for you as follows:

  • Persons over the age of 18
  • People with myopia degree of 10, hyperopia degree of 6, and astigmatism degree of 4
  • People with sufficient thickness of the corneal layer in the eye
  • People who do not have various systemic diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism
  • As a result of the examinations made by the doctor, laser treatment can be applied to people with suitable eye structure

How is i-Lasik Surgery Performed?

This surgery is performed by providing numbness in the eye with anesthetic drops applied to the eye. First of all, a 3-dimensional eye map of the eye is created with the latest technology Wavefront. This information is sent to the laser called excimer and is created individually.

After the numbing process takes place, the surgical process begins with a bladeless laser. The cornea is reshaped in the light of the information sent to the device. Thus, the disease in the eye is treated. Although the procedures vary from person to person, it takes about 5-10 minutes for one eye.

How Long Does i-Lasik Laser Surgery Take?

Ilasik laser eye surgery is performed by numbing the eye with anesthetic drops. After this procedure, there is a treatment process that takes an average of 5-10 minutes for one eye and an average of 15-20 minutes for both eyes.

Post-I-Lasik Laser Treatment Process

  • Although it is a short laser procedure, it should not be forgotten that this is an operation and the doctor’s instructions should be strictly followed:
  • During the first day after the operation, the eyes should not be touched or rubbed with water.
  • After the surgery, the eye medications prescribed by the doctor should be used without interruption.
  • After resting at home for 1 day, routine life can be resumed the next day.
  • Eye checks are a very important detail. Controls should be done without interruption.

How Many Days Does i-Lasik Laser Heal?

After the surgery, there will be no problem in the person’s vision, but it is predicted that clear vision and clear recovery will take about 2-3 months.

During this process, the doctor and the patient should be in contact and the treatment process should proceed without interruption.

i-Lasik Laser Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has made many innovations and inventions in the field of health by following the developments. It has succeeded in making its name known to the whole world by raising the health sector to a certain level, especially with its investments in the field of health.

The developments and inventions made in the field of treatment, which attracted the attention of citizens abroad, have been a source of hope for patients. For this reason, Turkey ranks first among the countries preferred for the treatment of many diseases.

The fact that the doctors are experts and successful in their field, the hospitals are spacious, comfortable and fully equipped, all the personnel, including the intermediary personnel who take care of the patients, are friendly, hospitable and helpful, Turkey’s holiday opportunities, such as treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking, etc.

Other reasons for preference, such as the affordable price of the needs, can also be cited.

  • In the light of these reasons, if you want to have laser treatment in Turkey, If you come to Turkey through us, we speed up the visa procedures with the invitation letter we send to your consulate.
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