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Dental Implant in Turkey

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    A dental implant is defined as a prosthetic dental treatment performed through a titanium screw placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. In dental implant treatment, it is possible to process only the relevant tooth without damaging the surrounding teeth. The implanted tooth is in a solid structure like the natural tooth of the person and does not disturb the person.

    Dental Implant Techniques in Turkey

    Dental implant techniques vary according to the needs of the patient. The type of implant to be chosen changes according to the missing tooth type. The material generally used in dental implants is titanium. Titanium is a material that is highly compatible with bone tissue and can be implanted easily. Some patients may develop a titanium allergy, albeit very rarely. In such cases, titanium must be removed from the body. A material called zirconium can be used instead of titanium. Zirconium is a lighter and white-colored component than titanium. Due to its color, zirconium can also be used in dental veneers.

    Why Should You Have a Dental Implant?

    Today, tooth loss due to dental caries, gingivitis, dental diseases, or trauma is quite common. After tooth loss due to any reason, the treatment option that provides the closest image and comfort to the natural tooth is the dental implant

    Dental Implant Risks

    The risks that may be encountered after the dental implant procedure usually arise due to the careless examination of the pre-procedure. In the radiographic evaluations made before the implant procedure, the nerves running in the jawbone should be examined in detail. There is a risk of damage to the nerve tissue of the screw in the implant procedure without the exact localization of the nerves being determined.

    How to Get a Dental Implant in Turkey?

    With the detailed examinations performed before the implant procedure, information about the patient’s general health status and dental health is obtained. The radiological examinations measure the patient’s jaw bones and adjacent teeth. In addition, if the patient is using blood thinners, he or she is asked to stop using them before the procedure. The dental implant is performed with light sedation given to the patient. A temporary cap is attached after the screw is placed in the single-stage implant procedure. In the two-stage implant process, after the screw is placed, it is covered with the surrounding tissues and gingiva, and it is healed. After the healing of the soft tissues is completed, a dental prosthesis is placed on the screw. The expected time for tissue healing is usually between 3-6 months. The lower jaw heals in about three months, and the upper jaw in six months.

    Things to Consider After Getting a Dental Implant

    After the dental implant procedure, the patient should not eat or drink anything for about 2-3 hours. During this period, it should wait for the anesthesia to be applied before the procedure becomes ineffective. At the end of the implant procedure, a buffer is applied to stop the bleeding. Half an hour after the end of the procedure, this tampon can be removed. Very hot and very cold foods should not be consumed on the day of the implant procedure. The patient needs to apply ice (cold compress) to the implant area at short intervals so that the patient does not experience swelling after the procedure. In addition, the patient should not smoke for a few days after the implant.

    Factors Affecting Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

    The price of a dental implant in Turkey varies depending on the material used during the implant, the type of screw, the type of prosthesis, and the additional surgical procedures performed during the procedure. In addition, the brand of the implant applied is one of the factors affecting the implant prices.