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What is Maternity Aesthetics, Maternity Aesthetics Prices in Turkey 

What is Maternity Aesthetics, Maternity Aesthetics Prices in Turkey . There is no doubt that pregnancy and motherhood are one of the most important moments and formations of a woman. During pregnancy, a woman does not think about her deformed abdomen, legs, body and genital area while carrying a developing and growing creature inside her Because in return for these, she will taste the feeling of motherhood that she has never tasted before in the world. But after a while after giving birth and holding her baby in her arms, the mother begins to look for her old body. He tries to do diet and sports to bring his deformed body back to its old form. As a result of these, motherhood aesthetics comes to the rescue of the mother who cannot return to her old self. What is Maternity Aesthetics, which is wondered by everyone, let’s examine it together.

What is Maternity Aesthetics?

What is maternity aesthetics, briefly, it is the process of restoring the deformed body during pregnancy to its former form with a series of operations. While performing these procedures, several surgical aesthetic procedures are performed together.

Sagging in the abdomen and belly that occurs after birth, breasts that experience sagging during breastfeeding, sagging and loosening due to weight and edema in the legs, arms and other parts of the body, deformation in the vagina are included in the maternity aesthetic operation performed in a package. By performing this aesthetic procedure in one go, the body that the woman longs for and dreams of is achieved in one go.

In Which Regions Is Maternity Aesthetics Applied?

Pregnancy and childbirth is a process that completely changes the woman’s body. Although the mother’s holding her baby in her arms at the end of this process eliminates all the troubles, after a while, both women and men long for the body they were before they became mothers.

In particular, it is seen that every woman longs for her pre-pregnancy body and strives to reach it. Diets and heavy exercises done in this way cause a lot of time and money. However, the science that has developed with today’s technology has become convenient to perform many different operations together with the principle of regaining her old body in a single operation, which will save mothers from this trouble. Maternity aesthetics allows people to regain their old body by performing more than one operation in a single operation. Well, in which regions is the maternity aesthetic applied, let’s find out together.

  • The process of lifting sagging breasts
  • Tummy tuck procedure for sagging and cracked abdomen
  • Liposuction procedures for the lubricated abdomen
  • Stretching and fat removal method for sagging legs and arms

Such methods are done in one go

What is the Purpose of Maternity Aesthetics?

Being a mother and motherhood is a very difficult process. This situation affects your body in the first place. No matter what is done after the birth, the body that cannot return to its original state can cause the mother to experience psychological problems and loss of self-confidence. At this stage, Maternity Aesthetics comes into play. Well, let’s find out together what is the purpose of motherhood aesthetics.

In the first stage, it is aimed to restore the old appearance of the person without the need for other operations after the simultaneous application of many operations with a single operation. In line with this purpose, the mother will be able to regain her old self in a short time by making a profit from both time and money. Restoring the deformed whole body is good for both the psychology and self-confidence of the mother.

How is Maternity Aesthetics Performed?

Maternity Aesthetics is wondered by many women who will have this aesthetic. In particular, it is necessary to undergo a series of long-term operations in order to collect the whole body at once. This surgery process takes about 3-5 hours depending on the person. These procedures are performed with the effect of general anesthesia. We can explain how Maternity Aesthetics is done as follows:

  • Breast aesthetics is performed by determining the shape of the breast according to the needs of the person. If it is too big, rounding and shrinking is done, if it is too small, again rounding and enlargement is done.
  • Another procedure to be done is stretching the sagging, loose and cracked abdomen. After this procedure, it is aimed to make the abdomen flat and lean.
  • Liposuction is another procedure to be performed. The removal of excess fat from any part of the body is done by this process.
  • Vaginal aesthetics, on the other hand, is performed with the aim of recovering the deformations that occur after childbirth.

To Whom Is Maternity Aesthetics Applied?

The question of Who Can Apply Maternity Aesthetics is asked by many mothers and their answers are curious. To summarize this question briefly:

  • People who have deformation in the abdominal region during pregnancy
  • People who have sagging in their legs, arms, back area and abdomen
  • People who cannot get rid of their stubborn fat no matter how much diet and exercise they do
  • For people with stretch marks
  • Every mother who did not find any negative findings as a result of the doctor’s examination and was diagnosed as ready for anesthesia


Does Maternity Aesthetics Affect Pregnancy?

One of the most curious questions of people who have or will have plastic surgery is Does Maternity Aesthetics Affect Pregnancy? If we answer this question, no, plastic surgeries do not cause any problems during pregnancy. However, the re-experiencing pregnancy process can create the same deformations in the person’s body. For this reason, this detail should not be overlooked. If the mother is not considering pregnancy or after she has survived all her pregnancies and has as many children as she wishes, it will be in her best interest to undergo this surgery.

What to Consider in Maternity Aesthetics

We can briefly explain what to consider in maternity aesthetics as follows:

  • During the 14 days after the aesthetic, the mother feels pain and swelling in her body, so she should move less and eat more healthy.
  • It should be noted that the mother came out of a serious and long operation. He should avoid heavy lifting for at least 6 months, including his own baby.
  • In order for the operation to be long-term, the mother should make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle. In this way, you can have a more fit and trouble-free body.

What are the Types of Maternity Aesthetics?

When asked what are the Types of Maternity Aesthetics, we can list them as follows:

  • tummy tuck procedure
  • labiaplasty procedure
  • Breast Augmentation process
  • breast lift procedure
  • breast reduction procedure
  • Fat removal process (liposuction)

How is the Recovery Process After Maternity Aesthetics?

What is the Recovery Process After Maternity Aesthetics is among the questions that are wondered and researched by all mothers. While this process varies from person to person, if we need to list it briefly, the next process continues as follows:

  • People who have maternity aesthetic surgery need to stay in the hospital for 1-3 days, depending on the type of surgery they have had.
  • It can be planned by the doctor that all surgeries to be performed are not performed at once, but at intervals of 3 months.
  • After this operation, which is performed under the effect of general anesthesia, the mother is observed in the intensive care unit and is expected to wake up.
  • On the first day, some pain may be seen after the effect of anesthesia wears off. However, these pains are tried to be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  • On the first day after the operation, the patient can stand up immediately.
  • At the end of 3 days, he regains his mobility and can move without support.
  • After the operation, after a few days following this process, the mother is sent home to try to adapt to normal life.
  • For the first 3 days after the surgery, the patient is fed with liquid foods.
  • From the 4th day onwards, he can gradually switch to solid nutrition.

Maternity Aesthetics Prices in Turkey

One of the most performed surgeries in Turkey is plastic surgery. The fact that people have parts of their bodies that they do not like and that affect their lives badly, both fulfill the self-confidence of the person and increase the quality of life. One of these surgeries is maternity aesthetic surgeries. By performing a series of operations at once, the patient’s old fit appearance is achieved in a short time. These surgeries, which were successfully performed in Turkey, also attracted the attention of foreign citizens. So much so that Turkey ranks first among the countries chosen for surgery.

There are multiple reasons for these choices. Among the reasons:

  • Hospitals are clean, spacious and fully equipped
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • All the staff dealing with the patient are friendly and helpful
  • Up-to-date treatment methods used
  • Factors such as completing the treatments and special needs at affordable prices explain the reasons for preference

Maternity Aesthetics Prices in Turkey vary from person to person. Factors such as the number of procedures to be performed by the person and the length of stay in the hospital are among the factors affecting these prices. For this reason, you can contact us to have information about maternity aesthetics prices. In addition, if you come to Turkey for Maternity Aesthetic Surgery through us, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter we send to the consulate.

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