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What is Endoscopy and How Is It Done?

What is Endoscopy and How Is It Done?

It is the procedure performed with the device used in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system diseases with the help of a small light and camera located at the tip. The name of this device is Endoscope. The part from the mouth where the chewing, digesting, absorption and evacuation processes of the person are carried out to the anus is called the Gastrointestinal System. The most reliable method in the diagnosis and treatment of these system disorders is the endoscopy method.

In case of Gastrointestinal System disorders, the person should definitely apply to Surgeons or Gastroenterologists who are experts in their field. Because in the treatment of these diseases, it is necessary to consult with experts in the field in order to get a faster and more precise solution.

What is Gastric Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is the procedure that is performed in abnormal situations that people feel in the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum and will give effective results. Gastric Endoscopy is the procedure to be performed in cases that affect the digestive system such as bitter water in the mouth, throat burning, heartburn, vomiting.

Endoscopic examination in these and similar health problems gives the person the fastest and most reliable results. With the development of technology, there are solutions to many diseases. This technology has come to today’s technology by making great leaps in the field of medicine as in every field. Especially the devices used in the field of endoscopy play an important role in the early diagnosis and treatment of a serious disease.

Thanks to the camera and light on its tip, the flexible device used in the diagnosis of unwanted diseases such as cysts, wounds and tumors in the Gastrointestinal System has managed to save the lives of many people until today. These state-of-the-art devices have been produced with extreme flexibility so that the patient does not feel discomfort and pain. In some cases, if the patient requests, there may be Gastric Endoscopy treatment under the effect of mild anesthesia.

How is Endoscopy Performed?

As we briefly mentioned above, endoscopy; It is the process of examining the Gastrointestinal System from the stomach to the anus with the help of a tube of approximately 8-10 mm, called an endoscope, with a light and a camera at the end.

Although endoscopy treatment scares everyone with the thought of an orally inserted device going down to the stomach, it is actually not a very scary treatment method. With the knowledge of how the treatment is done, which we will explain shortly, you can decide to have this treatment without feeling pain or suffering.

First of all, one of the most important issues that frighten the person is the feeling of vomiting that will occur from the moment the device touches the throat. However, since doctors cannot do a comfortable and detailed study under these conditions, the patient is first put to sleep with a sedoanalgesic drug. The patient, who does not want to be put to sleep, can also be processed by squeezing medication into his throat upon his request. In both of these cases, you will not experience undesirable situations such as pain or pain during the procedure.

Then, for comfortable use of the device, a mouthguard is placed in the mouth and the procedure is started by laying the patient on his left side. The patient should not eat or drink anything after 12 pm before the procedure. Being hungry facilitates treatment. The endoscopy procedure can take between 15-30 minutes depending on the patient’s condition. This process may vary more or less due to the individual situation of each disease.

Although endoscopy is an oral procedure, there is also a treatment method called colonoscopy. With this method, the large intestines of the person are examined. In order for the patient and the doctor who will perform the treatment to feel comfortable, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is definitely applied to the patient before the procedure.

Again, with a camera device with a light at the end, it is entered through the anus and the large intestines and colons are examined. Before the procedure, the patient’s bowel cleansing is also done. During these procedures, the camera reflects the image to the monitor and the doctor performs the examination in this way. During colonoscopy and endoscopy treatment, health status such as heart rate and oxygen level of the person are also monitored.

Endoscopy Prices in Turkey 2022 2024

As in the diagnosis and treatment of every disease, Turkey is among the preferred countries for the treatment of digestive system diseases. The fact that the doctors and employees in the hospitals are interested and friendly and the doctors are experts and experienced in their field explains the reason for the choices made.

The fact that the questions asked in every treatment in Turkey find fast and accurate answers make the patients very satisfied. Turkey’s ease of transportation, the ease of its geographical location, the availability of holiday opportunities after the treatment process, and the affordable treatment and holiday process can also be shown among the reasons for preference.

If we refer to the Endoscopy Prices in Turkey in 2022, which is among the most curious subjects; It would not be correct to give a clear price information at this stage. 2024 For; Although the disease is personal, the differences in the diagnosis and treatment process cause changes in the price. For more detailed information, it would be healthier to contact the specialists.

How Long Does Endoscopy Take?

The duration of endoscopy is among the topics that are wondered by every patient. If we explain this process, Diseases are personal. For this reason, the process in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease varies from person to person. However, if we need to give an average time, the treatment process takes place in a short time like 15-30 minutes.

After Endoscopy

After the endoscopy, people feel the desire to eat immediately after being hungry for a long time. However, the patient should not immediately tend to eat. It should not be forgotten that even if it was short-lived, a serious treatment was left. For this reason, heavy meals should be avoided after treatment. Liquid foods should be preferred rather than solid foods. Extremely cold, hot, tea, coffee, acidic beverages should not be consumed for a while.

After the endoscopy procedure, a sore throat and pain may be felt for 1-2 hours. This is normal and will pass. Eating after the procedure should be done 2-3 hours later. According to the diseases found after the procedure, life should be continued with the diet given by the doctor.

While this is briefly what should be done in the endoscopy method, different situations may arise if the procedure is colonoscopy. After the colonoscopy, the patient may have pain problem. There may be a feeling of pain after the procedure due to the intestinal expander gas given to facilitate the examination of the intestines.

It is recommended to go to the hospital with a companion, as anesthesia will be applied during endoscopy and colonoscopy treatment.orized persons.

Why is Endoscopy Performed?

The endoscopy procedure varies according to the patient and the disease. First of all, it should be known that endoscopy is performed for early diagnosis without any particular complaint. In these procedures, performed as recommended by the doctors, early diagnosis saves lives even if the patient does not have any complaints.

Apart from this, we can explain the reasons for its construction for diagnosis and treatment purposes.

Endoscopy for Diagnostic Purposes

  • Long-standing stomach pain, gas problem, bloating problem, indigestion problem,
  • Complaints such as long-standing nausea, vomiting, reflux, hoarseness and cough
  • Weight loss, excessive sweating and high fever accompanied by these pains and complaints
  • Difficulty swallowing while eating and drinking
  • Vomiting bloody or in the form of coffee grounds, stools in abnormal colors such as black
  • Those who have a first-degree relative with cancer in the stomach and esophagus
  • If you have gastric surgery 15-20 years ago, endoscopy is absolutely necessary for early diagnosis

If we need to remind you again, it is recommended to have an endoscopy examination at regular intervals, since early diagnosis will save lives.

Endoscopy for Treatment Purposes

  • Early stage gastric cancer treatment
  • Elimination of strictures in the esophagus
  • Removal of foreign bodies that have escaped into the stomach or esophagus
  • To stop bleeding caused by ulcer
  • In order to drain the liquids accumulated in the digestive system
  • Insertion of a tube to feed into the stomach in people who cannot do the feeding process for various reasons
  • Endoscopy is performed to remove poplin in the esophagus, stomach or small intestine

Complaints After Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a procedure performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia, sedation with sedoanalgesic drugs, or with a medicine that is only injected into the throat upon the request of the patient. Due to these procedures, the patient may feel different states after endoscopy.

These side effects are; It can be seen as complaints such as sore throat or pain, pain and abdominal pain after colonoscopy, fatigue or weakness due to anesthesia.

Since the process is simple and short-lived, the risk level is low when looking at the overall rate. However, provided that it is severe after the procedure; If there are complaints such as burning in the stomach, abdominal pain, bleeding, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, a doctor should be consulted.

Meal After Endoscopy

It is not recommended to eat or drink anything for 2 hours after the procedure. Due to prolonged hunger, one should not sit down to eat immediately after 2 hours, and light, easily digestible foods should be consumed.

It is not recommended to consume things such as extremely cold or hot foods, foods that are difficult to digest, tea, coffee, acidic drinks.

As a result of the diagnosis and treatment, it is necessary to return to the nutrition life by following the recommendations of the doctor without ignoring the recommendations.

Is it possible to be hospitalized after endoscopy?

Since the endoscopy and colonoscopy treatment is a 15-30 minute procedure, the patient can go home on the same day and does not need to be hospitalized. However, due to the anesthesia applications, it is recommended to wait in the hospital for at least 1 hour until he regains consciousness.

How Is Endoscopy Performed?

Because the patient does not feel pain and pain and the doctor works comfortably, patients are usually put to sleep with sedoanalgesic drugs and the procedure is started. While this state of sleep lasts for about 10 minutes, the doctor begins the treatment in a comfortable and attentive manner.
During the sleep phase, the patient is slightly sleepy and does not feel or remember anything during or after the procedure.

Which Department Does Endoscopy?

Endoscopy, which many people avoid even being examined just because they are afraid, is actually an extremely easy and painless procedure. For these procedures, the hospital must go to the Internal Medicine or Gastroenterology department.

Is Water Drinkable Before Endoscopy?

The patient should not eat or drink anything other than water after 12 pm the night before the endoscopy procedure. Water consumption, on the other hand, should be limited to prevent undesirable situations such as vomiting during treatment.