Acute Bacterial Meningitis

Meningitis is a serious disease that is mostly seen in infants, children and young adults and threatens the health of the person to a great extent. In some cases, this disease has also been seen to go away on its own. In order for the treatment of the disease treated in Turkey to be successful, it must be diagnosed early and specialist and experienced doctors must undertake the treatment. What is Acute Bacterial Meningitis, and how it is treated, can be found in the continuation of our article.

What is Acute Bacterial Meningitis?

Even if we say that it occurs only in infants, children and young adults, and it is known as such, this disease can occur in anyone at any time. There is a membrane in the brain and spinal cord of the person and surrounding these organs. Infection of this membrane for various reasons is called meningitis. With this definition, the question of What is Acute Bacterial Meningitis can be answered.

Meningitis, which starts with many symptoms, can lead to death unless it is discovered and treated. These deaths result in 1 out of 10 people when looking at the general picture. It is important that a patient, relative or person, notices the symptoms of meningitis, should immediately apply to the health institution. The most important cause of meningitis is caused by viruses. However, Acute Bacterial Meningitis is caused by bacteria. There have been cases that were triggered by fungi or parasites.

It is also possible to control meningitis with childhood vaccinations. In this process, it should be known that viral meningitis is frequently seen and it is possible to treat it as soon as it shows symptoms. The main type of meningitis to be afraid of is bacterial meningitis. It is rare but needs to be treated.

What are the Symptoms of Acute Bacterial Meningitis?

What are the Symptoms of Acute Bacterial Meningitis?;

Although meningitis is usually seen in children, it is a disease that can occur in people of all ages. This disease occurs in people older than 2 years with the following symptoms:

  • sudden rise in fever
  • The formation of stiffness in the neck of the person
  • Severe headache that is not normally experienced
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurring in the consciousness of the person and having problems focusing
  • Having a seizure
  • desire to sleep
  • Difficulty in moving and walking
  • Sensitivity to light in the eyes of the person
  • Loss of appetite
  • skin rashes

Symptoms of meningitis in children and infants younger than 2 years old:

  • body temperature Rising
  • crying state
  • state of restlessness
  • Extremely long sleep
  • Difficulty waking up from sleep after sleeping
  • slowing down in movements
  • Refusal to breast and drink milk
  • Not wanting to be fed
  • state of vomiting
  • If it is still open, swelling in the fontanel area
  • Stiffness formation in parts of the body or neck


What are the Complications of Acute Bacterial Meningitis?

People suffering from meningitis may encounter a number of complications. What are the Complications of Acute Bacterial Meningitis can be briefly listed as follows:

  • Hearing complications
  • Complications in the brain
  • Complications in vision
  • Complications in memory
  • Complications in walking and movement
  • Complications in the kidneys
  • Complications that occur with the formation of shock
  • The occurrence of epilepsy
  • Occurrence of death

How Is Acute Bacterial Meningitis Diagnosed?

When some symptoms show themselves, the diagnosis and treatment process of people who go to the hospital begins. So, How to Diagnose Acute Bacterial Meningitis We can answer this as follows: First of all, after going to the hospital, the person is given a physical examination test.

Afterwards, a number of examinations are made with a blood test. The presence of things that cause meningitis, such as a bacteria, fungus, virus, in the blood is investigated.

Another method is Lumbar Puncture. At this stage, a blank sample, that is, cerebrospinal fluid, is taken from the person. The presence of any virus or bacteria in the liquid is investigated.

Finally, if the person has meningitis, the diagnosis is made by using the computed tomography diagnostic method.

How Is Acute Bacterial Meningitis Treated?

One of the most curious questions of every individual or relative diagnosed with meningitis is How to Treat Acute Bacterial Meningitis. Especially mothers who have this disease in their young children recover immediately after a great destruction and take a quick step into the diagnosis and treatment process.

Viral-developing meningitis may heal on its own in some cases. However, if bacterial meningitis, which does not improve and is more serious, is seen, its treatment should be done quickly. This process sometimes progresses in a hospital setting. Antibiotic treatment is started immediately to the patient, and after some tests and examinations, the type and dose of this drug can be changed. It is very important for the patient to rest and replace the lost fluids.

Acute Bacterial Meningitis CSF Findings

Acute Bacterial Meningitis CSF Findings

  • increase in CSF pressure
  • pleocytosis
  • increase in protein
  • decrease in glucose
  • LDH Increase
  • increase in lactic acid

can be explained as:

Acute Bacterial Meningitis Treatment Prices in Turkey

The majority of meningitis treatments in Turkey are successful. Vaccines are also available to prevent and prevent this disease. After vaccination, people are expected to continue their lives in good health. This prediction does not escape the attention of foreign citizens. The biggest reason for them to choose Turkey for treatment is their belief that the treatment will result in success. The high success rate in treatment also strengthens this belief. Other factors among the reasons for preference can be listed as follows:

  • Hospitals are large and fully equipped
  • Scientific and up-to-date treatments
  • Treatment rates with superior success
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • The smiling face of all the staff dealing with the patient
  • Improved diagnostic methods
  • The absence of a problem or deficiency in medicine
  • Necessary needs such as treatment and bar are affordable

Acute Bacterial Meningitis Treatment Prices in Turkey is a question that everyone wonders. But it is not right to say anything clear about this issue. Many factors such as the diagnosis and treatment methods to be used, drug therapy, and length of stay in the hospital directly affect the prices. For these reasons, you can contact us to answer all your questions and for detailed price information. In addition, if you come to Turkey for meningitis treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter we send to the consulate.

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