Varicocele Treatment

Science and technology appear in every field and we need them in every field. These two are improving day by day. Especially at the last point reached in the field of health, diseases that people adopted as fate years ago and expected the end of can pass after short treatments.

While the research of many diseases in the medical world continues, new discoveries and new treatment methods are found by scientists and offered to people.

In this article that we researched for you, we will talk about the varicocele disease, which is the disease that men get, and its treatment processes.

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is the name given to the swelling that occurs in one of the testicles of men. These swellings occur with the enlargement and swelling of the veins in that area and are usually not painful. Every cell in the human body has a certain order. Disruption of this order results in some diseases. Varicocele, on the other hand, occurs when the blood in the veins flows in the opposite direction.

The structure of these veins is similar to varicose veins. In some cases, it is not obvious when looking from the outside, but in some people it is obvious. When this disease is investigated, it is generally seen that it occurs during adolescence. This period is the critical period when young people get varicocele disease. Although rare in some cases, it can occur in children younger than 10 years. It is rare for it to occur by showing symptoms after adolescence.

Studies have shown that this disease occurs in the left testis. Although this disease is not painful, it is not recommended to start treatment by doctors. However, if there are symptoms that we will list below, the doctor may consider treatment necessary

  • Pain in the testicles along with swelling
  • If the person’s testicles do not develop, but on the contrary, if there is a situation of shrinkage
  • If there is an increase in temperature in the testicles, a doctor should be consulted and the treatment process should begin. Since this disease will adversely affect the sperm production in the person, it can cause infertility in the future. If these causes are treated early, the cure rate is high

What are the Symptoms of Varicocele?

Varicocele is a condition that occurs in the reproductive organs of men. This condition is usually painless and without symptoms. However, in some cases, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Pain in left testicle while standing and feeling of relief when lying down. These pains are usually painful.
  • A visible reduction in the left testicle of the person,
  • If there are symptoms such as affecting the fertility of the person and infertility, it may be necessary to consult a doctor.

What are the Causes and Types of Varicocele?

Although the exact cause of varicocele disease is not known, it is thought to be caused by the rapid growth of the genitals of young people in adolescence.

This disease is examined in three stages according to the person:

  • First Stage Varicocele Symptoms; Swelling in a person’s testicles can only be felt by touch when the person is straining or straining.
  • Second Stage Varicocele Symptoms; The swelling in the person’s testicles can be felt by touching the person without pushing or forcing.
  • Third Stage Varicocele Symptoms; Swelling in the testicles of the person can also be noticed by looking from the outside without the need to touch. This means advanced varicocele.

How is Varicocele Diagnosed?

The process begins when the person who thinks that he or she has varicocele is examined by a urologist. The examination is a physical examination, and the doctor performs the examination while the patient is standing, since the veins can be seen more clearly when standing.

Both testicles are examined and the doctor makes more detailed examinations by asking the patient to strain movements such as straining or coughing. After the doctor’s examination, an ultrasound image can also be made. As a result of this imaging, the diagnosis is made more clearly. This disease is usually seen in the left testis, but rarely in the right testis. In some cases, it has been observed that diseases or tumors in the kidneys trigger varicocele.

What is Sperm Analysis (Spermiogram) in Varicocele?

Since this disease causes infertility in people, sperm count is usually checked after diagnosis. Sperm analysis is performed twice at intervals of 1-3 weeks for people diagnosed with the disease.

Healthy people should have at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. If this number is between 5-10 million, extra blood tests are also performed on the patient. If the sperm count of the person is less than 5 million, they are subjected to genetic tests.

What are the Varicocele Treatment Methods?

Varicocele disease usually occurs in young men who have reached puberty. It is very rare that this disease requires treatment, but in some cases, the doctor may consider surgical intervention necessary. This requirement is due to the fact that one of the testicles is noticeably small.

After the treatment, there is an increase in the quality of the person’s sperm and the improvement of infertility.

  • This disease, which is painful when standing in the first place, passes when lying down. In this disease, which is accompanied by pain, the vein is ligated by surgical intervention.
  • As a result of the doctor’s examination; checks the sperm quality and count of the adolescent patient. If there is an abnormal condition in the testes of the person as a result of abnormal appearance and tests, vascular tying or vessel occlusion surgery is performed.
  • While the medical term for vascular ligation is surgical ligation, the name of the method of occlusion by entering the vein with a tiny incision is; percutaneous venous embolization.

Can Varicocele Be Treated Without Surgery?

In case of progression of varicocele, the only solution is surgery. However, in cases where surgery is not desired, the person is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the vein is entered with the angio method and the vein is blocked. The name of this method is Embolization.

How Many Minutes Does Varicocele Surgery Take?

Varicocele disease is a type of disease that occurs on one side, usually on the left side. While the treatment of this disease is performed, the operation time takes about 40-45 minutes.

Although it is rare, in some cases bilateral varicocele is seen and in this case, the operation time reaches up to 1-1.5 hours.

Varicocele Treatment Prices in Turkey

Along with the treatment of all kinds of diseases, the treatment of varicocele is successfully carried out in Turkey. The tools and treatment methods used in the treatment of this disease are in line with the latest technology.

Especially foreign citizens living abroad prefer to have the treatment process of this disease in Turkey. It can be shown among the reasons for preference that the hospitals are spacious and at a high level in terms of comfort, the doctors are experts and experienced in their fields by receiving quality training, and the treatment is affordable in Turkey.

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