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Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube Stomach Surgery

Obesity is known as the disease of our age. This situation, which directly affects the external appearance of the person, brings with it serious health problems rather than aesthetics.

These health problems; As a medical term, it causes many serious health problems, including cardiovascular diseases that directly affect the heart and blood vessels of the person. World Health Organization (WHO) obesity; It defines it as a metabolic disorder that causes physical, mental and social problems, which occur together with the fact that the fat mass in the body is more than the bones and muscles in the body, and excessive fat storage in the body of the person.

Obesity causes serious diseases, including cancer. If the person eats unhealthy, lives sedentary, or due to certain metabolic disorders, he may be obese. The patient who is trying to deal with this process with the traditional method of diet may have a very difficult time.

Despite these treatment methods, an easier and more practical method has been found with today’s technology. This method is tube stomach surgery.

To Whom Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

Individuals who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery should be above the weight level that will seriously threaten their health. It is seen that individuals who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy surgery lose a little more than half of their weight within 1 year.

In many diseases such as diabetes that occur with weight problems, recovery has been observed after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

What is the duration of stomach reduction surgery?

Excessive weight gain is a condition that has been increasing in recent years and causes serious health problems. Today, there is a surgical solution to this condition of being overweight, whose general name is obesity. This solution is sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

There are also some risks in sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed under general anesthesia. It would not be correct to give a clear hour about the duration of the operation in relation to these risks and the general condition of the patient.

However, successful surgeries with a normal course and no complications take an average of 1.5 to 2 hours.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia as it is a surgical intervention. During this surgery, approximately 85% of the stomach is removed and the procedure is terminated.

After this process, the name of the stomach is known as tube stomach as the shape of the stomach resembles a tube. It is made by making a small incision in the abdomen. The small incision shortens the recovery time of the patient. The smallness of this incision also reduces the possibility of the patient encountering the risk of infection after the surgery.

How Much Weight Do Those Who Have Tube Stomach Surgery Lose?

In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is aimed to restrict the obese person’s food and subsequently calorie intake by reducing the volume of the stomach. The working principle of the stomach is not affected during this surgery. All diseases associated with obesity after sleeve gastrectomy surgery are considered to be treated.

Ghrelin, that is, the hormone known as the hunger hormone in the human body, is secreted from the region of the stomach defined as the gastric fundus. During gastric sleeve surgery, a large part of the stomach is removed, and a large part of this part is also removed. In this way, the release of the hunger hormone decreases and the person experiences loss of appetite.

Both loss of appetite and reduction in stomach volume trigger rapid weight loss of the patient. Rapid weight loss has a positive effect on the psychological health of the patient and increases the quality of life. Most of the excess weight in the body is lost within a year. In the 5 years following the surgery, 60% of the weight is lost on average.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky?

The most preferred treatment of obesity, which affects the health integrity of the body, along with its physical appearance, is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. As with other surgical operations, this surgery also carries some risks.

It is important to explain these risks to the patient and their relatives before the operation. The patient’s age and the patient’s weight are external factors that affect the risks. Before deciding on this surgery, some examinations and tests should be done in communication with the patient and the doctor.

If the patient’s past health history is listened to and there is no obstacle, surgery should be decided. It should not be forgotten that sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a serious operation performed in cases that affect the health integrity of the body. It is not done due to aesthetic concerns.

Since the operation is not performed openly, the patient can stand up on the first day. The patient stays in the hospital for 2-3 days on average and can return to his routine life within 1-2 weeks.

The patient starts to lose weight rapidly after the surgery and this can be seen more clearly after 1 month.

Is There Any Pain After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a milder operation compared to other surgeries. A certain amount of pain may occur as a result of this surgery, which is performed closed by making millimetric incisions.

These pains can be kept under control with painkillers under the supervision of doctors.

Does the Stomach Enlarge Again After Tube Stomach Surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery performed to combat obesity, the volume of the stomach is reduced to 100 ml. Although there is a small growth in the stomach after the surgery, this growth does not progress with the doctor’s follow-up and recommendations.

However, if the doctor’s advice is not followed and fed carelessly, weight gain may occur again.

Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the most important stages to be considered after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the feeding stage. If the person does not pay attention, the stomach will expand again and weight loss will not occur. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to feed in sequence after the surgery.

In other words, it is fed with liquid foods immediately after the surgery. Then, a sequence is followed to switch to purees and solid foods. Since the stomach will regenerate itself quickly, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations during this process.

Since your appetite will decrease greatly during the feeding phase, there will be no difficult situation for you. You will be able to reach the feeling of fullness quickly.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prices in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery is among the most frequently treated surgeries in Turkey. Turkish specialists, especially preferred by foreign patients, are known by the world for their high success rates and experience.

For this reason, the preference of Turkish physicians for serious surgeries both reassures the patient and provides faster recovery in experienced hands. If you want to get information about sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey and to discuss the price, you can contact us.