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Strabismus Treatment

Strabismus Treatment, Strabismus Surgery Prices in Turkey Today, many diseases can be treated. One of these diseases is strabismus. Many years ago, strabismus in children or adults could not be treated because the treatments were not easily applicable, the technology and treatment methods were not that advanced, and the parents were indifferent, and the person would continue to live.

Strabismus, which is destiny, is now treated with the developing technology at the latest point reached today, and people get rid of these unpleasant images.

In this article we have prepared for you, we will talk about the treatment of strabismus, which is known as strabismus, that is, eye crossing among the people, which is now possible to treat many people. Together, we will seek answers to many questions that come to mind, such as symptoms and causes.

What is Strabismus ( Strabismus ) ?

The situation known as strabismus among the people can be explained as the two eyes not parallel to each other and looking in different directions, which occurs due to different reasons.

Six muscles in the eyeball of the person move the eye by receiving commands from the brain. In some cases, these muscles do not function and control problems occur. When one eye is in its normal position, the other moves up, down, right, left.

In addition to the deviations in only one eye, these deviations occur in both eyes. It may occur due to intense reading, fatigue, illness, etc. that the person does that day.

Slips that occur in babies who are usually 3 months old during infancy are extremely normal. If the shifts continue from the fourth month of infancy, a doctor’s control may be needed. Some babies may have a condition called false strabismus. The reason for this is that the root of the nose is slightly wider than normal. What this is will be determined after the doctor’s control.

In the past, families believed that strabismus could heal on its own. However, strabismus is a type of disease that requires treatment, does not improve on its own, and can lead to conditions such as lazy eye if not treated.

What are the Symptoms of Strabismus?

Strabismus occurs when the eyes are not in a parallel position with each other. This condition usually occurs during infancy and childhood. When viewed from the outside, it is a situation where one eye is looking elsewhere and one eye is looking elsewhere. Apart from this, some strabismus symptoms are as follows:

  • Squinting of one eye in sunny or intense light environments.
  • Head or face turned in a certain direction when looking somewhere.
  • There may be symptoms such as imbalances that occur later in the person’s walking.

It is very important to see a doctor as soon as these conditions are noticed. If the shifts are obvious, they will be noticed by everyone, not very obvious shifts will not be noticed. In order for the child not to experience lazy eye in the future, he should go to a doctor’s control.

If there is a symptom of strabismus that occurs suddenly at later ages, the reasons for this may be some serious diseases. Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or cerebral problems in the head may cause the person to have diabetes. For these reasons, doctor control is of great importance.

What Causes Strabismus (Slipped Eye)?

Strabismus is seen in 2 or 4 out of every 100 people. Damage to the muscles attached to the eyeball or brain problems may cause strabismus. Some reasons can be listed as follows:

  • genetic factors.
  • The health problems experienced by the mother during the critical periods of pregnancy, the difficult and prolonged birth process, the trauma occurring in the baby after the birth, the high fever of the baby, and the strabismus in people who have convulsions are more common.
  • If the child wears glasses with a large size, slippage may occur with every effort to see clearly.
  • If the person has cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and similar hereditary diseases, the probability of strabismus increases again.

How is Strabismus (Slipped Eye) Treated?

Strabismus is a type of disease that can occur in people of all ages. In the treatment process, different methods are preferred, taking into account many different factors, depending on the age of the person, the degree and cause of strabismus. We can list these treatment methods as follows:

  • Some strabismus can only be treated with glasses, using glasses.
  • If there is a laziness in the patient’s eye, it can be treated with the closure method.
  • With the treatment method called orthoptic, it is the process of exercising in order to regain the senses in the eyesight and depth of the person.
  • For advanced strabismus, surgical treatment may be required.
  • It can be treated with seamless strabismus surgery method, which is generally applied to children and infants and has a shorter recovery time.
  • Troubles in the muscles cause strabismus. Strabismus can be treated by applying Botox to the muscle, which is a problem in the treatment method with Botox.

How Is Mild Strabismus Passed?

Even if the strabismus is mild, it will not go away on its own. At this stage, it will be possible to improve the strabismus with some treatment methods by going to the doctor’s control. One of them is the use of glasses. Some mild strabismus conditions can also be treated using glasses only.

Is There a Treatment for Strabismus?

Today, many diseases can be treated in the developing and constantly advancing field of medicine. One of these diseases is strabismus. Although it usually occurs in infancy and childhood, it can also occur in adults for some reasons.

There are multiple treatments for strabismus. These treatments vary depending on the age of the person, the stage and cause of the strabismus. You can contact us for detailed information on this subject.

How is Strabismus Diagnosed in Babies?

Due to the wide nasal root in babies, a strabismus called false strabismus occurs. Although strabismus usually seen in the first three months is normal, if it continues after 4 months, it is necessary to go to a doctor’s control.

How is Strabismus Surgery Performed?

Strabismus surgery is performed with interventions on 6 muscles in the eyeball. Strengthening, strengthening or reducing the effect is applied until the eyes of the person are positioned correctly.

The operation, which lasts approximately 1 hour, is performed under the effect of general anesthesia for infants and children, while local or general anesthesia is preferred for adults. After the operation, the eyes are closed with tapes and the dressing is done by opening them one day later.

At the end of the 7-day period after the surgery, patients can return to their daily lives. The drugs prescribed by the doctor should be used without interruption.

Strabismus Surgery Prices in Turkey

Strabismus is one of the diseases that can be treated today. Congenital strabismus is no longer a destiny. Strabismus is treated by positioning the eyes of the person normally after the surgery, which takes about 1 hour in Turkey.

There are more than one reason why foreign citizens prefer Turkey for the treatment of many diseases. These reasons may be the fact that the doctors are talented and experienced, performing successful surgeries, and the hospitals are fully equipped with the latest technological devices.

The fact that the treatments in Turkey are affordable is another reason for preference. If you also want to choose Turkey for strabismus treatment, you can contact us for answers to your questions and detailed price information.