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As in many other fields, technology has taken its current form in the field of aesthetic surgery as well. In ancient times, some disturbing situations that remained as fate to human beings have ceased to be fate with the latest technology and have begun to be treated with practical methods.

One of these areas is the area of ​​aesthetics. With the latest technology, the parts of the body that the person does not like are removed by surgical operation, and complaints that cause both health problems and psychological problems are eliminated.

What is Liposuction?

Obesity is called the disease of our age. Defects in the person’s nutrition or some health problems cause excessive weight gain and then obesity

Obesity is a health problem that can be prevented by classical methods such as diet and surgical operation such as sleeve gastrectomy. After the elimination of this health problem, the excess fat remaining in the body is also removed by some operations. One of them is Liposuction.

Liposuction is generally known as fat removal among the people. In people who are not obese, fat tissue is removed with this method and a more beautiful body shape is created. It is usually applied to places where people complain, such as the hip shadow, hip area, belly area, arm and leg area.

How is Liposuction Performed?

After consultation with the doctor and the patient, the area to be liposuction is determined.

With the help of hollow, thin tubes (cannula) used in the medical field, liquid is given to the patient to dissolve the fat in the region and facilitate its processing. The dissolved fatty tissue is taken out with the help of vacuums.

In some cases, these procedures, which are performed under local anesthesia by being half asleep, are performed under full anesthesia with the inclusion of general anesthesiologists in the treatment in some cases. This surgery takes 1-3 hours on average.

This period varies according to the complications that may develop inside and the area of ​​the fatty tissue. In the entrances where cannulas are used, either a suture is placed or not at all after the surgery.

Discharge procedures are performed on the same day or at the end of one day, depending on the type of surgery. As in any surgical intervention, the patient feels certain pain. These pains are controlled by the drugs given by the doctor.

A corset is used to apply some pressure to the area where the fat is removed. Dressing is applied to the treated areas.

The corset recommended by the doctor should be used for 5-6 weeks following the patient’s return home. The person may feel bruising, pain and burning in the places where the procedure is performed. At the end of 3 weeks, these feelings disappear, and the scars are expected to disappear after 2-3 months.

Who Is Liposuction Suitable For?

Liposuction, It is a plastic surgery method that is generally requested by people who have managed to lose weight but have not been able to get rid of regional fat.

Thanks to this method, the person gets rid of their fat in a short time and has a fit and shaped body.

What are Liposuction Methods?

The liposuction method is the most common method used to remove fat in the country. Those who want to have a beautiful body in a short time have this aesthetic. There are more than one type of liposuction. Let’s examine this together.

Vaser Liposuction; This method, which provides a tighter appearance while facilitating the removal of more fat from the body, works with ultrasound energy. Vaser is the general name of the vibrations produced by the sound energy given by ultrasound.

Laser Liposuction; In this process, the fat tissue is liquefied with laser energy. Liquefied fats are removed from the body by the Liposuction method. In this process, which takes 1 or 2 hours on average, body tightening is also provided.

J-Plasma Liposuction; In this method, the loosened skin is tightened after liposuction.

After these methods, it is quite normal to see conditions such as bruising, edema and swelling in the body.

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

Weight gain and loss are often caused by malnutrition. After the liposuction treatment, the patient who has the desired body shape should pay attention to his nutrition and sports. Although it is difficult to regain weight and gain fat, it is not impossible.

Situations such as not paying attention to one’s nutrition, not including bad habits, sports and exercises in his life accelerate the re-fatigue and weight gain. For this reason, if you want your Liposuction treatment to be permanent, you should change your eating habits and start a healthy diet and do regular sports.

What Should I Do After Liposuction Surgery?

A person who has liposuction surgery is usually discharged the same day or the day after. The patient, who immediately returns to his routine life, should be patient for about a week and wait for the doctor’s approval to swim in the pool or the sea.

Again, with the approval of the doctor, at the end of the 7 days following the surgery, the person can have a lymph drainage massage. Thanks to this massage, it is aimed to eliminate edema in the body. After the surgery, some pain relievers and bruise-removing drugs that the doctor will recommend can also be used.

Is Liposuction Surgery Performed with General Anesthesia?

It varies depending on the size of the area to be liposuction surgery. While the procedure to be performed in a small area such as the jowl area under the chin is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, the liposuction procedure to be performed in a wider area such as the belly, hip and back area is performed under general anesthesia by providing full sleep to make the operation easier.

What are the Risks of Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction, like other surgical operations, is a surgical procedure that carries a little risk. We can list these risks for you as follows:

  • Bleeding in the form of leakage from the holes entered into the body during the liposuction procedure
  • The occurrence of bruises on the body
  • Redness on the body
  • Feeling of tiredness and weakness in the first week after the surgery
  • Occurrence of post-operative pain
  • Conditions called skin irregularity, such as asymmetry in the skin
  • Fluids accumulating under the skin
  • Skin infections that may occur

Liposuction Prices in Turkey

Turkey is preferred in the field of aesthetic surgery as well as in serious health fields. It is an undeniable fact that foreigners especially trust Turkish doctors. For this reason, regardless of the severity of the surgery, hospitals in Turkey and Turkish doctors are preferred.

Following the latest technological developments in liposuction treatment, Turkey also sends patients from the country happily by using the latest technologies in this field. Both the technologically equipped hospitals and the experience and devoted work of Turkish doctors prove to everyone how correct this choice is.

If you, too, are considering choosing Turkey for Liposuction treatment; You can contact us for any question and price information you have in mind.