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Scientific advances are mostly seen in the field of medicine. As a result of these developments, techniques and methods are being developed that will make human life easier and eliminate destiny problems by finding solutions to them.

One of these treatment methods is physiotherapy. Thanks to this treatment method, it is aimed to improve any congenital or subsequent disability in people.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, that is, the general name known among the people, physical therapy; It is a treatment method applied to people in cases of congenital disability or disability that occurs as a result of an illness or accident.

This method of the person; It aims to renew the general well-being by maximizing it:

  • Improve the movements of body
  • Increase the strength of body
  • Maintaining the general well-being of the body
  • .

Which Methods Are Used in Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy content is a very comprehensive treatment method. The method changes according to the disease and the patient’s health status. Each disease is individual and how the treatment will be applied and the methods to be used are done after the controls of the specialist doctor.

We have listed the physical therapy application methods for patients below:

  • Manual Therapy Method; This method, which is applied by hand contact, is similar to massage. It is performed with the aim of reducing the patient’s pain complaints, preventing spasms in the muscles and accelerating the blood circulation of the patient.
  • Superficial Hot and Cold Application Method; While the cold application to be applied to the patient is chosen in acute processes, the hot application is applied to increase the metabolic rate of the patient, to strengthen the elasticity in the soft tissues and to reduce the spasms in the muscles.
  • Deep Heater Method; It is a method used to heat the tissue in the patient’s ligaments, bones and muscles. With this treatment method, it is aimed to relieve pain, relax muscle and accelerate blood circulation.
  • Electrotherapy Method; With this method, it is aimed to increase the blood circulation of the patient, to provide an analgesic effect and to reduce the edema in the person. Electric currents of different frequencies are used.
  • Hydrotherapy Method; In other words, it is a method of treatment with water. It is aimed at reducing pain.
  • Laser Therapy Method; It is done with the aim of healing the wounds that occur in the patients, tennis elbow disease, diseases in the musculoskeletal system, the syndrome called carpal tunnel, pain and chronic pain.

Apart from these, there are many other methods applied to patients. We can briefly list these methods as follows:

  • Traction Method
  • Therapeutic Exercise Method
  • Banding Method
  • Exercise Method
  • Thermotherapy Method
  • Phototherapy Method
  • Mechanotherapy Method
  • Cryotherapy Method

By Who Is Physiotherapy Applied?

Physiotherapy is applied by physiotherapists. These people graduate as physiotherapists by taking 4-year Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation training at the Health Faculties of universities.

While physical therapy is applied to the disease by physiotherapists, there is also the party that decides which physical therapy method will be applied. These are Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialists. These specialists are specialist doctors who completed their 6-year education in the field of medicine at the University and then took the TUS exam and received 5 years of training in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

So the difference is; specialists are the people who decide on the treatment method to be applied to the disease, physiotherapists are the people who apply the treatment to the patient.

Who is Physiotherapy Applied to?

  • To people who are paralyzed
  • People with Parkinson’s Disease
  • People with Cerebral Palsy
  • For people with lymphedema
  • People with spinal disorders such as neck and lumbar hernia
  • People with injuries to their muscles, tendons and nerves
  • Persons injured while doing sports
  • Before and after the discomforts in the ligaments in the knee
  • People who have hip and knee replacement surgery
  • After fracture treatments
  • In diseases that occur in soft tissues
  • In the treatment of Carpal Tunnel syndromes, ulnar nerve entrapment and similar nerve compressions
  • Inflammatory joint diseases
  • Arthrosis disorders
  • osteoporosis disease
  • Physiotherapy is used in the treatment of many diseases such as posture disorders

To Whom Physiotherapy Is Not Applied?

Physiotherapy is applied to many diseases with many different methods. For this reason, first of all, the patient’s past health history should be examined with a doctor’s examination. Physiotherapy is not applied in some cases. These

  • Physical therapy methods applied with the device are not applied to people who use pacemakers and are pregnant.
  • Deep heating agents method is not applied to patients with intra-articular implants.
  • If the person has inflammatory rheumatic diseases, physiotherapy should not be applied during the active period of the disease.
  • It is very inconvenient to apply physiotherapy on vascular occlusion, varicose veins, open wounds, inflamed and cancer cell areas.

What are the Benefits of Physiotherapy?

Since physiotherapy has a wide application area, it is beneficial for many diseases. We can briefly list these benefits for you as follows:

  • Eliminating or delaying the patient’s need for a surgical operation
  • Quick return to routine life after surgery
  • Strengthening the balance coordination of the person
  • An increase in the person’s movements
  • Adaptation of paralyzed patients to daily life
  • Reduction in problems caused by blood circulation and movement disorders in people
  • Increasing the recovery process of athletes in injuries while doing sports
  • Fast treatment of injuries
  • It has many benefits such as muscle wasting and reducing stiffness in the joints

Physiotherapy Prices in Turkey

Turkey, which has developed itself in every field, is also taking important steps in the field of medicine. These steps he has taken are a beacon of hope by promising recovery to many patients. Along with following the developing and changing technology, there are also many talented and successful doctors that he has trained.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, which is especially used in the treatment of many diseases, is successfully performed by Turkish specialists. This success news is heard around the world, causing foreign patients to prefer Turkey for treatment.

The comfort of the hospitals and the fact that they are fully equipped with the latest technology, and that doctors, caregivers and all personnel who care for them are friendly and understanding are among the most important reasons for their preferences. In addition, the fact that the treatment is affordable makes it more preferable.

If you also want to have physiotherapy treatment in Turkey, you can contact us for all questions and price information.