Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knees and feet are the organs that people bear and bear the most weight. These limbs wear out after a while and become incapable of performing their functions. In this case, problems occur after the destruction of the cartilage and bone structure in the knees, called calcification.

These problems cause people to experience severe pain. In some cases, the healing process is provided with medication and physical therapy, while in some cases and ages, knee surgery is required.

This surgery is called knee replacement. With the developing technology, many problems of people can be solved with surgical operations. In this article we prepared for you We will answer many questions such as:

  • What is Knee Replacement?
  • What are the Knee Prosthesis Types?
  • How is Knee Replacement Surgery Performed?
  • What are the Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?
  • How Many Hours Does Knee Cap Prosthesis Surgery Take?
  • How Long Does Knee Replacement Surgery Heal?
  • What are the Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery?
  • What Is Life After Knee Replacement?
  • Knee Replacement Surgery Prices in Turkey


What is Knee Prosthesis?

In cases where other treatments cannot improve after a certain age, knee replacement surgery is performed. In this surgery, the cartilage and bony structure in the knee part, which no longer functions and is very painful, is removed and an artificial knee made of plastic or metal is placed in its place. This procedure is called knee replacement surgery.

The purpose of this surgery is to improve the quality of life of people and solve their problems. This surgery, which is generally applied to patients over the age of 55, is not recommended for younger people. The treatment of these people is carried out with medication and physical therapy. However, this surgery can also be performed on people who are younger and have serious knee problems.

What are the Knee Prosthesis Types?

Knee replacement surgeries can be applied to people who are sick in two ways. The first of these methods is total prosthesis treatment and the other is partial prosthesis treatment. The details of these treatments can be explained as follows.

Total Prosthesis Treatment; In order for doctors to carry out this treatment, the person must have extensive damage to the knees. Total prosthesis is applied in cases that affect all parts of the knee, such as cartilage and bone tissue in the knee, wear on the meniscus, and wear on the ligaments. With the plastic or metal knee, the entire damaged knee is replaced and the patient is treated and healed.

Partial (Unicondylar) Prosthesis Treatment; In the treatment of unicondylar prosthesis, which is another treatment method, the worn part is small. These damaged areas, which are spread over a small and narrow area, are treated with the help of partial dentures.

Which of these treatments will be applied is determined by the decision made by the doctor after the patient and doctor consultation. For this, the person needs to be examined in detail.

How is Knee Replacement Surgery Performed?

  • As before every surgery, all tests and examinations of the patient are performed and the past health history is listened. In this way, if there are situations that prevent surgery, they are detected and eliminated or the surgery is postponed.
  • The patient is examined with a detailed radiological imaging and criteria such as the extent of the damage in the knee and its dimensions are determined.
  • Depending on the condition of the detected knee damage, the treatment method is selected and the patient is given a day.
  • Until that day, the patient takes care of himself.
  • If he is using blood thinners, he is stopped or the dose is reduced to a minimum under the control of a doctor. In this way, unnecessary excessive bleeding during the operation is prevented.
  • On the day of surgery, the doctor starts the procedure by giving local or general anesthesia to the patient.
  • Reaching the bony and cartilaginous structure through the incision on the kneecap, the doctor cleans these areas and ends the surgery by placing the prostheses.

This surgery process may be prolonged due to the patient’s knee damage, the treatment method used or the complications that may occur during the surgery. In other words, each surgery is personal and it is not possible to give a precise time. If we take an average basis, the duration of this surgery is 2-3 hours.

What are the Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

With the developing and advancing technology, knee surgeries are performed with new methods by getting rid of the old shape. One of these methods is Robotic knee replacement surgery. With this method, advanced surgical techniques are used.

This surgery, which is performed most successfully by making millimetric calculations, has many advantages for patients. The duration of use of the prosthesis inserted as a result of this surgery is quite long.

The biggest advantage of this surgery is; Since the operation is done with the help of robots, the calculations are very millimetric and accurate. Another advantage for patients is that the most accurately placed prosthesis is both easy to use and long-lasting.

How Many Hours Does Knee Cap Prosthesis Surgery Take?

Although each surgery is personal, its duration varies according to the treatment method applied by the doctor and the size of the deformation in the patient’s knee. Considering the complications that may occur during the surgery, it would not be correct to give a clear time period.

But if we need to give a time based on the average, this time takes about 2-3 hours The variation of this period is dependent on the doctor and the patient.

How Long Does Knee Replacement Surgery Heal?

The recovery process of a person who has intense problems in his knees and finds the solution in knee replacement surgery is not a long-term process.

The patient, who comes to him immediately after the surgery, can stand up and start walking with a walker to accompany him. The patient, who continues his life with crutches, continues to walk approximately one week later, needing only one crutch.

Complete recovery takes about 3 weeks. In this process, it may be necessary to strictly follow the recommendations and recommendations of the doctors.

What are the Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery?

As we mentioned in our previous articles, every surgery is personal and every surgery performed under anesthesia carries a risk, even if it is small. With today’s technologies and the experience of doctors, these risks are minimized and the complications that the patient encounters during and after the surgery are minimized.

If we need to talk about a risk table in general, we can list the risks that can be experienced during or after the surgery as follows:

  • Adverse conditions that general anesthesia can cause
  • In line with the low probability, injuries to the vessels and nerves in the knee may occur
  • There may be a risk of infection
  • There may be a risk of blood clots
  • There is a risk of loosening of the prosthesis

How the Life will be After Knee Replacement?

The patient is kept under observation in the hospital in order to prevent the complications that may occur after the knee replacement surgery and to ensure the healthy progress of the treatment process. In this process, the patient, who can walk with a walker and crutches, recovers enough to need a single crutch after two weeks.

After approximately 3-4 weeks, the patient can start walking on his own and can start driving after 2 months. During this period, physical therapy exercises recommended by the doctor should be done and the prescribed drugs should be taken without interruption.

Knee Replacement Surgery Prices in Turkey

Many serious surgeries are performed in Turkey. One of these surgeries is knee replacement surgery. A prosthesis may be required for the treatment of the knee that cannot function for various reasons.

For this type of surgery, many foreign citizens think that it is healthier to be treated in Turkey rather than in their own country. The State of the Republic of Turkey, which has advanced technology, large and comfortable hospitals, and talented and experienced patients, also helps foreign patients in the treatment process.

In order for this process to proceed in a healthy and trouble-free manner, all hospital staff and doctors aim to leave the country happy and healthy by mobilizing. The price of knee replacement surgery, which is more affordable than other countries, is not clear.

The reason for this uncertainty is; Details such as the prosthetic treatment method that the doctor will apply, the extent of the damage in the patient’s knee. You can also contact us for the knee replacement surgery process in Turkey, the questions you have in mind and the price information.

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