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Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

Facelift Surgery is one of today’s popular plastic surgeries. In our age, technology and science are advancing rapidly. This progress has led to many discoveries in the field of medicine. While years ago, it seemed as if the disease was impossible to cure, with today’s technology and science, it is no longer fate and is practically treated.

Another factor in demand by many people is the treatments made as a result of developments in the field of aesthetics. Surgical interventions in the aesthetic field are a glimmer of hope for people who are not satisfied with their appearance. Nose surgeries, Hollywood Smile, Fillers, and facelift surgery are among the most preferred aesthetic operations.

Surgical operation is called facelift for situations such as sagging and wrinkles that people do not like after a certain age or for completely serious reasons. Although it is not possible to say that this stretching is done after a certain age, the person may be disturbed by the wrinkles that appear on his face after the age of 30 and may prefer surgery.

There are many factors that affect the face of the person, such as excessive weight loss, age progression, and cause it to become loose and sagging. With facelift surgery, you can get rid of these problems and have a fresher and fresher look.

Is there Non-Surgical Face Lift solution?

Facelift surgery is a surgical method that people choose to have a more beautiful appearance. There are also people who want to have this stretching procedure, but do not consider having it done because they are afraid of surgery. Can a non-surgical facelift be performed for these? We will describe them in detail.

Yes, non-surgical facelift procedures are available for people who do not want to have surgery. But I would like to state that it will not be permanent, it will be a temporary solution.

Face Lift Tape, The first of these processes is face lift tapes, which is a cosmetic product that everyone can easily buy and use. It is glued from the sides of the face and stretched and attached from the back of the head. These tapes are intended to save the day and are not a permanent and cheap method.

Botox, It is the wrinkle removal process with the help of needles on the areas of the face that need it. It is important that such treatments are carried out by people who know their job well and work in hygienic environments. If you have it done in places called under the stairs, you can be healthy.

Filling, This process is done by injecting fillers into the wrinkled areas with the help of needles. In order for the procedures not to be painful, local anesthetic cream is applied to the person’s face and some numbness is expected. Then, the filling process is applied to the areas where the person experiences collagen loss and wrinkles occur.

Laser, Another method you will prefer is the laser wrinkle removal technique. This method, which is especially effective on light and medium wrinkles, helps to reduce deep wrinkles.

Cellular Therapy, The last method we will describe is the face lift procedure with stem cells. In this process, the process begins when the parts taken from you are sent to the stem cell laboratory. Here, the stem cells in the piece taken are multiplied and injected into the wrinkled areas again.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Face lift surgery is applied to people who are not satisfied with the wrinkles and deep lines on their face for a number of reasons. Before this application, the patient undergoes a doctor’s examination and it is determined how and in which direction the face is wrinkled and sagging.

After that, the stretching procedure is planned and the patient is prepared for surgery. Since this facelift operation will be performed with the effect of general anesthesia, the patient must undergo a number of tests and examinations. The person’s past health histories are also listened to, and they are ready for surgery.

Depending on the person’s face and the course of the surgery, this process takes between 2-4 hours. Since the procedure is performed with millimetric incisions from the temple area and behind the ears, there is no scar.

How Long is the Permanence of Face Lift Surgery?

The surgical procedure performed in facelift procedures is longer lasting than other non-surgical procedures. While you will look much younger at the end of your facelift surgery, the life of this procedure depends on you.

In other words, after the facelift, we can say that the permanence period of this procedure is 10 years on average. But you must remember that time has passed and your face is still with you. This permanence can exceed 10 years if you make your pre-operative skin care routines, healthy diet and exercises, living healthy and staying away from stress a life philosophy.

However, as a result of the surgical procedure, if you do not do anything we have mentioned above, treat yourself with contempt and do not pay attention, this 10-year permanence period can be reduced even further.

How Does the Process Work After Face Lift Surgery?

The patient stays in the hospital for 2-3 days in order to prevent complications that may occur after facelift surgery and to complete the treatment. Then, the person who starts to return to his daily life should rest at home for 2-3 days to return to work.

The bruising and swelling that will occur during this rest period will disappear. Some pain may be felt. In this case, the pain should be controlled by using the drugs prescribed by the doctor. While the doctor’s follow-up continues, it takes a period of 2 months for the face to take its clear shape.

Face Lift Surgery Prices in Turkey

Turkey is among the most preferred countries for surgery. Whether it is a serious or a minor operation, Turkish Hospitals and Turkish Doctors are preferred by everyone in terms of their reliability.

For this reason, Turkey is preferred especially in aesthetic operations such as face lift surgery. The fact that the doctors are skilled and experienced, that the hospitals are comfortable and clean, and that each staff member who will serve you is helpful and friendly are among the reasons for preference.

Another reason for preference is the natural beauties of Turkey. This country, which contains millions of years of history, also offers patients a unique holiday opportunity after their treatment.

Many patients are wondering about the price of facelift surgery in Turkey. If we touch on this issue, it is not appropriate to give a price without being examined. Many factors such as the face shape of the patient and t

For these reasons, if you want to have a facelift surgery in Turkey, you can contact us for all the questions that are expected to be answered in your mind and for price information.

Is Face Lift Surgery Difficult?

Although the facelift operation under general anesthesia scares the patients, it has become an operation that does not need to be feared anymore with the developing technology. If the person feels better at the end of this surgery, which is a painless procedure, the discharge time will be shorter.

Minor pains that occur after the surgery are controlled with drugs that the doctor will prescribe. Edema and swelling on the face pass in a short time and the person can return to his normal life.

What are the Risks of Face Lift Surgery?

Since it is performed under anesthesia, there is a certain risk in this surgery, as in any surgery. We can list these risks for you as follows:

  • bleeding
  • Risk of infection
  • The risk of suture reactions
  • Risk of separation in wounds
  • Risk of damage to nerves and tissues in the face
  • Hair loss may occur
  • There may be slippage in the hairline
  • Scars may remain evident

There may be more risks than those listed above. However, these risks have been minimized with the developing technology. If you want to consult our doctors with questions about the risks, you can contact us.

For Whom should do a Face Lift?

It can also be applied to people who have sagging and wrinkled skin early, except for patients who are generally between the ages of 45-55.

For this reason, for more detailed information, it would be best to go through a doctor’s examination and get information from a specialist. If you think a facelift is suitable for me, you can get information by contacting us.

Is There Any Scar After Face Lift Surgery?

Facelift surgery has become a more permanent and easier operation with the developing and changing technology. Since the surgery is performed with millimetric incisions behind the ear and inside the hair, the possibility of scarring is minimized.

How Many Days Does Face Lift Surgery Heal?

After this surgery, swelling and edema on your face go away in approximately 2-4 days. It disappears with bruises in about 2 weeks. You may have to wait approximately 1.5-2 months to see the shape of your face.

At What Age Should A Face Lift Be Done?

It is possible to find a solution to facial wrinkles without surgical intervention at young ages. For this reason, since this procedure is a surgical operation, it is recommended by experts to be performed between the ages of 45-55.