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Rapidly advancing and developing technology is also taking great strides in the field of medicine. These steps aim to increase the quality of life of the person by treating the parts of their bodies that they are not satisfied with. Technological developments in every field also occur in the field of aesthetics.

The situation that affects people’s lives the most is their outward appearance. Deformations that occur in their external appearance due to various reasons reduce the quality of life of patients and cause psychological wear. The most obvious of these situations is having to live with a sagging belly due to weight or pregnancy problems.

This problem is no longer the fate of people and it has become a situation that can be corrected with the latest technology and science. In this article we wrote for you, we will help you find answers to all your questions while giving information about the surgical operation called Abdominoplasty, which is popularly known as tummy tuck.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, that is, tummy tuck surgery, is the operation performed to get rid of the fat of the saggy, loose and bad-looking belly part that occurs due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain and loss with surgical operations.

With this operation, it is aimed to get rid of the bad appearance in the abdominal region that people cannot get rid of. In this way, the person leads a healthier and higher quality life.

Who is Abdominoplasty Applied to?

Conditions such as multiple pregnancies, delivery by cesarean section, excessive weight gain and loss cause deformation in the belly area of ​​the person. While this deformity manifests itself in the form of sagging, looseness and cracks, the person cannot get rid of this appearance no matter what he does.

As a last resort, people who apply to a surgical operation called tummy tuck get rid of their excess and start to lead a better quality life.

This surgery, like any surgery, is a serious operation and should not be applied to people without the necessary examinations. The person who decided to have the surgery and the doctor should come together and perform the necessary tests and examinations.

If the person has a chronic illness or if the patient is not suitable for anesthesia, surgery is not performed. The surgery should be decided in this way by listening to the patient’s entire health history. Otherwise, complications that cannot be prevented and that will end badly may develop.

What Should Be Done During the Preparation Process for Abdominoplasty?

All tests and examinations should be done in cooperation with the doctor before the operation. The patient’s past disease status should be known and acted accordingly. If all tests are normal and surgery is decided, the person should be extremely careful until the day of surgery.

In this process, he should get rid of his harmful habits. Low-calorie diets are not recommended. A healthy diet and light exercise will be good for the person. If complaints such as colds and flu are observed during the waiting period, postponing the operation will be in the best interest of the patient.

How Does Abdominoplasty Work?

Abdominoplasty is usually performed under the influence of general anesthesia. In this process, the following ways are followed:

  • A surgical plan is created with a detailed pre-operative examination.
  • The decision is made by examining the area where the patient will be treated.
  • Generally, the procedure is started by making an incision in the area called the cesarean section.
  • In this procedure, the sagging, loose and deformed skin in the part up to the navel is cut and removed, and the lower abdomen is stretched downwards.
  • Due to this stretching, the slipped belly button is brought back to the correct position and fixed.
  • By working on the abdominal muscles, the deformed muscles are placed back in their old places and more tightly.
  • After all the procedures are completed, aesthetic sutures are applied in order to minimize the suture marks.

How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take?

As with any surgery, the duration of tummy tuck surgery varies according to the person. We can list the factors that affect the duration of tummy tuck surgery, which takes 1.5-4 hours on average, as follows:

  • he size of the deformed skin excess in the abdomen
  • Whether the fat removal procedure called liposuction will be performed
  • The suture technique that the doctor plans to apply after the surgery
  • Deformed size of the abdominal muscles
  • Conditions such as complications that may occur during the operation affect the duration of the operation

Abdominoplasty Recovery Time

  • After the operation, the patient is kept in the hospital for 1-2 days as a precaution
  • It is recommended to wear a corset after the surgery, on the advice of doctors, in order to help the abdomen take its shape
  • This corset is used for about a month
  • 3-4 hours after the operation, you can stand up and walk with the help of support
  • The person is expected to walk without support the day after the surgery
  • At the end of 2-3 days following the end of the surgery, the person can slowly return to his routine life
  • The pain that may occur can be controlled by the drugs prescribed by the doctor. Although this information is not clear, it may vary from person to person

What are the Risks of Abdominoplasty?

As in many surgeries, there are some risks in tummy tuck aesthetic surgery. We can list the risks for you as follows:

  • Risk of infection at the incision site,
  • Risk of fluid accumulation that may occur during surgery,
  • Risk of blood pooling
  • Risk of clotting

How Much Weight Is Lost in Abdominoplasty?

Contrary to popular belief, tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss surgery. The skin of the deformed abdomen in the body is removed by cutting and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured. During this period, factors such as the amount of skin removed and the amount of fat removed prevent clear information on weight loss.

After the procedures, a few body thinning and weight loss are experienced, but the amount here varies according to the person and the methods used.

Is Abdominoplasty Too Painful?

During this surgery, the person is under the effect of a certain amount of general anesthesia and does not feel any pain or uncomfortable. However, if the anesthetic effect ends after the operation, some pain occurs.

These pains are quite normal and can be controlled with painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Pregnancy After Abdominoplasty

When considering a tummy tuck, the question that worries women the most is whether it will pose a problem if pregnancy occurs after the surgery. Contrary to popular belief, tummy tuck surgery does not pose a problem if you become pregnant in the future. However, it would be more beneficial to perform this surgery after they have a child and when they do not plan another birth.

Because the belly area will be deformed again during the pregnancy process that occurs after tummy tuck surgery. Another issue is how long after birth this surgery can be performed or not. With the advice of doctors, it is necessary to wait for at least one year for surgery after delivery. After the examination, if the person is ready for the operation, the operation is performed.

Abdominoplasty Prices in Turkey

As in every field, Turkey is the most preferred country in the field of aesthetic surgery. Citizens of foreign countries prefer Turkey, where hospital conditions are better, to have these surgeries.

The reasons for preference are explained by the fact that the hospitals are large and comfortable, the doctors are experts in their fields and have a high success rate, holiday opportunities in Turkey, and the affordable surgical interventions.

If you also want to have tummy tuck surgery in Turkey, you can contact us for price information and detailed explanations.