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Glaucoma Treatment

Turkey’s health sector has a highly developed and still developing structure compared to other countries. Scientists working for the health sector continue their research focused on finding solutions to all old or current diseases.

In the world where everyone, young and old, is sick in some way, solutions and treatments are carefully made by doctors. In this article we researched for you, we will talk about the glaucoma disease, which is wondered by everyone. What is glaucoma? What are the symptoms? We will try to find answers to many curious questions such as How to Treat.

What is Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)?

It is generally referred to as glaucoma or black water disease among the people. Glaucoma is the damage to the optic nerves with the increase in pressure inside the eye. Early diagnosis of glaucoma is very important. If this disease is not diagnosed early and treatment is not started, it can cause permanent vision loss.

The most common type of glaucoma is called Primary Open Angle glaucoma. The progression and blinding of glaucoma is an incurable process. Early diagnosis is extremely important in order not to end this process negatively.

Generally, it is learned and treated as a result of the doctor’s detection during routine examinations. For this reason, it is useful to go to the doctor periodically and get a routine examination. Otherwise, if you have this disease and it goes unnoticed, you are likely to go blind. This disease is one of the biggest causes of blindness.

What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma, that is, eye pressure disease, usually occurs without symptoms. This disease, whose initial stages are very difficult to understand, is generally more common in patients aged 40 and over. For this reason, doctors recommend that patients in this age group have a routine eye examination at least once a year.

This disease, which can also occur in childhood, manifests itself in children:

  • watering in the eyes
  • Eye sensitivity to light
  • It can be manifested by symptoms such as a slight enlargement of the eyes. In this case, since early diagnosis is very important, treatment is also possible


  • Headaches, especially in the morning
  • Seeing rings in lights
  • There may be a number of symptoms such as pain around the eyes when looking at the TV and phone. Patients often see these as signs of extreme fatigue and do not consider it necessary to go to the doctor. However, if the early diagnosis is delayed in the future, the possibility of blindness is high and there is no cure for this blindness

What Causes Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)?

As with many diseases, there are many reasons for the occurrence of glaucoma. We can list these reasons for you as follows:

  • Having people in the patient’s family or relatives with glaucoma
  • Being between the ages of 35-40 or over 60 years of age at which glaucoma occurs. People in this age group have a very high risk of contracting the disease
  • Having diabetes
  • Having hypertension
  • Causes such as the presence of myopia in the person may cause the disease

How is Glaucoma (Eye Pressure) Diagnosed?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that usually progresses insidiously. Although this disease is quite serious, it can lead to vision loss if not diagnosed and treated early. This disease, which is understood during the normal examination of the doctor, can progress without symptoms.

In order to diagnose it early, it is necessary to examine more than one case such as eye pressure, eye examination, examination of the structure of the optic nerves, examination of the concave area of ​​the eye, corneal thickness, visual field test. A diagnosis of glaucoma is made as a result of the examination of one or more of them.

How is Eye Pressure (Glaucoma) Treated?

Treatment of glaucoma varies according to the stage and type of the disease. Early-diagnosed glaucoma can be controlled with medication. In this disease, which is not completely healed, it is aimed to reduce the vision loss process of the person to the slowest state.

If the eye pressure is brought under control by taking it to a certain level, the person can continue to use the drugs for life. If the glaucoma is advanced, the treatment of the disease is started with a surgical operation.

In both of these treatment processes, the aim is to ensure that the eye does not lose its sight. Since this disease progresses silently and asymptomatically, eye examination should be done at regular intervals.

Glaucoma Surgery Prices in Turkey

Turkey continues to spread hope to patients by finding a cure for all kinds of diseases in the field of health. Among these diseases is glaucoma. If it is not diagnosed early and the disease progresses, it is inevitable that the person will lose sight by leaving irreversible effects.

Hospitals and Turkish doctors in Turkey are doing their best to treat this disease and stop its progression. They treat every Turkish and foreign citizen, especially with fully equipped technological devices and up-to-date treatment methods used in large and comfortable hospitals. We can briefly list the reasons why foreign patients prefer Turkish Hospitals, Turkish Doctors and Turkey for treatment.

  • Having large, comfortable and clean hospitals that apply up-to-date treatment methods with the latest technological devices
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • Finding quick and understandable answers to the questions asked
  • Everyone who cares about the patient is hospitable and helpful
  • Conditions such as the affordable cost of the treatment process and general needs such as accommodation can be shown among the reasons for preference

You can also contact us to have information about glaucoma, to find answers to all your questions and to learn detailed price information for treatment

What is Primary Open Angle Glaucoma?

Generally, this type of disease is seen in almost all patients. Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma.

It is a type of glaucoma that occurs in one or both eyes and affects the visual fields due to the pressure in the eye above 21 mmHg.

What is Open Angle (Wide Angle) Glaucoma?

It is the slowdown in the discharge of the fluid in the eye. This slowdown causes an increase in intraocular pressure. This disease, which often progresses without showing any symptoms, is noticed when it comes to the last stages. Since serious problems such as vision loss may occur as a result of the disease, it is recommended that people undergo eye examination at regular intervals.

What is Congenital (Congenital) Glaucoma?

It is a type of glaucoma that occurs when the development of the anterior structures of the baby’s eye is insufficient in the mother’s womb. Due to these developmental problems, eye pressure occurs and manifests itself by showing some symptoms.

How to Feed Glaucoma Patients

Vitamin A is especially known for its benefits for eye health. People who have any eye health problems or who want to prevent problems should be fed rich in vitamin A. Although the nutritional habits of people do not have a role in the formation of eye pressure, it is necessary not to deprive the body of this vitamin.