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Treatment in Turkey for Iraqies

Illness or disability is a normal condition that can happen to anyone. People who have encountered these situations frequently since centuries ago and now accept it as a normal state have somehow managed to find solutions to their problems and treat them.

While technology was not that advanced years ago, although the way doctors treated patients was with primitive methods, these primitive methods combined with technology and shed light on current treatment methods.

If we look at today, thanks to the developing technology and scientists who have experience in the field of medicine, even the deadly diseases and disabilities that people call fate can now be treated with simple operations. This convenience is realized with the intense efforts of scientists.

Why Do Iraqis Prefer Turkey for Treatment?

Turkey has succeeded in making its name known to everyone in the world press with the serious surgeries it has performed. Turkey, where many serious surgeries take place, from separation of Siamese twin babies to the first successful face transplant, is preferred by foreign patients in the first place.

According to the researches, Turkey ranks higher than Iraq in the health index.

Turkey, which hosts sick guests from Europe and the Middle East, also has a substantial number of Iraqi guests. We can list the reasons for this preference for you as follows:

  • Investments made by the Republic of Turkey in the health sector
  • The hospitals in Turkey are large, comfortable, clean and large
  • The hospitals in Turkey are fully equipped in terms of technology
  • The devices and tools used are of the latest technology
  • The results of the treatment methods used with superior success
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • Again, doctors should be empathetic people by giving patient, accurate and fast answers to the questions asked by patients
  • To be hospitable and helpful to all people, such as all hospital staff, accommodation staff, caregivers, nurses, who take care of patients
  • Affordable treatment for compulsory needs such as food, beverage and shelter in Turkey
  • Situations such as the fact that patients can find a holiday among the natural and historical beauties of Turkey after the treatment make Turkey the most preferred country for treatment

How can Iraqis get a Health Visa in Turkey?

As in every country, citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter Turkey. They can obtain these visas from the Application centers in their countries. For applications made in person, they must complete the required documents requested by the country.

The applications of relatives who will go with the person should also be made individually and individually. If the applicant is under the age of 18, he/she must be accompanied by persons responsible for himself/herself.

Another method that may be necessary to obtain a visa is to receive an invitation letter from the country of destination. The invitation letter received will not only facilitate visa procedures, but will also enable people to obtain visas faster and faster. We facilitate visa application processes with the invitation letter we send on behalf of Iraqi citizens who prefer to come to Turkey through us for treatment.

Diseases Treated in Turkey

We can list the diseases most commonly treated by Turkish doctors to Iraqi citizens as follows:

  • COPD
  • Keratoconus Disease
  • ASD Disease
  • Brain Abscess Disease
  • Brain Tumors Disease
  • Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey
  • Infertility Treatment in Turkey
  • IVF Treatment in Turkey
  • Hair Transplantation in Turkey
  • Colonoscopy Treatment
  • Lumbar Hernia Disease
  • Hollywood Smile in Turkey
  • Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment
  • Endoscopy Treatment
  • Radiotherapy Treatment
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
  • Rectal cancer Treatment
  • Colon Cancer Treatment
  • Bypass Treatment
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Disease
  • Pigeon Breast Disease
  • Rhinoplasty Treatment
  • Lower Jaw Surgery Treatment
  • Tube Stomach Surgery Treatment
  • Gynecomastia Treatment
  • Kidney Transplant Treatment
  • Marrow Transplant Treatment
  • Liposuction Treatment
  • Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment
  • Face Lift Surgery Treatment
  • Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment
  • Abdominoplasty

If you also want to be treated in Turkey, you can contact us to have information in many areas such as all the questions you have in mind, treatment processes, treatment prices.