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What is Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift, What is Thigh Lift, Thigh Lift Prices in Turkey As medicine progresses, new treatment methods and aesthetic ideas are emerging that will make people’s lives easier. Thanks to these ideas, people can correct the parts of their bodies that they do not like, without traveling long distances and without going through a certain process, with the help of doctors.

These regulations also repair and replace the lack of self-confidence caused by the person’s external appearance. In addition to many aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction and nose surgery, there is also a plastic surgery called Thigh Lift, that is, thigh lift.

Thigh lift is the process of recovering sagging in the legs within the scope of many small factors such as excessive weight gain, old age, gravity. These collections are made by plastic surgeons.

As a result of the surgery, the inner legs of the person are prevented from rubbing against each other, and the leg is given a more lively and smooth appearance.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery takes 3-5 hours depending on the person and the treatment methods to be applied. This period may vary due to the size of the area to be stretched, the fat removal process and the extra procedures to be applied. In addition, complications arising from anesthesia may occur in this application, which is usually performed under general anesthesia. This affects the surgical process.

The person is hosted in the hospital for one day to be observed after the surgery and is discharged from the hospital after the final controls the next day.

The incisions are mostly made from the groin part, so that the scar is minimized. In this way, the aesthetic appearance is not lost due to scars. After this surgery, the aim is to correct the drooping appearance of the person’s legs, to obtain a smooth and tense appearance, to fulfill the lost self-confidence of the person, and to eliminate the loose appearance that the person cannot eliminate with diet and sports.

Thigh Lift Surgery Prices in Turkey

As in every field, Turkey performs surgical interventions with a high success rate in the field of aesthetic surgery. These initiatives attracted the attention of foreign citizens and made them prefer Turkey for surgery.

Especially the size and cleanliness of the hospitals, the experience of the doctors and their expertise in their fields reinforce this preference. Hospital staff, accommodation staff and all the staff of the company that helps you to come to the country are among the reasons for preference.

Another factor is that the treatments are affordable. If you want to come to Turkey through us and have Thigh lift surgery, you can contact us for our invitation letter to shorten the visa application period, to find answers, all your questions and to obtain detailed price information.

Difference Between Thigh Lift and Leg Lift

The leg is the name given to the part from the hip to the ankle. The thigh is the area from the hip to the kneecap. The place called the thigh, that is, the upper leg, is the name given to the entire upper part of the leg.

In the medical field, thigh stretching is also called leg stretching. For this reason, there is no difference between thigh stretching and leg stretching as they are the same thing.

What is Considered in the Thigh Lift Recovery Process?

After the operation, patients who are kept in the hospital for one day are discharged the next day. The drains placed in the area where the surgery was performed by the doctor can stay in that area for 3-5 days.

After the surgery, the person may have difficulty in standing up and walking due to pain. This will pass in a few days. In addition, the pain that occurs after the surgery can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

For the first 14 days, the person should limit their activities and rest. Sports and exercise should not be done for approximately 1.5 months. At the end of two weeks, the person can return to his routine life. The patient can take a shower on the 2nd day after the operation .