Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty (Revision) Prices in Turkey Technology and science have combined to make many people’s lives better. This beautification is generally in the field of medicine and has led to the prevention of some diseases and undesirable situations.

These diseases and undesirable situations also include the field of aesthetics. Due to the fashion sense that has spread among people in recent times, some innovations and updates have occurred in the cosmetic field. In this area, the most affected party was plastic surgery.

Many people want to correct the parts of their face or body that they do not like aesthetically, with the help of doctors. These arrangements are mostly in the face area and especially in the nose.

The nose is one of the most important organs in the human face. A millimetric play affects the entire face and expression. If this surgery is done properly, the patient will be very satisfied. However, in some cases, undesirable situations occur after surgery and the person wants to have their nose corrected again. At this stage, the nose surgery performed again is called Revision Rhinoplasty.

In this article we wrote for you, we will answer many questions such as What is Revision Rhinoplasty?, How is it done?, Why is it done.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is the situation where the nose is regenerated after the person does not like his nose and has aesthetics, which is unpleasant or causes some problems. In short, it is a situation where the operated nose is re-operated for correction.

Every nose surgery performed may not be as desired by the surgeon or the patient. We can list these undesirable situations for you as follows:

  • The tip of the nose that seems to be squeezed
  • Nasal tip that seems to be narrowed
  • Wide-appearing nose tip
  • Asymmetrical nose tip
  • Low visible nose tip
  • The tip of the nose that seems to be drooping
  • Extremely short nose tip
  • Extremely upturned nose tip that looks like a pig’s nose
  • Collapse of the side walls of the nose, called Alar Collapse
  • The nasal arch is not fully corrected
  • Collapse on the back of the nose
  • Having a parrot nose as a result of aesthetics

Such problems may cause the nose surgery to be revised. These corrections could be for three reasons. The first is Minor problems. In other words, they are minor damage or asymmetry in the nose. Secondly, there are moderate problems. In other words, they are problems or asymmetrical reasons that affect the person’s breathing. The third reason is major problems. Although these problems are more serious, they appear as asymmetrics in the cartilage or bone structure and accompanying disorders that affect the person’s breathing.

In the nose surgery, the mistakes that occur during the surgery usually cause the nose revision. While the repetition of the operation scares the patient, it also affects the social life and self-confidence of the person whose nose is not the desired appearance.

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Difficult?

The situation of the Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is not more difficult than the first when viewed from the patient’s point of view. The person goes into surgery feeling the same way. The difficulty of this surgery is valid for the doctor who will make the revision.

While small touches may be sufficient to correct the mistakes made in the first surgery, if there is a large bone or cartilage tissue loss, the doctor takes cartilage or bone tissue from another department. This means a second scar for the patient.

Revision Rhinoplasty requires more knowledge and experience. Before the operation, the doctor must make a serious operation plan. If you had the first surgery done by a doctor who is not an expert in his field and has little experience, it is thought that the work will be overcome, even if the revision work is a little difficult for the doctor who is an expert and experienced in the field.

Why is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

Revision Rhinoplasty is performed to correct the negative situations that occur after the nose surgery. Revision rhinoplasty may be required if the person does not like his nose, if the nose is too raised, low, wide, asymmetrical, arched, and if there is a mishap that will affect the person’s breathing.

How is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

After the occurrence of undesirable situations after nose surgery, the patient and the doctor decide on revision rhinoplasty. Before the operation, the doctor examines the patient in detail and plans the operation to be performed.

The course and duration of the operation varies according to the condition of the nose. Generally, minor revision problems take 30-45 minutes, while major revision problems can take up to 3-6 hours. In these surgeries, it may be necessary to take bone and cartilage tissue from other regions – such as the ear or ribs – in order to repair the excess bone and cartilage tissue.

While the total duration of these surgeries varies according to the person and the condition of the nose to be revised, the surgery is performed under the influence of general anesthesia

How Many Hours Does Revision Rhinoplasty Take?

As we mentioned above, the duration varies according to the condition of the patient’s nose. While minor deformations take about 30-45 minutes, this time can increase up to 3-6 hours if extra cartilage and bone structure is needed.

Is Revision Nose Surgery Risky?

Surgical operations, regardless of the subject, involve a small amount of risk. These risks include the risks caused by the effect of general anesthesia. After the nose surgery, the situation of revising the nose also includes some risks. We can list these risks for you as follows:

  • Risk of recurrence of nosebleeds
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Numbness around the nose and nose of the person
  • Occurrence of repetitive asymmetrical situations
  • Remaining of scars called scars in the nose
  • Swelling in the nose
  • There may be risks such as pain formation

After How Many Months Is Nose Revision Performed?

Healing of the area after nose surgery takes between 9-12 months. It may be necessary to wait at least 9 months or even 12 months with the recommendation of the doctors in order to see the structure of the nose to be revised and to undergo surgery.

After a year, you can make an operation plan by meeting with your doctor again.

Rhinoplasty (Revision) Prices in Turkey

Turkey also draws the attention of foreign citizens with the surgeries it performs in every field Along with this awareness, an increase is observed in travels to the country for treatment purposes.

There are many reasons for this increase. These are:

  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • Doctors are smiling and empathetic
  • Hospitals are big and clean
  • Hospital staff are friendly and helpful
  • The natural and historical beauties in Turkey offer vacation opportunities for patients
  • Positive aspects such as the ability to meet special needs such as treatment, food, drink and shelter at affordable prices can be shown among the reasons for preference

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