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What Is Newcastle Disease (False Plague)?

Newcastle Disease, also known as False Plague, is an infectious viral disease that is especially common among poultry and has fatal consequences. This disease can cause major economic losses in poultry farms around the world and can significantly affect the poultry population. That’s why it’s so important to have the knowledge to understand and prevent Newcastle Disease.

What Causes Newcastle Disease?

Newcastle Disease is caused by Avian Orthoavulavirus 1 (AOAV-1), a virus belonging to the Paramyxoviridae family. This virus causes infection by attacking the respiratory tract, digestive system, and nervous system. Factors that are effective in the spread of the disease include; direct contact with infected animals, the spread of the virus through the air, the use of common resources such as feed and water, and transport by people’s clothing or equipment.

What Symptoms Does Newcastle Disease Cause?

The symptoms of Newcastle Disease vary depending on the organs infected by the virus. The most common symptoms are;

  • Difficulty breathing and wheezing,
  • Coughing, sneezing, and runny nose,
  • Diarrhea green in color,
  • Nervous system symptoms,
  • High mortality rates and sudden deaths,
  • Decreased egg production and abnormal eggshells,
  • Inflammation and swelling of the eyes,

Is Newcastle Disease Transmitted to Humans?

Transmission of Newcastle Disease to humans is possible, although it is rarely seen. In humans, the disease usually presents with mild symptoms, especially in the form of conjunctivitis in the eyes. This can be seen in people who come into direct contact with the virus, especially poultry keepers and veterinarians. It is possible to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease to humans by practicing good hygiene and taking preventive measures.

How Is Newcastle Disease Diagnosed?

Newcastle disease is a viral infection, especially in poultry, and can affect the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. This disease is particularly common in bird species such as chickens, turkeys, and quails and causes significant economic losses worldwide. The diagnosis of Newcastle disease can be confirmed by clinical signs, pathological findings, and laboratory tests.

The most commonly used laboratory tests are;

  • Viral isolation,
  • Rapid tests,
  • Serological tests,

What Is Done In The Treatment Of Newcastle Disease?

There is no effective antiviral drug against the virus that causes Newcastle disease. Therefore, treatment of the disease is usually limited to supportive therapies to alleviate symptoms, improve the general health of birds, and prevent the spread of the disease. The steps to be followed in the treatment of Newcastle disease are as follows;

  • Supportive Treatment,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Vaccinations,
  • Biosafety Measures,

The diagnosis and treatment of Newcastle disease can be confirmed by clinical signs, pathological findings, and laboratory tests. Supportive therapies, antibiotics, vaccines, and biosecurity measures play an important role in the treatment of the disease.

Newcastle Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has managed to announce its name to the world with its investments and studies in the field of health. Especially the latest technological devices used in diagnosis and treatment procedures have been a beacon of hope for many diseases. However, there has been an increase in health tourism in Türkiye.

  • Hospitals are large, clean, spacious and fully equipped in terms of technological equipment.
  • Turkish doctors are specialized, successful, and skilled in their fields.
  • Nurses and carers are friendly and compassionate.
  • Finding answers to the questions asked quickly and accurately.
  • Patience and understanding of all staff, including the intermediary company dealing with the patient.
  • Turkey offers holiday opportunities with its natural and historical beauties.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking, dressing, and holiday needs can be met at affordable prices.

Such situations are shown among the reasons for preference. Regarding Newcastle Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey, we can see that patients and relatives of patients who want to come to Turkey are doing research. However, it would not be correct to give clear price information at this stage. Many factors such as the type of disease, stage, diagnosis process, treatment process, and stay in Türkiye affect the price issue. If you want to get more detailed price information, you can contact us. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application process with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.

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