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What is Neck Tumor?

Neck Tumor is one of the diseases that seriously affect human life. There are many diseases that complicate people’s lives, reduce their quality of life and force patients and their relatives with serious complications. Cancer is one of these diseases. Cancer is a disease that occurs as a result of cells in a region growing more than they should be. The most important step in these diseases is the early diagnosis step.

The earlier the cancer and tumors in the body are diagnosed, the easier the treatment process and the higher the chance of recovery. One of these cancers is neck cancer. What is Neck Tumor, which usually has life-threatening risks, what are its causes, what are the symptoms, let’s find out together.

What is Neck Tumor?

Neck tumor is a disease that occurs as a result of uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the neck region of the person. There is no clear cause of this disease. If diagnosed in the first stage, which is the most important stage, cancerous cells can be treated before they spread throughout the body and become involved in the organ. Tumors in the neck region can cause difficulty in swallowing and hoarseness in people. When one of the symptoms of this disease, which significantly reduces the quality of human life, is caught, a specialist should be consulted immediately and if there is a tumor, it should be treated immediately.

What Causes Neck Tumor?

Although there is no clear cause of neck cancer, the combination of many factors can cause this disease. The question of What Causes Neck Tumor, which is wondered and researched by everyone, is also wondered by scientists and today it is still being researched with many diseases. We can briefly explain the common reasons for you as follows:

  • Alcohol and cigarette use is one of the main causes
  • genetic factors
  • bad eating habits
  • bad hygiene habits
  • Not paying attention to personal care
  • inhalation of harmful substances
  • HPV virus and EBV virus, which are usually transmitted from person to person sexually


What are the Types of Neck Tumor?

In general, tumors occurring in the body are divided into two as benign and malignant. The treatment methods used in both are different. In some cases, if the benign tumor does not grow and progress and is small, only follow-up can be done. Benign tumors are not cancer. In malignant tumors, the treatment proceeds differently. This tumor is called cancer.

Tumors and cancers that may occur all over the body may also occur in the neck region, or cancerous cells that arise in other organs may spread to the neck region. Well, we can list the types of Neck Tumor in the neck region as follows:

  • Upper pharyngeal nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Larynx cancer
  • Paranasal sinuses cancer
  • nasal cavity cancer
  • salivary gland cancer
  • parotid gland cancer
  • lip cancer
  • auricle cancer
  • outer ear cancer
  • gum cancer
  • floor of mouth cancer


What are the Symptoms of Neck Tumor?

As in every disease, cancers and tumors occurring in the neck region also have some symptoms that occur after or during emergence. Although these symptoms vary from person to person and body to body, they are almost the same. In order for the person to notice these symptoms immediately, he/she needs to know himself/herself and his/her body very well. Being aware of the first symptom and going to the doctor will provide early diagnosis and will lead to easier treatment. So what are the Symptoms of Neck Tumor, let’s examine together.

  • Abnormal swelling in any part of the neck and a hard palpable mass
  • Chronic wound that occurs in the person’s body, especially in the mouth and does not heal
  • Chronic wound in the tongue
  • Chronic wound on the lips
  • Difficulty in chewing and difficulty in swallowing
  • mute condition
  • change in voice
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Ear pain that occurs in the ears and lasts for a long time
  • tinnitus condition
  • Hearing problems

. If one or more of these are involved in your life, you should go to a doctor’s control and be examined without wasting time.

How Is Neck Tumor Diagnosed?

People who decide to go to a doctor’s control after the symptoms occur usually have the question of How to Diagnose a Neck Tumor. We can explain the diagnosis process for you as follows:

  • The person who notices the symptoms first goes to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist doctor and is examined.
  • After the physical examination, if there is a suspicious area in the controlled areas, a biopsy sample is taken under general or local anesthesia.
  • The piece taken is examined and a diagnosis of cancer is made if there is any.
  • Then, a clear and definitive diagnosis is made with imaging methods such as CT, USG, and MRI.

How Is Neck Tumor Treated?

When looking at How to Treat a Neck Tumor, the treatment and treatment process varies from person to person and according to the disease. First of all, the person’s age, gender, the damage caused by the disease, and the way of fighting the disease change the treatment method and process. In addition, factors such as where the disease started, the stage of the disease, the size of the mass may also cause changes in the treatment methods and treatment process.

As a result, there are multiple options in treatment methods. The treatment process is initiated with methods such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical intervention, and direct tumor intervention in treatments that vary according to the person.

Does It Kill ,Neck Tumor?

The biggest fear of those who have neck cancer is the possibility of death. Does it kill a Neck Tumor is a question that occupies the minds and causes confusion. But at this stage, it would not be correct and ethical to give clear information. Negative articles written on the internet deeply affect the person himself or the patient’s relative, since he is already sick, and further deteriorates his bad mental state. For this reason, the most clear and accurate information you can get is available from doctors.

The type of the disease, its stage, the way it progresses, the damage to the person, the way the person fights the disease, the stage in which it is diagnosed, the age of the patient, the gender of the patient are the factors that affect the results. For this reason, you can contact us and ask our doctors for more clear and detailed information.

How is Neck Tumor Surgery Performed?

If there is no response after the treatment of tumors in the neck with non-surgical methods, or when direct surgery is required, surgeries performed by specialist doctors can be performed. Before neck surgeries are performed, the patient’s disease history and all possible risks should be checked and the surgery should be decided. Neck tumor surgeries, which are usually performed under the influence of general anesthesia, take approximately 5-15 hours. This period varies from person to person and according to the complications that may occur during the surgery.

Cancerous tissues and some of the surrounding healthy tissues are removed. After the surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments are continued if the doctor deems it necessary. How Neck Tumor Surgery Is Performed can be briefly explained like this.

What are the Risks of Neck Tumor Surgery?

One of the issues that everyone is curious about is the question of What Are the Risks of Neck Tumor Surgery? Generally, all surgeries carry certain risks. It is up to the doctor to minimize these risks. At this stage, the specialist doctor you will choose should be an expert and experienced in the field.

All necessary checks should be made before the operation and many factors such as whether the patient is ready for the operation, whether there are other diseases that may cause problems during the operation, and the drugs used should be examined. For example, if the patient is actively using a blood-thinning drug or drugs with blood-thinning effects, the patient should stop these drugs for a while. Because these drugs can cause unnecessary bleeding during surgery.

The risks that may occur may vary according to the patient, the disease, the location, stage and size of the disease. For detailed information on this subject, you can contact us by calling us.

After Neck Tumor Surgery

There are many factors that the person should pay attention to after Neck Tumor Surgery. But before that, the person should not cut off communication with his doctor. There may be changes in recovery time after surgery. After the surgery, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital until the day determined by the doctor. After this process, the patient who goes home should not forget that he had a serious operation and the doctor’s recommendations should be strictly followed. Medications given against the risk of infection should be used on time. In addition, pain may occur after the surgery. These pains can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

Neck Tumor Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has been noticed by citizens abroad after many of the patients it treated left the country happily. There has been an increase in health tourism to the country due to treatments that result in superior success rates in difficult cases. However, people who could not find a chance to be treated in their own country, sought hope in Turkey and brought Turkey to the first place among the countries they preferred. There are many reasons for this preference. We can list these reasons as follows:

  • Positive results of treatments
  • Diagnostic methods
  • The treatment methods are the latest technological and scientific
  • .
  • Fully equipped hospitals
  • Hospitals are large and developed
  • The units established in hospitals are large, diverse and fully equipped
  • Finding cures for many diseases
  • The fact that doctors and nurses are experts in their fields
  • All staff, including the intermediary company staff who take care of the patient, are friendly and helpfu
  • Turkey’s natural and historical beauties offer a holiday opportunity during and after the treatment
  • Obligatory needs such as treatment, shelter, eating, drinking, dressing, vacation are met at an affordable price

. Neck Tumor Treatment Prices in Turkey are among the topics that foreign citizens wonder about before coming to the country. However, it would not be correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because factors such as the type, location and stage of the disease affect the treatment process and price. For this reason, you can contact us by calling us to get a clear price information and clear information about neck cancer. In addition, if you come to Turkey through us for neck tumor treatment, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


If we need to collect all this information; We can say that neck cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled and unnecessary reproducing cells in the parts or organs of the neck region of the person. Although there is more than one cause of neck cancer, there is no clear cause. Alcohol and cigarette consumption are at the top of these causes, which increase the risk of cancer considerably.

In the light of the symptoms that occur after the formation of the disease, the patient who goes to the doctor’s examination is diagnosed with a physical examination and some imaging methods and tests. After the diagnosis, the patient is intervened with more than one treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical operations. If it is operated, this operation takes about 5-15 hours with the effect of general anesthesia. The risks and complications that may occur may vary from person to person. Questions such as whether cancer is fatal should be answered clearly by the doctor.

As a result, we work to ensure that the patients who come to our country for treatment are comfortable during and after their treatment, and we aim to leave the country healthy and happy. You can contact us for more detailed and clear information.

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