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Neck Hernia

Neck hernia is one of the most common ailments. One of the building blocks that keep people standing and moving is the spine. The vertebrae consist of regular bones arranged one above the other, starting from the head. These bones also contain the spinal cord. This part of our body is one of the most important centers.

If the blows to the vertebrae and spine or the discomforts that occur are not treated, there are some risks, up to the possibility of paralysis. Disturbances may occur in the spine of the person due to external factors and aging. One of these diseases is Neck Hernia (Cervical Disc Herniation). So what is Neck Hernia, What are the Causes of Neck Hernia, let’s examine it together.

What is Neck Hernia?

There are vertebrae in the human body, starting from the head and going all the way to the coccyx. These vertebrae are made up of bones called vertebrae. In the neck region, there are 7 vertebrae in every healthy person. The soft tissue structure that is located between the vertebrae of the person and enables movement is called the disc. This soft tissue helps the person move by acting as a shock absorber between the bones.

But for some reason, – these are; There may be water and structure losses in the discs due to traumas, strain, accidents, aging. – Problems may occur due to loss of function in the discs of the person. These problems can tear the tissue surrounding the disc and cause the soft tissue to bulge out. This protrusion is called cervical disc herniation in the medical field. What is Neck Hernia can be explained briefly and clearly in this way.

What are the Causes of Neck Hernia?

Neck hernia may occur in an individual as a result of certain reasons. A hernia is a condition that needs to be treated. It can severely limit and complicate a person’s life. What are the Causes of Neck Hernia is wondered by many people. Let’s examine the reasons together.

  • traffic accidents
  • Fall
  • Working at a desk for a long time
  • Looking at a cell phone for a long time
  • Using the phone by holding it lower than the person’s eyes
  • Making sudden movements
  • If the person makes wrong movements while lifting weights

conditions such as neck hernia can cause. But neck hernia is not noticed by many people. Because there is no clear cause of this disease. Once this disease occurs, it may not be ascertained as to what caused it. It has also been seen that people have lived for many years with a hernia, which they usually do not realize and think of as only pain.

What are the Symptoms of Neck Hernia?

As in every disease, the body of the person tries to explain that there is a problem by showing some signals and symptoms in neck hernia. What are the Symptoms of Neck Hernia can be listed as follows:

  • Pain in the arms
  • numbness in the arms
  • Feeling of weakness in the arms
  • experiencing imbalance
  • Difficulty in descending processes, especially when descending the stairs
  • gait disturbances


How is Neck Hernia Diagnosed?

One of the first things that people who notice life-limiting symptoms should do is to go to a doctor and be examined. How to Diagnose Neck Hernia before going to the examination is wondered by everyone. If a person has a neck hernia, he should go to a doctor’s control and be examined. The first step in the diagnostic process is the examination. Then, if the doctor deems it necessary:

  • graph
  • CT (Computed tomography)
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

. Diagnosis can be made by imaging methods such as In some cases, EMG (nerve test) is also performed

What are Neck Hernia Treatment Methods?

When we look at the Neck Hernia Treatment Methods, we can see many treatment methods. Among these methods, there are methods that are divided into two as non-surgical and surgical ones. Among the non-surgical methods:

  • use neck brace
  • take a rest
  • use drug
  • physical therapy method
  • exercise
  • Epidural steroid injection application
  • Stretching and pulling application
  • Hot application
  • Cold application
  • massage making

. There are methods such as If there is no response from these methods, surgical operations are resorted to.

How Does Neck Hernia Pass?

Neck hernia, which causes severe pain to people after its occurrence, can also create effects that make life difficult and restrictive. We see that patients whose quality of life has seriously decreased after such negative situations are wondering and researching the question of How Neck Hernia Goes. The aim of the treatment of this ailment is to increase the quality of life by eliminating the negativities and pain in the person. For this reason, there are multiple treatment methods. Some of these treatment methods are known as drug-free and non-surgical methods. Possible mild effects can be eliminated by methods such as physical therapy, exercises, cold and hot applications.

This time, the pains that occur are eliminated medically with drug treatments. By using painkillers and muscle relaxants, physical therapy and exercises can be included in life. With these two methods, if the hernia symptoms and complications do not go away, surgical intervention can be performed lastly.

Neck Hernia Exercise Movements

The neck and spine are very important areas for the human body. A wrong and wrong move can cause a person to be tied to a bed or wheelchair for life. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid sudden and difficult movements while continuing our normal life, lifting things, doing sports.

The person diagnosed with neck hernia should include sports and exercise in his life. But at this stage, it would not be right to say some exercises clearly. Because factors such as which vertebrae the hernia is between and the degree of it can also affect the movements. For this reason, Neck Hernia Exercise Movements should be performed in the company of a specialist physiotherapist and physical therapy specialist and as taught by him.

How is Neck Hernia Surgery Performed?

Although it is usually treated with non-surgical methods, in some cases, neck hernia is treated by surgery. Well, we can explain how Neck Hernia Surgery is done as follows. Microsurgery method is used in this surgery, which is performed by making tiny incisions under the influence of general anesthesia.

Depending on the condition of the hernia and the condition of the patient, the operation time takes approximately 30 minutes to 3 hours. After the operation, the neck collar that the person will use for 6 months is attached to the neck. The patient, who stays in the hospital for 1 day after the operation, is discharged the next day.

Neck Hernia Surgery Risks

As in any surgery, there are some risks in neck hernia surgery. However, if you choose the doctor correctly at this stage, these risks will be minimized in expert and experienced hands. First of all, the person should choose the doctor very well. Experts and experienced doctors in the field try to eliminate possible risks by thinking ahead of time. The patient should be examined in detail before the operation and it should be examined whether there is a negative situation against the operation. What are the Risks of Neck Hernia Surgery can be briefly explained as follows:

  • Bleeding during and after surgery
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • risk of infection
  • The risk of mute sound
  • Risk of difficulty in swallowing
  • The risk of hernia recurring

After Neck Hernia Surgery

  • At the end of the operation, a neck brace is attached to the patient who is taken to the ward.
  • Pain during swallowing may occur after surgery. It is normal to have these pains.
  • The pain that occurs can be controlled by using painkillers.
  • After the operation, it is necessary not to eat food and drink water for up to 6 hours.
  • After the surgery, the person may need to pay attention to the pillow position.
  • After the operation, the patient should not even get up to go to the toilet. Toilet needs can be met by caregivers in bed.
  • You can start eating after 6 hours. But soft foods should be preferred.
  • After Neck Hernia Surgery, the patient can stay in the hospital for as long as the doctor deems necessary.
  • He can stand up the next day.
  • Get up and walk at least three times a day.
  • A neck collar attached to the person should be used for at least 1 week.
  • After the surgery, it should be started by following the doctor’s recommendations and the physical therapy process recommended.

Neck Hernia Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey welcomes guests from abroad in the field of health, as in every field. In the diagnosis and treatment process, the comfort and happiness of domestic and foreign patients are taken into consideration. This approach and the positive completion of the treatments cause foreign citizens to prefer our country more for treatment purposes.

The hospitals are big and fully equipped, the doctors are experts in their fields, and everyone who deals with the patient is friendly and helpful.

Neck Hernia Treatment Prices in Turkey are among the topics that foreign citizens wonder about before coming to our country for treatment. However, at this stage, it is not correct and unethical to give a clear price information. Many factors such as the condition and level of the hernia in the person, the damage to the patient, the treatment process, the diagnosis process cause a change in the price. For this reason, you can contact us by calling us for detailed hernia treatment information and price information. In addition, if you come to Turkey for the treatment of neck hernia through us, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.

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