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What is Lumbar Tumor, Low Back Tumor Treatment Prices in Turkey

One of the body parts that most affect human life is the spine bones. These bones start from the head and continue to the coccyx. When one wonders what a lumbar tumor is, tumors that usually occur in the spine and spinal cord are called lumbar tumors.

As soon as this disease starts to show its first symptoms, it will be beneficial to go to a doctor’s examination without wasting time. Because if these tumors are not treated, it is inevitable that they will cause serious health problems for the person.

What Causes Back Tumor?

One of the most curious subjects of those who suffer from this disease is the question of What Causes a Lumbar Tumor. A clear cause of this disease has not been fully found. It is thought that tumors occurring in the waist, especially spine and spinal cord tumors, are inherited in line with genetic factors.

What are the Types of Lumbar Tumor?

Tumors in the lower back can occur in many different ways. If diagnosed and treated early, the rate of recovery of people increases considerably. The question of What are the Types of Lumbar Tumor can be briefly explained as follows:

  • glioma ; It is the general name of cancerous cells that occur in glial cells. Glials are the supporting tissues in the brain.
  • Astrocytoma; It is the name of the tumor that occurs in the astrocytes that provide support to the nerve cells in the person’s body.
  • chordoma; This tumor occurs once in a million. It occurs quite rarely. It spreads in the sacrococcygeal region (base of the skull, the end of the spine, the beginning of the anal region) and the moving parts of the spine.
  • Ependymoma; This disease is a type of disease caused by cancer cells in the chambers of the brain and cancer cells in the spinal canal.
  • Meningioma; There is a membrane around the brain that protects it. This membrane is called dura. Meningioma disease, on the other hand, occurs as a result of a tumor occurring in this membrane.
  • neurofibroma; It is a type of disease that occurs as a result of a tumor spreading in the nerves of the person in the body.
  • Schwannoma; are called peripheral nerve sheaths. It can occur with more than one disease.

What are the Symptoms of Back Tumor?

The question of What are the Symptoms of a Lumbar Tumor can be explained as follows:

  • severe back pain
  • severe leg pain
  • numbness in the arm
  • numbness in the legs
  • Loss of strength and weakening of the person
  • Difficulty walking
  • Pain that occurs especially when lying down at night and when the person is physically active during the day
  • feeling of numbness in the chest area

. In the event that you have these and other complaints that affect your life negatively, it will be in your best interest to go to a doctor’s control as soon as possible. Because early diagnosis is the most important first step in the treatment of diseases.

How Is a Lumbar Tumor Diagnosed?

After the person goes to the hospital in line with some symptoms, the doctor first examines the person physically. Considering the past health histories of himself and his family, if he is in doubt, he can apply to some diagnostic methods. How to Diagnose Lumbar Tumor, which diagnostic methods are used, we can briefly explain as follows:

  • With the x-ray diagnostic method
  • With bone scan, that is, scintigraphy diagnostic method
  • With the CT (Computerized Tomography) diagnostic method
  • With MR (Magnetic Resonance) diagnostic method
  • With the diagnostic method called needle aspiration
  • With some blood tests

How Is Back Tumor Treated?

Changes occur in the way the tumor that occurs in the waist is treated according to where it originates in the waist and according to its stage. In addition to these changes, the age of the person, the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, the gender of the person, the existing and past health problems of the person directly affect this treatment process. But if we need to answer the question of How to Treat a Low Back Tumor, we can explain it as follows:

  • Tumor follow-up
  • surgical treatment
  • Radiation and chemotherapy treatment
  • Medication

How Is Back Tumor Surgery Performed?

How to Perform Lumbar Tumor Surgery, which usually occurs in the spine and spinal cord, can be briefly explained as follows:

The operation process takes about 4-5 hours, depending on which part of the body the cancerous cells formed in the patient’s body originate. According to the results of all the researches, the location of the cancerous cells is determined and the operation is started. The main purpose of the operation is to clean the area from cancerous cells and to improve the living conditions of the person.

Possible complications and risks are minimized by performing surgeries in expert and experienced hands in the light of today’s technology and science. It has been observed that the operation, which usually takes 4-5 hours, can take up to 12-15 hours in some cases due to the type, location and size of the tumor. For this reason, it has also been observed that the person is ready to be operated without any problems, waiting for surgeons such as brain and heart or undergoing surgery.

Low Back Tumor Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey is among the most preferred countries with the success it has achieved with the treatments it has applied to its patients. There are several reasons for these choices. The main reasons for preference are the fact that the doctors and nurses are experts in their fields, all the hospital staff and staff, including the intermediary company that takes care of the patient, are friendly and helpful, the hospitals are large and fully equipped, and the treatment and personal needs can be met at an affordable price.

Before coming to Turkey, patients are among the most curious subjects about the treatment prices of Lumbar Tumor in Turkey. However, it would not be very healthy and accurate to give clear information about waist tumor prices. Because factors such as the course of the disease, location, stage, damage to the person, diagnosis and treatment process cause changes in price.

For these reasons, you can contact us for answers to all the questions you have in mind and for detailed price information. In addition, if you come to Turkey through us for the treatment of back cancer, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.

Does It Kill Back Tumor?

It would not be right to give a clear answer to the question, “Does Back Tumor Kills“, which has been researched and wondered by many? Because the type, course, stage of the disease, the damage to the person, the time of diagnosis and the treatment methods that the doctor will use make it difficult to give a clear answer about this issue.

However, as in all diseases, early-diagnosed cancers in low back tumors are very easy to treat, and the rate of saving a person’s life is also very high.

Does Back Tumor Cause Pain?

The question of “Does a Tumor in the Back Cause Pain?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. One of the first symptoms of tumors occurring in the waist is severe pain in the waist and legs. For this reason, our answer to this question will be yes, a tumor in the lower back can cause pain.

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