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What is Brain Cancer, Brain Cancer Treatment Prices in Turkey

One of the most serious diseases today is the diseases that occur in the brain. These diseases affect the life of the person negatively. Especially cancers that occur in the brain or cancers that reproduce in another organ and spread to the brain bring with them very serious complications. As in every disease, early diagnosis of brain cancer positively affects the treatment process. If the treatment of this disease, which is diagnosed early, is carried out by specialist and experienced surgeons, the chance of being cured is quite high. However, the aim of treatment in advanced and late-recognized brain cancers is to prolong the life of the person and prevent possible complications. So, what is brain cancer and how is its treatment, let’s find out by examining it together.

What is Brain Cancer?

The formation of cancers can be explained as a mass formed by cells that multiply uncontrollably more than necessary. These masses are divided into two as benign or malignant. While the benign ones do not show a certain spread, the malignant ones can spread to the whole body by spreading. We can explain the question of what is brain cancer as follows:

  • in the brain
  • in the cerebral cortex
  • in brain nerves
  • in skull
  • In the muscles of the brain and skull
  • With the spread of cancer in another part of the body to the brain, brain cancer may occur

. At this stage, this cancer should be examined by experienced and specialist doctors and the treatment plan should be planned in the most effective and positive way.

What Causes Brain Cancer?

As in other cancers, the causes of brain cancers are not yet fully clarified. However, there are a number of external factors that can cause brain cancer. What Causes Brain Cancer We can briefly list it for you as follows:

  • People with a family or relatives diagnosed with brain cancer
  • advancing age
  • Use of harmful substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs
  • Exposure to certain chemicals
  • Some infections in the body

can trigger tumor formation in the brain

How Does Brain Cancer Occur?

Like all cancers, the formation of brain cancer occurs by the uncontrolled and excessive proliferation of cells. This occurs in two ways. Brain cancer occurs as a result of the spread of cancer in other organs and retention in the brain. The formation of another brain cancer is that it occurs on its own, that is, after the uncontrolled proliferation of its own cells. In brain cancer that occurs in this way, there are benign and malignant types. Benign brain cancer is called benign, and malignant is called malignant. How Brain Cancer Occurs can be briefly explained in this way.

What are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is one of the diseases that deeply affect a person’s life. Although the person can regain his health if diagnosed early, it is a disease that threatens the life of the person if it is not diagnosed early. This disease, like any disease, occurs by giving symptoms. The person should know himself well and should consult a doctor immediately in case of the slightest difference. So what are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer, let’s find out together.

  • Symptoms vary according to the stage of the disease
  • Severe headache that does not go away
  • Severe nausea and vomiting in the person
  • A decrease in cognitive abilities that the person needs to use his brain
  • Difficulty in moving the external organs of the person
  • Loss of sensation in any part of the body
  • feeling numb
  • decreased vision
  • Inability to move the eyes, so the eyes look at a single point
  • The occurrence of some disorders in the person’s speech and the formation of the inability to speak
  • memory loss
  • The occurrence of forgetfulness
  • fainting status
  • Change of personality


How is Brain Cancer Diagnosed?

Among the topics that everyone is curious about is the question of How to Diagnose Brain Cancer. We can explain this as follows:

  • Diagnosis method by physical examination
  • Diagnosis method with neurological examination
  • Diagnosis method with computed tomography imaging method
  • Diagnostic method with MR imaging method
  • Diagnostic method with angiography
  • Diagnostic method with CSF examination
  • Diagnostic method with biopsy
  • Diagnosis method with Needle Biopsy
  • Diagnostic method with Stereotaxic Biopsy

What is done in the treatment of brain cancer?

After the person is diagnosed with brain cancer, a number of treatment options are reviewed. What is done in the treatment of brain cancer can be listed as follows:

  • chemotherapy treatment method
  • Radiotherapy treatment method
  • The method of treatment with smart drugs
  • Treatment method with surgical operation

In addition to these, physical therapy is supported in cases where the limbs are affected, and speech therapy is supported by treatment methods in cases where speech is affected

What are the Brain Cancer Stages?

As in any disease, early diagnosis plays an important role in brain cancer. Late diagnosis and late treatment of this disease can have very bad results. One of the factors affecting treatment is the stage of the cancer. So what are the Brain Cancer Stages, let’s examine it together

  1. First Stage Brain Cancer; At this stage, the symptoms and formation are more recent. After the doctor’s examination, the person is taken into surgery and then treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used. The aim here is to completely clear the cancerous cells. At this stage, the life of the person can be significantly extended. Again, at this stage, the first symptoms and headaches occur.
  2. Second Stage Brain Cancer; The treatment process in the first stage is applied and the life expectancy can be extended by that much. It is not too late for diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms such as headache, vomiting, nausea and fatigue are added to the symptoms.
  3. Third Stage Brain Cancer; At this stage, life expectancy varies according to the type and location of the tumor. A number of symptoms occur in advanced cancer. Symptoms such as forgetfulness, headache, blurring of consciousness, inability to move limbs, and inability to speak may occur.
  4. Fourth Stage Brain Cancer; It is an extremely late and advanced stage of cancer. The treatment process is quite challenging. Again, complications and symptoms that occur with chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment methods are tried to be minimized. The aim of the treatments at this stage is to increase the quality and duration of life of the person.

What are the Types of Brain Cancer?

There are many different types of cancer in brain cancer, depending on the location and nature of it. First of all, cancer types are divided into two and examined. They are called benign and malignant ones. According to WHO, we can explain what are the types of brain cancer as follows:

  • Diffuse astrocytic and oligodendroglial cancers
  • Ependymal cancers
  • Choroid plexus cancers
  • Neuronal and neuroglial cancers
  • Pineal region cancers
  • Embryonic cancers
  • Nerve sheath cancers
  • Meningiomas cancers
  • Mesenchymal cancers
  • melanocytic cancers
  • lymphomas cancers
  • Histiocytic cancers
  • germ cell cancers
  • Sellar region cancers
  • metastatic cancers

How is Brain Cancer Surgery Performed?

General anesthesia is used in brain surgeries that usually last between 5-14 hours. In some cases, it has been observed that local anesthesia is given to control the consciousness of the person and the processes he can do (speech, movement, etc.). Although these methods may seem surprising to people, they are considered a normal situation for neurosurgeons. So, let’s take a brief look at how Brain Cancer Surgery is done.

First of all, the doctor, the patient, and the patient’s relatives should understand how serious the surgery is and act accordingly. No pressure should be placed on the patient during the treatment process, and support should be provided as much as he or she wants. Since the operation process will take a long time, serious planning should be done by the doctor. All the details that need to be done before and during the surgery should be carefully examined and fulfilled.

Before starting the brain surgery, the patient’s hair is cut to create a sterile environment. Then the skull bone is cut with an incision made in the skull. The tumor, whose location has been determined before, is carefully cleaned. Complications that will occur at this stage affect the patient’s life extremely seriously. For this reason, it is beneficial to have the surgery in expert and experienced hands. After the cleaning phase, the skull is closed and the procedure is ended. If necessary, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment methods are continued after the surgery.

It is extremely important that the surgeries to be performed are performed in advanced and fully equipped hospitals. Other surgical methods used can be listed as follows:

  • Microsurgery method
  • Ultrasonic Aspiration method
  • Laparoscopic Brain Surgery method
  • Neuronavigation method
  • Neuromonitorization method
  • Intraoperative Ultrasonography method
  • Endoscopy method
  • Gliolan Staining Technique method
  • Awake craniotomy method
  • Intraoperative CT method

What is Brain Cancer Life expectancy?

What is Brain Cancer Life expectancy is a subject that is wondered by everyone. However, it will not be correct to give clear information here without a doctor’s control, as it will cause confusion.

The survival time in cancers varies according to the stage of the cancer, the diagnosis and treatment process, the damage it causes to the person, the way the person fights, and the age. For this reason, if you have such a disease, you can first go to a doctor’s control and find answers to all these questions. You can also contact us for detailed information and treatment process.

Brain Cancer Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has been on the agenda of the world with its serious surgeries. These surgeries and treatment processes have attracted the attention of many foreign citizens. For this reason, they found treatment and treatment methods in Turkey, which they could not find in their own countries, and preferred the process that would give hope to their diseases. Brain cancer is one of these diseases. The treatment of patients, whom doctors working in other countries do not even dare to examine, is performed with a high success rate in Turkey. However, it should not be forgotten that, as in every disease, there are some risks and complications that may occur during surgery in this disease.

There are many reasons why people prefer Turkey for treatment. We can list the reasons for this preference as follows:

  • The latest technological and up-to-date diagnosis and treatment methods used in Turkey
  • Hospitals in Turkey are fully equipped with state-of-the-art and technological devices
  • Hospitals are big and comfortable
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • Nurses are experts and experienced in their field
  • All personnel who care for the patient are experts in their fields, experienced, helpful, friendly, hospitable, understanding, empathetic people
  • Having holiday opportunities in Turkey
  • The fact that needs such as treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking, dressing, vacation in Turkey are met at affordable prices, factors such as can be shown among the reasons for preference

. Before coming to Turkey for treatment, Brain Cancer Treatment Prices in Turkey are wondered by all foreign citizens. But it is not healthy to give clear information at this stage. Because:

  • type of cancer
  • location of cancer
  • stage of cancer
  • Diagnosis and treatment methods to be used
  • treatment process
  • Damage caused by the disease
  • The patient’s ability to fight cancer
  • patient’s age

Factors such as directly affect the price issue. For this reason, you can easily ask any question that comes to your mind by contacting us for brain cancer treatment and prices. In addition, if you come to Turkey for cancer treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter we send to the consulate.

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