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What is Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol Addiction Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in making itself known to the world with its studies and treatment methods in the field of medicine. One of these treatment methods is Alcoholism Alcohol Addiction Treatment. Overcoming this disease with treatment methods improves both the life and living standards of many people. Alcohol addiction, which is overcome by the devoted work of doctors, aims to change the lives of the people in their lives as well as the person.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

When we look at the question of what is alcohol addiction in general, it is the state of an individual to consume alcohol continuously and intensely. When alcohol is not consumed, it is also seen that the person persistently wants to eliminate this deprivation. If this habit and desire is not eliminated, the person who is addicted to alcohol will feel stressed and feel seriously bad. Generally, they exhibit negative behaviors such as aggressive, bad, unhappy, angry.

Among people, drinking alcohol is defined as addiction. However, the fact that people drink alcohol at regular intervals and in doses does not mean that they are addicted. Addicted people tend to drink alcohol frequently and in excess. With this tendency, people’s family and social life are seriously affected negatively.

What are the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction shows symptoms that are not understood by many people from the outside. For this reason, it is necessary not to confuse normal alcohol consumption with addiction. For these reasons, we can briefly explain what are the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction as follows:

  • The amount of alcohol used continuously does not affect the body anymore and the person needs more alcohol for the desired effect
  • Symptoms such as distress and stress may occur when the person does not use alcohol, and a certain sense of relaxation may occur when he does
  • The amount of alcohol consumed is consumed more and in a shorter time than the person intended
  • Spend time and effort to reach alcohol when not drinking alcohol
  • Leading an asocial life due to alcohol
  • The person wants to quit alcohol but fails each time and uses alcohol again
  • Being aware of the harm caused by the alcohol he drinks to himself and his environment and still not being able to stop drinking alcohol
  • Formation of aging rings called arcus senilis in the eyes
  • The nose is red
  • Symptoms such as redness of the palms, called palmar erythema, may occur

If there are people around you who you suspect are addicted to alcohol with these and similar symptoms, your approach should not be judgmental or embarrassing. You need to make him feel that you support him and that you are with him. Otherwise, there may be a tendency to bind more to alcohol.

Causes of Alcohol and Substance Addiction

  • Personality problems related to the person himself
  • The person’s getting used to alcohol due to environmental reasons
  • Having people who drink alcohol in or around friends and do this frequently
  • be under stress
  • Having psychological reasons
  • Having problems in the family can be shown among the Causes of Alcohol and Substance Addiction

How Is Alcohol Addiction Treated?

Occasional alcohol does not indicate that the person is addicted to alcohol. People wanting alcohol with intense pleasure, consuming it frequently and excessively, and the feeling of deprivation that occurs when they do not consume it show that the person is addicted. So, let’s examine together how to treat alcohol addiction.

  • The individual who is addicted to alcohol should be willing and determined to quit when he starts the treatment process. If this does not happen, the treatment will be incomplete and useless.
  • A serious job falls on the family of the person who is addicted to alcohol. In this process, the person should be supported and followed without being judged.
  • Alcohol treatment process is not a treatment process that will last 3-5 days. The person should be aware of this and spend at least 1 year on treatment.
  • The reasons for the use of alcohol should be eliminated. Like the circle of friends.
  • Continuity in treatment during this process is extremely important
  • In the treatment method used, it may be necessary to receive psychological support along with the drugs prescribed by the doctor
  • The person should spend time with himself and be interested in hobbies that will distract his mind.
  • The social environment must be rebuilt.
  • When it comes to quitting alcohol, the person should not test himself by saying “I wonder if I can quit” and should trust himself.

Types of Alcohol Addiction – Types of Alcoholism

There are many stages and types of alcohol addiction. If we list this by naming it as a stage, we can list it as Types of Alcohol Addiction – Types of Alcoholism as follows:

  • In the first stage, the person drinks alcohol only to forget his mental or physical problems. There is only psychological attachment here.
  • In the second stage, some organs in the body have begun to be damaged, but the person insists on alcohol intake. This is called physical attachment.
  • In the third stage, the person’s feeling of drinking has become unstoppable. Here, however, there was both a spiritual and physical attachment.
  • In the fourth stage, the person consumes alcohol as if he needs water. No matter how much alcohol he drinks at this stage, he cannot mentally achieve the desired effect.

How Does Alcohol Addiction Begin?

The person does not actually start this process to become an alcoholic or an addict. So, How Alcohol Addiction Begins, let’s find out together. The person who begins to drink alcohol discovers the effect of alcohol and discovers that he is supposedly relieved of his troubles and stresses. This makes him drink more and more. The person who sees that he sleeps in a healthier and more comfortable way with the effect of alcohol, is now used to drinking more comfortably.

After a certain time, this work turns into a habit, and this habit turns into addiction. After a while, when he does not drink alcohol, it is seen that he makes an intense effort to get and find alcohol. If, after these stages, the person has a serious sense of seeking and deprivation when he does not drink alcohol, it means that he has become addicted. After this stage, treatment is the most effective method to get rid of alcohol addiction.

What Are Alcohol Addiction Drugs?

Before the person receives alcohol addiction treatment, it is the biggest step for the family to support him and to want to get rid of this addiction. However, the doctor uses a number of treatment methods and drugs to reduce the effects of alcohol. Let’s take a look at Alcohol Addiction Drugs.

The most effective drug used in this treatment method is Disulfiram. One of the purposes of this drug is to create unpleasant feelings in the body if alcohol is consumed after the drug is used. In this way, the person begins to hate alcohol and no longer want it. In order for the treatment to be successful, the drugs should be taken regularly in a timely manner Stability is very important in this process.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey is among the first countries to apply for the treatment of many habits and diseases, including alcohol treatments. There are many reasons for these choices. The most important thing is that the treatment methods made in Turkey are up-to-date and scientific by combining with the latest technology. In addition, the big , comfort and cleanliness of the hospitals, the fact that the doctors are experts in their fields, the hospitability and helpfulness of all the personnel who deal with the patients, and the fact that the treatment process results in affordable prices are among the other reasons for preference.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Prices in Turkey is a detail that is wondered by every patient and their relatives. But every disease is individual. Factors such as the degree of addiction, the treatment methods to be used, and the duration of treatment affect the price issue. For this reason, if you want to have information about the prices of treatments in Turkey, you can contact us. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter we send to the consulate.

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