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Medical Technologies Used in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment – Nuclear Medicine – Pet CT

Cancer is one of the important life-threatening health problems worldwide, and early diagnosis and determination of the right treatment methods are of critical importance in increasing the quality and duration of life of patients. Medical technologies used in cancer diagnosis and treatment play a major role in this process. PET CT, developed in the field of nuclear medicine, is a revolutionary method in cancer diagnosis and treatment. In this article we have written for you, we will talk about what PET CT is, its usage areas and its distinctive features.

What Is PET CT?

PET CT is an advanced imaging technology created by combining Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) devices. PET is a method of examining the function and metabolic activity of cells in the body, while CT is used to obtain cross-sectional images of organs and tissues in the body. By combining PET and CT, it becomes possible to examine diseases in detail, both functionally and anatomically. In this way, the location, size and spread of cancerous cells can be accurately determined.

What Are The Areas Of PET CT?

In addition to being used in cancer diagnosis and treatment, PET CT plays an important role in many different fields. Here are some of the areas of use of PET CT:

  • Cancer diagnosis,
  • Treatment planning,
  • Brain diseases
  • Heart diseases,

What Are Tge Distinguishing Features of PET CT?

Unlike other imaging methods used in cancer diagnosis and treatment, PET CT has many advantages;

  • PET CT combines both the PET method, which examines the functions and metabolic activities of cells, and the CT method, which obtains cross-sectional images of organs and tissues. This allows diseases to be examined in detail and diagnosed accurately.
  • PET CT can detect cancer cells and other diseases at earlier stages than other imaging methods. In this way, the patient’s life expectancy and quality of life are increased through early diagnosis and treatment.
  • PET CT allows for monitoring the course of the disease and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment. In this way, treatment methods and doses are determined individually and unnecessary treatments are prevented.

How Is PET CT Procedure Performed?

PET CT is an advanced imaging method combining positron emission tomography and computed tomography techniques. Thanks to this method, the functional and structural properties of cells and organs in the body are examined simultaneously. PET CT procedure, which is especially important in the diagnosis, staging and treatment processes of cancer patients, provides more sensitive and detailed information than other medical imaging methods.

If we answer the question of how the PET CT procedure is performed, the following steps are followed during the procedure;

Before the procedure, the patient is injected with fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), a substance similar to glucose that cells use for energy production. This substance contains a radioactive isotope and is absorbed by cells in the body. Cancer cells in particular absorb more of this substance, as they consume more energy than normal cells, and can be clearly visualized during the procedure.

The patient has to wait approximately 45-60 minutes for the injected radioactive drug to be evenly distributed throughout the body. It is important that the patient is in a comfortable and calm environment during this time.

After the drugs are distributed in the body, the patient is scanned. The patient is placed in the PET CT machine lying down and not moving. The machine has a structure that surrounds the patient’s body in the form of a rotating ring and detects radioactive rays thanks to the detectors inside this ring. It is important that the patient remains still during the scan.

After the PET scan, a CT scan is performed on the same device to obtain anatomical images of the patient’s body. These images are combined with the functional information obtained from the PET scan to obtain more detailed and accurate results.

The images obtained are examined and evaluated by specialized radiologists. Areas of abnormally high radioactive material accumulation in the images are evaluated as areas where cancerous cells are present and decisions regarding the patient’s treatment process are shaped according to this information.

PET CT is a highly sensitive and detailed method that is of great importance in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Care is taken to ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe during the procedure and patient comfort is ensured at every stage of the procedure.

Pet CT Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has managed to announce its name to the world with its investments and studies in the field of health. Especially the latest technological devices used in diagnosis and treatment procedures have been a beacon of hope for many diseases. However, there has been an increase in health tourism in Türkiye.

  • Hospitals are large, clean, spacious, and fully equipped in terms of technological equipment.
  • Turkish doctors are specialized, successful, and skilled in their fields.
  • Nurses and carers are friendly and compassionate.
  • Finding answers to the questions asked quickly and accurately.
  • Patience and understanding of all staff, including the intermediary company dealing with the patient.
  • Turkey offers holiday opportunities with its natural and historical beauties.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking, dressing, and holiday needs can be met at affordable prices.

Such situations are shown among the reasons for preference. We can see that patients and their relatives who want to come to Turkey are doing research on Pet CT Treatment Prices in Turkey. However, it would not be right to give clear price information at this stage. Many factors such as the type of disease, stage, diagnosis process, treatment process, and stay in Türkiye affect the price issue. If you want to get more detailed price information, you can contact us. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application process with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.

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