Length Extension Surgery

Lengthening surgery: Rapidly advancing technology continues to appear in the field of medicine with new methods.

Medical science, which finds solutions to people’s diseases in many fields, also solves the problems of people who have lost their self-confidence due to aesthetic concerns and restores the lost self-confidence.

Another method preferred by both men and women and performed due to aesthetic concerns is lengthening. In this article we have prepared for you, we will talk about how patients who do not want to be short in stature for some reasons get taller, and what awaits them.

What is Length Extension Surgery?

Due to the plaques that close after a certain age, people stop growing in height. In this case, individuals who remain short and do not continue to grow are disturbed by this situation and seek a solution in lengthening surgeries.

The lengthening process takes a little longer. The bone to be lengthened by surgical operation is cut and it is opened by 1 millimeter every day and the space between is expected to be filled with bone. This process is called distraction osteogenesis. In other words, bone grows on its own in the opened space and begins to grow in height.

If the person’s height increase is up to 8 cm, a surgical operation is performed either from the thigh bone, which is the upper bone, or from the tibia, which is the lower bone. If the lengthening process will be 10 or more, the bone lengthening process is done from both bones.

With these procedures, the nerves, vessels, muscles and all other tissues surrounding the bone structure of the person lengthen by adapting without experiencing a sudden opening as the process progresses slowly.

To Whom Is Lengthening Surgery Applied?

Lengthening surgery is applied to people who experience short stature for various reasons. The growth plates of the people remain open until the age of 18-20 and the height continues to grow. After these ages, the growth stops due to the closing plates.

It would be a very healthy decision for the person to wait until the age of 20 to have a height increase surgery. In patients with dwarfism detected at an early age due to some reasons, lengthening surgery is performed at the age of 3 years. This operation, which is performed in 2-3 stages, is performed in 10-year-old children in one go, depending on the patient and height. The upper age limit for the lengthening process is 45-50 years.

How Many Cm Does the Lengthening Surgery Extend the Height?

Every surgery is personal. For this reason, it would not be correct to say an exact number. The amount that the person wants to stretch and the amount that the doctor recommends for the patient affect this number. The doctor and the patient should decide on the process by meeting in advance and the most appropriate method should be selected for the patient.

To answer the question of how many cm does the lengthening operation lengthen, which everyone is curious about, an elongation of 7-10 cm can be achieved after a period of 4-6 months. In some cases, both the thigh and the shin bones of the person can be elongated up to 15 cm by processing with appropriate methods and techniques.

What are the methods of lengthening surgery?

In lengthening surgery, there are multiple methods and techniques applied by doctors. We can list them for you as follows:

  • Length Extension Technique with the Ilizarov Circular Fixator Method
  • LON: Lengthening Over Nails with Combined Method
  • Length Extension Technique with Precice Intramedullary Method
  • Length Extension Technique with Precice Stryde Method
  • Height Extension Technique with Holyfix Method

How is Length Extension Surgery Performed?

As in every surgery, the operation is performed with either general or local anesthesia in lengthening surgery. In this operation, which is performed in two stages, the leg bone to be lengthened is first cut in two, transversely. After this cutting process called osteotomy, some leg fixation devices are attached and the leg is fixed.

The new bone tissue that will form in the middle of the bone splitting process is called distraction osteogenesis. The device, which is placed in the space between the separated bones of the person for the formation of new bone tissue, is opened four times a day. The size of this opening is one quarter of a millimeter. At the end of the day, the device is opened by 1 millimeter.

During the treatment process, it is important that the person does not step on his feet and walks with the help of crutches.

In the second stage of the treatment process, the formed bone heals and hardens completely. At this stage, the person is now set up from the crutches and can start walking normally. After the necessary examinations and examination, if the healing is confirmed by taking an x-ray film on the treated leg, the device is now removed. The new bone formed in the person’s body is strong and solid like other bones.

The duration of the person’s stay under observation in the hospital after the operation is two days. Unless an additional complication develops, this process may not be prolonged. Although there are no large deep scars on the person’s body, the scars of this surgery are quite small.

How Long Does the Lengthening Surgery Take?

Each disease is different from each other and each treatment process varies from person to person. If no adverse situation develops during the operation of the person, the duration of this operation takes an average of 1.5 – 2 hours. After the treatment, the patient stays under observation for two days and is discharged from the hospital at the end of two days.

The entire treatment process varies according to the treatment methods and techniques used by the doctor, according to the age of the patient, and the cm to be extended.

For example, in the lengthening method performed with devices placed in the bone; For an adult to increase 5 cm in height, a treatment period of 4 or 6 months is required.

What are the Risks of Lengthening Surgery?

Each surgical operation has risks according to its own level. However, since lengthening procedures are generally successful at a rate of 95%, there are very few complications and risks. But it is very important to see a good doctor.

Before the procedure, the doctor and the patient should make a preliminary examination, the drugs used by the patient, whether there is an adverse situation against anesthesia, past health stories should be listened and an operation plan should be made accordingly.

If you do not choose the doctor well and do this surgery with people who are not experts and skilled, gait disruptions may occur, angular problems may occur, and deep scars may remain.

Length Extension Prices in Turkey

Turkey has managed to make a name for itself in lengthening surgeries, as in every other field. While the echoes of his serious surgeries continue in the world press, Turkey is the first choice of foreign patients abroad.

Many factors such as a large hospital and comfortable healthcare environment, friendly and compassionate healthcare workers, holiday opportunities in Turkey, and affordable treatment are among the reasons for choosing Turkey.

If you also want to have lengthening surgery and want to make your choice in Turkey, you can contact us for all the questions you have in mind and detailed price information.





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