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IVF Treatment in Turkey

Vimfay International Health Services is a company that has an international authorization certificate among the agencies engaged in health tourism in Turkey. Vimfay brings you the best IVF treatment services in Turkey with the most affordable prices.

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    What is infertility? What does infertility mean?

    It is the inability to achieve pregnancy in one year with unprotected regular sexual intercourse (2-3 per week). Pregnancy occurs in the first year in 85-90% of couples where the female age is under 35. Although the other 10-15% is considered infertility, it should be kept in mind that spontaneous pregnancies may also occur in this group. If a problem is detected, IVF clinics work to eliminate it or increase your chances.

    Is IVF treatment the only chance for couples who cannot have children?

    Treatment methods can be listed as ovarian stimulation with medication, insemination, and in vitro fertilization. Couples who have difficulty in conceiving a child first go through a very good preliminary evaluation stage. Men and women are evaluated separately, and the most appropriate treatment method is determined for them and shared with the couple. The range of recommendations is quite wide. The important thing is to present the most appropriate method for that couple within the framework of ethical rules, considering the characteristics of the couple. IVF may be the only chance for a couple with blocked fallopian tubes or serious sperm problems, but in some couples, pregnancy can be achieved even with a stress-free waiting period. Apart from anatomical disorders or structural defects, age is the most important determinant, especially female age. For this reason, in vitro fertilization is recommended for older age groups and couples who have not conceived after several embryo follow-ups or insemination.

    When will I find out if I am pregnant or not?

    12 days after embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is performed by looking at the beta-hCG value in the blood. Although this process is difficult to wait patiently, it can be misleading to have an analysis before 12 days.

    How much bed rest should I rest after egg retrieval?

    After the embryo transfer, 1-2 hours of rest and then a 48-hour stay at home and chill out are positive for the expectant mother. After that, there is no need for bed rest unless otherwise recommended. There is no problem with traveling.

    What is the IVF treatment price?

    In vitro fertilization refers to a method that is frequently applied today and that many couples use or want to use to have a child. However, sometimes a single treatment result can be achieved, but sometimes a repeat treatment process may be required. For this reason, couples who want to have a child with in vitro fertilization make research the cost of the treatment process, since every treatment does not give a definite result.

    The IVF price and other fees that family candidates will pay for IVF treatment are shaped by various factors, especially the center where they will receive the treatment.

    Among the many factors affecting IVF prices in Turkey, a price determination is made in line with many factors such as the condition of the patients, the age of the woman and the sperm status of the father-to-be.
    Among the factors affecting the price of IVF, the results to be obtained by adding myoma and similar problems that will delay the initiation of IVF treatment are also factors affecting the prices of IVF.

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