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What Is Hollywood Smile?

hollywood smile in turkey

Hollywood Smile has become quite fashionable in Turkey in recent years. Hollywood Smile, briefly, is the name given to the aesthetic smile design made in accordance with Hollywood standards. In this smile design, the harmony of the lips, teeth and gums with each other is taken into account and designed accordingly.

This smile design, made in Hollywood standards, is a design style preferred not only by women but also by men.

We will clarify many issues such as how this smile design is made, how long it takes, the procedures performed, the points to be considered after the procedure, the advantages and prices.

How Much Is The Hollywood Smile Price in Turkey ?

✅ Hollywood Smile Treatment Options✅ Average Prices in Turkey❎ Average Prices in EU❎ Average Prices in U.S.
E-max laminate veneers$50 – $300€750 – €1,500 $450 – $2000
Consultation $0 – $10€25 – €100 $100 – $300
Esthetic filling (front teeth) $100 – $200 €50 – €1000 $100 – $500
Tooth Extraction $50 – $100 €60 – €300 $100 – $300
Implants $235 – $750 €2000 – €3,500 $3000 – $3,500
Bone graft $190 – $250 €300 – €1000 $500 – $1000
Whitening treatment $110-$200€200 – €1000 $600 – $1000
Zirconia crowns $135 – $250 €715 – €1000 $1000 – $2,500
Metal Powered Porcelain Crowns $85 – $250 €775 – €950 $750 – $3000

The most important issue that is wondered by everyone is the price of the Hollywood smile. However, as in every aesthetic or every operation, it is not possible to give a certain price for this aesthetic design. Because every mouth and tooth structure is different from individual to other. The treatments before and after the procedure in smile design differ from person to person.

In addition to the fact that the treatment of the person is specific to him, there is also a price change related to the doctor who will do the treatment. The aesthetic fee demanded by the doctor, the doctor’s area of expertise, the quality criterion of the materials used are among the factors that will cause the price to increase or decrease.

For detailed and clear price information, firstly , you should decide on the Hollywood Smile treatment process and ask your doctor for clear information as an examination.

How is Hollywood Smile treatment Done?

Hollywood Smile Before After
Hollywood Smile Before After

If you have decided on the Hollywood Smile application, the first thing to do is to consult with a specialist doctor and be examined. During the examination, the doctor is expected to perform the necessary controls. This process should be started by listening to the patient’s past health history.

Oral and dental health should be checked, problems such as caries and tooth deficiency that need to be treated in the mouth should be eliminated and the treatment phase should be started.

After all the problems are solved, a design should be made according to Hollywood standards, the materials to be used should be decided and the planned treatment should be started. In the treatment process, such as implants and fillings, which will be applied for the teeth, anesthesia is applied if necessary, and the pain that the patient will feel is eliminated.

What are the Hollywood smile treatment procedures?

As in every procedure, it is the most natural thing for the patient to wonder what awaits him in these aesthetic smile procedures. If the person who decides on this process starts the treatment knowing what he will encounter, it is predicted that better results will be obtained from the treatment.

It should not be forgotten that in these smile procedures, each treatment process proceeds individually. Everything that the patient or doctor will want and do in addition can be an additional detail in the treatment process.

There are three main operations that can be performed on average. The first of these:

  • Porcelain Vener, It is a method applied for visibly crooked, excessively yellow, large, small teeth. In this method, first of all, a slight abrasion is applied to the outer part of the teeth. Then, the teeth become whiter, brighter and smoother thanks to the leaf porcelain coated on the front surface of the teeth.

The second operation is:

  • Teeth whitening, One of the most important steps of this treatment is teeth whitening. However, if the person’s tooth structure is naturally white, this procedure is not required. If you want a Hollywood Smile design and your teeth are not white enough, this process must be applied.

The last action is:

  • The Implant : It should be noted that not every Hollywood smile treatment requires implants. The completion of the missing teeth of the patient in the mouth is one of the most important stages of this process. It is not possible to achieve a perfect smile with a missing tooth.

How Long Does a Hollywood Smile Last?

Hollywood Smile aesthetics, which is one of the most popular procedures of recent times, is preferred by many men and women. One of the most curious subjects is how long this process is. As in every operation, the process of this operation varies according to the person.

Treatment of tooth deficiencies or dental caries in the mouth causes this process to be prolonged or shortened. Differences such as the treatment methods to be used, the number of teeth to be veneered, and the material to be veneered also affect the process.

If we need to give an average number of days, the treatment process of Hollywood Smile design varies between 5-20 days. This process may be prolonged with additional treatments for the mouth and teeth.

How To Take Dental Care After Hollywood Smile?

  • In general, the care process goes in parallel with daily life.
  • After the procedure, the teeth should be brushed twice a day.
  • Dental floss should be used every day as directed by the doctor.
  • As everyone should do, it is absolutely necessary to go to the dentist in 6-month periods.
  • It should not be forgotten that your teeth are processed. For this reason, hard foods should be avoided and situations such as nail biting should be avoided as much as possible.
  • In order to minimize staining, smoking should be avoided and consumption of red wine, coloring foods, tea and coffee should be minimized.
  • In addition, you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations to keep the Hollywood Smile on your face for a long time.

What are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile?

People who want to have Hollywood Smile aesthetics should first review their advantages and disadvantages.

We can list the advantages for you as follows:

  • People who have the Hollywood Smile have a visibly more aesthetic and more pleasing smile.
  • When viewed from the outside, a more symmetrical and whiter smile is yours.
  • The harmony of the person’s teeth with the gums is noticeably beautiful.
  • The integrity of the oral and dental health is ensured with the treatments performed before the aesthetics.
  • The closing form of the mouth is more correct and smooth.
  • The smile becomes symmetrical and smoother.
  • Hollywood Smile makes one look younger.

Why Should You Have a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

The country most preferred by people for the treatment process is Turkey. Turkey has more advanced equipment than many European countries in terms of technology. The level of expertise of doctors is higher than in other countries.

Due to Turkey’s geographical location, the transfer process from other countries is easier and shorter. Especially if we talk about the price issue, due to the high demand for the Hollywood Smile procedure, there are many hospitals with specialist doctors in the field. For this reason, smile design can be made at a more affordable price.

Finally, the affordable prices of the procedures performed by doctors who are experts in their fields, friendly and answer questions immediately, and the fact that natural beauties are abundant make Turkey a preferred country.

If you want to spend a nice holiday while getting quality service at an affordable price, you can choose Turkey for Hollywood Smile aesthetic treatment.

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