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Facelift, Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Facelift, Facelift Surgery in Turkey There are many new methods, especially in the field of aesthetics, with the developing and cutting-edge technology. These methods are usually treatments that touch people’s lives and replace their lost self-confidence.

People may have spots that they do not like, especially on their faces, due to the reasons that the cosmetics industry started as a fashion trend. Especially plastic surgeons correct these points with their expertise. As a result of these renewals and corrections, people’s self-confidence is restored and they can continue their lives more easily.

In today’s article we have prepared for you, we will look for answers to many questions such as what is a facelift, how is it done, is a non-surgical facelift possible.

What is Facelift Surgery?

People, by their nature, start to age after a certain period of time. These signs of aging begin primarily on the face. When you say crow’s feet, lip edges, forehead lines, tiny lines occur in many areas.

Apart from aging, there may also be sagging caused by weight problems. As a result of the large weight lost by methods such as sleeve gastrectomy, sagging may occur on the face as well as on the whole body. There are many methods that can be done at home in the treatment of water sagging. However, the most permanent method is face lift surgery.

This surgery is generally preferred by middle-aged and over-middle-aged people. Don’t be misled by the idea that only women prefer it. Nowadays, men also pay attention to their own care and undergo facelift surgery.

In the operations performed, not only the skin, but also all the tissues in it are stretched together with the skin. In this way, the stretching process is more permanent. In surgeries performed in two ways, it is usually performed with incisions made from the sides of the ears to the back in middle-aged people.

In middle-aged people with less deformations on the face, stretching is performed with the endoscopic method, which is usually applied with incisions made from the inside of the hair. In this process, endoscope cameras with a thickness of about 4 mm are used.

What is Face Lift Tape?

Facelift can also be done without surgery. Face lift bands are among the methods preferred by people who are afraid of lying on the operating table. The use of these tapes is very practical and their permanence is not very high. You can get these tapes, which are only used to save the day, from many cosmetic markets and you can apply them at home. It is very practical to use. You can complete the process by sticking the adhesive tape to the point you want to stretch and stretching it.

After long-term use, it is more expensive than surgery. and it is not permanent. For this reason, if you want to have a facelift surgery, you can contact us.

What are Face Lift Methods?

Face lift is a procedure with a very high permanence when it is performed surgically. We have listed the surgical facelift methods below for you.

Surgical Face Lift Methods:

  • Modern Face Lift Method
  • Endoscopic Face Lift Method

What are Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods?

People who are generally afraid of the operating table and going under the knife are looking for a solution by researching non-surgical face lift methods. We have listed the non-surgical face lift methods below for you. If these procedures are carried out under the control of experts, it will be healthier, and instead of choosing unlicensed centers under the stairs, you should prefer places where experts in the field provide service. You can contact us for detailed information.

  • Botulinum Toxin Method
  • Fill Method
  • Botox Method
  • Scarlet S Gold Needle Method
  • Rope Hanging Method
  • Lock Suspension Method
  • Focus Ultrasound Method
  • Thermage Method
  • Liquid Face Lift Method
  • Endopeel Method
  • Face lift procedures are also performed with methods such as the Spider Web Method

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgery is a serious operation that should be performed in expert hands. Although the duration varies according to the patient’s facial condition and possible complications, there is an average operation time of 4-6 hours. Again, according to the condition of the person and if the doctor deems it necessary, it is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia.

Before the operation, the doctor and the patient should meet and prepare the operation plan. If the patient is using it, he should quit smoking and alcohol in this process. He should share all the drugs he uses with his doctor, and if he is using an active blood thinner, he should stop or reduce the dose of this drug for a while before the surgery, in order not to cause unnecessary bleeding.

The doctor should listen to all the past health histories of the patient and perform the necessary tests and examinations. For this reason, if there is an obstacle to the surgery, it should be determined beforehand, if it can be eliminated, it should be eliminated or the surgery should be canceled.

This surgery can be done in two ways. The surgery is performed either with an incision starting from the front of the ear towards the back of the ear or by using an endoscope camera with an incision made from the roots of the hair. In both of them, the patient will not feel pain as he will be under the effect of anesthesia.

There may also be some aesthetic operations that the doctor will add during this surgery. These are methods such as liposuction, eyebrow lifting and filling, but they also support the face lift and prolong the permanence period.

Is Face Lift Surgery Permanent?

There is only one question in the minds of people who will have facelift surgery. Is this stretching process permanent? Let’s find out the answer to this together.

As a result of facelift surgery, a rejuvenation of 5-10 years occurs in the patient. This rejuvenation is more pronounced and longer lasting than non-surgical stretching procedures or stretching bands.

It may be correct to say that the permanence period is about 10 years. However, this permanence period varies depending on the living conditions of the person. If the person who is operated on takes care of himself in terms of health, does his daily care, does not have bad habits such as smoking or alcohol, and finally can protect his face against all the bad factors outside, the duration of permanence is extended.

However, if the person feels comfortable after the surgery and does not show the necessary attention and care to all these, the duration of permanence may decrease further.

Is There Any Scar After Face Lift?

Depending on the methods of facelift surgery, scarring may vary. Although there is no scar in the incisions made through the hair, some scars may remain in the incisions starting in front of the ear. As a result, you can minimize this scar by using scar removal creams recommended by the doctor.

Facelift Surgery Prices in Turkey

Following the developing and changing technology, Turkey has managed to keep up with this speed in a very professional way. Being a pioneer in many surgical fields, it has made its name known to the world. This hearing has attracted the attention of all foreign citizens, whether in the field of serious health or in the field of aesthetics, and has been instrumental in using their preferences in favor of Turkey.

The idea that the aesthetic operations performed in Turkey are performed in expert hands and in comfortable hospitals attracts patients as well. Apart from these, the fact that the doctors are friendly, empathetic, expert and experienced, that the hospitals are large, clean, comfortable and fully equipped, and that all the personnel who take care of the patients are hospitable and helpful can be shown among the other reasons for preference.

If you also want to prefer Turkey for face lift surgery,

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  • By contacting us beforehand, we answer all the questions you want to ask about this whole treatment process.
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