Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)

What is Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)?, Bichectomy Prices in Turkey The cosmetic field, which is open to change at any moment, causes many people to change their lives and appearances. These changes are usually applied to the face with aesthetic operations. When it comes to brow lift, rhinoplasty, lip filling, the most commonly used aesthetic method nowadays is bichectomy.

Bichectomy, also called cheek surgery, is performed to make the face appear thinner. It is generally desired to catch the golden ratio with these procedures that people want to have for beauty taboos.

In this article we have prepared for you, we will talk about bichectomy performed by many men and women to make the face appear thinner We will try to answer many questions such as what is bichectomy, how is it done, is it harmful, what are the prices.

What is Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)?

Bichectomy, that is, cheek aesthetics, is an aesthetic surgical intervention performed to make people’s cheeks look thinner and their face more oval. In the fashion sense created by the cosmetics industry, a thin face is perceived as beautiful. For this reason, bichectomy aesthetics is performed by many men and women.

Bichectomy aesthetics is a very simple aesthetic procedure. With the incision made from the inside of the cheek, the fat in the cheek is removed and a thinner face is created for the person. After thinning cheeks, cheekbones begin to appear more prominent.

How is Bichectomy Surgery Performed?

With bichectomy surgery, it is aimed to see the face of the person as an inverted triangle. In this way, the chin and cheekbones appear more prominent, and the cheeks appear thinner. Although this surgery is known to be simple in terms of its construction, its construction and pre-construction process is very important.

  • Before the operation, the patient and the doctor should plan the operation by making the first meeting. At this stage, the doctor should ask the patient and the patient should ask all the questions in his mind and get satisfactory answers.
  • In the first meeting, how to make a cheek should also be designed.
  • The patient should inform the doctor about the drugs he uses, if any. If she is taking blood thinners, she may need to stop taking them for a while before surgery.
  • It should be checked whether it is suitable for anesthesia, and the patient’s past health history should be listened in detail.
  • Being hungry before the operation is an important factor. It is important not to eat or drink anything from the time indicated by the doctor.
  • Other surgeries can be performed simultaneously with this surgery. In this case, the doctor can perform the procedure with general anesthesia.
  • Generally, local anesthesia or sedation is preferred.
  • The operation is started by making an incision of approximately 1 cm in the cheek.
  • After the fat tissue is removed, if the person wants the cheekbones to appear more prominent, the oils taken at this stage can be applied to the cheekbones.
  • After this procedure, which usually takes 30-45 minutes, the patient can be discharged immediately.

Bichectomy Prices in Turkey

Aesthetic operations performed in Turkey result in high success. This success is noted by foreign citizens. In this way, treatment in Turkey is preferred especially for bichectomy surgery.

Factors such as the successful outcome of the operations, the fact that the hospitals operate with large and fully equipped devices, the scientific treatment methods, the hospitable and friendly nature of all personnel, and the fact that the doctors are experts and experienced in their field also support the reasons for preference.

The prices of bichectomy performed in Turkey are quite affordable. However, it is not possible to give exact price information. Factors such as the hospital to be visited, the doctor’s level of expertise, the number of days to stay, the stages and the multiplicity of the procedure change the price information.

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What are the harms of bichectomy?

Each surgery has its own risk and potential for complications. These risks and complications vary according to the patient and doctor. For this reason, each operation proceeds individually.

There is no recorded damage in bichectomy surgery. The most important factor here is the doctor’s expertise and experience. Sudden risks and complications may occur in the surgery of doctors who are not experts and lack experience. For this reason, the preferred doctor and hospital should be well researched.

Is Bichectomy Permanent?

In bichectomy surgery, tissue called fat pads are removed from the cheek. This process, which is highly permanent, may change slightly if the person gains weight. In case of weight gain, the sharp structure obtained on the face may be lost. At this stage, the person should pay attention to his weight.

Edema After Bichectomy

After the surgery, some edema and swelling can be seen in the cheek area within 2-3 weeks following the surgery. This situation is quite normal and can be controlled by the methods recommended by the doctor. One of these suggestions is to apply ice to the area. The cold application will help the patient to prevent edema and swelling.

What Should Be Considered Before Bichectomy Surgery?

We can list the points that the person should pay attention to before bichectomy surgery as follows:

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped before the operation. This speeds up the healing process.
  • If there are blood thinners that people are already using, they may need to stop with a doctor’s control before the surgery.
  • Regularly used drugs should be told to the doctor.
  • Those who are pregnant or have health problems should be examined by a doctor before surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Bichectomy Surgery?

After the surgery, there are some situations that the patient should pay attention to. We can list these situations as follows:

  • After approximately 2 weeks, the person recovers.
  • After the operation, a wound will occur in the cheek. In order not to damage this stitched wound, the person should be fed with soft foods for the first 3-4 days. However, one should avoid consuming extremely hot things.
  • The patient should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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