Buerger’s Disease

The cause of Buerger’s disease has not been fully diagnosed. Although the cause of some diseases occurring in the world is not known yet, research continues at full speed. However, the cause of a disease that was first described in 1908 is partially known. This disease is called Buerger’s disease. It is known by everyone that smoking causes the emergence of this disease. However, it is not known where and with which substance smoking affects the body. For those who do not know this disease, we will try to explain by examining many titles such as what is Buerger’s Disease, what is its treatment, what are the symptoms.

What is Buerger’s Disease?

Burger’s disease, which is a disease that usually affects male individuals between the ages of 20-50, causes inflammation in the veins without microbes, due to smoking. After a while, these inflammations begin to cause congestion in the veins, especially in the hands and feet. As a treatment option, smoking cessation is the first condition. However, if smoking is not stopped, advanced treatment methods may be required until limb amputation in the hands and feet.

Even if a clear treatment method has not been found, the first and most important step to be taken for treatment is to quit smoking and tobacco use. The question of what is Buerger’s Disease can be answered briefly in this way.

What are the Symptoms of Buerger’s Disease?

  • numbness in hands
  • numbness in feet
  • numbness in fingers
  • Coldness in hands
  • cold feet
  • Paleness in hands
  • Paleness in the feet
  • Pain when active, that is, when walking
  • In advanced cases, the formation of open sores on the hands and feet
  • gangrene formation


What are the Causes of Buerger’s Disease?

Although the cause seems to be known, the exact cause of Burger’s disease is not known. In other words, it is not known in which region the disease occurs after smoking and tobacco use trigger this disease. When looking at the Causes of Buerger’s Disease, the most important known and main cause is tobacco use. Factors such as exposure to cold, age and gender can also trigger this disease.

Buerger’s Disease Onset

Onset of Buerger’s Disease usually begins with nail clipping to care for hands and feet. Wounds that occur after nail clipping do not heal and begin to grow over time. If it is not diagnosed and treated, or if it is diagnosed late and treatment is started, it can lead to worse results. Especially if the smoking cessation process, which is the first step of treatment, is not performed, limb loss may occur.

Who Gets Buerger’s Disease?

  • Often between the age group of 20-50
  • in smokers
  • mostly in men
  • In people who are frequently exposed to cold
  • In people living at a low socioeconomic level
  • In people with bad eating habits
  • In people who have had hepatitis B or jaundice
  • In people with high fibrinogen


How is Buerger’s Disease Diagnosed?

When the question of How to Diagnose Buerger’s Disease is asked, we see that there is no clear diagnostic method used in the diagnosis of this disease. In other words, some routine examinations, tests and examinations are performed for people who go to a doctor’s control after some symptoms and complaints. Generally, imaging methods and blood tests are used. Pale color and coldness in the limbs are also important details in terms of diagnosis.

How Is Buerger’s Disease Treated?

Although there is no clear cure, the first step in the treatment process is to quit smoking and tobacco use completely and to stay away from smoking environments as much as possible. It is aimed to restore blood flow in the area with the drugs prescribed by the doctor. In some cases, the progression of the disease is stopped with bypass. In addition, it was observed that the limbs with gangrene were amputated in advanced cases. How to Treat Buerger’s Disease can be briefly explained in this way.

What Section Does Buerger’s Disease Treat?

When we wonder which department deals with Buerger’s Disease, we see that cardiovascular doctors are interested in this disease. If you suspect Buerger’s disease and experience some symptoms, you should go to the cardiovascular diseases department of hospitals and be examined.

Prices for Buerger’s Disease Treatment in Turkey

Turkey carries out the treatment of many diseases, large and small, with a high success rate. We can see that foreign citizens, in particular, have their diseases that they cannot find a cure for in their own country, have them treated in Turkey and return to their countries in a healthy way. Conditions such as the fact that the treatment process is highly positive and that there is no problem in entering the country and traveling are shown among the reasons for preference. We can list other reasons for preference as follows:

  • Due to its geographical location, it is easy to reach from every country
  • Easier visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us
  • Hospitals are large and fully equipped
  • Scientific diagnosis and treatment methods
  • Doctors are experts in their fields
  • Nurses are experts in their fields
  • All health personnel, including the intermediary company that deals with patients, are friendly and helpful
  • Opportunities such as diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking and vacation are met at affordable prices

. Before coming to our country, we know that foreign citizens do research on Buerger’s Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey. However, it would not be correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because every disease is individual. Many factors such as diagnosis and treatment methods and duration of treatment directly affect the prices. You can contact us by calling us for detailed information about the price. In addition, if you come to Turkey for Buerger’s Disease Treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


As a result, if we need to summarize, Burger’s disease, which occurs as a result of vascular occlusion, especially in smokers, can cause limb loss. The most important step to be taken in the treatment phase will be to quit smoking and stay away from smoking environments. This disease, which has many symptoms, is usually caused by smoking in men and between the ages of 20-50. For treatment, it is necessary to apply to the cardiovascular diseases department.

In the treatment process, our aim is to bring the patient and the doctor together and send our guests to their homes in a healthy way after the diagnosis and treatment process proceeds smoothly and ends. You can contact us for detailed information.

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