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Brucella Disease

Brucellosis is one of the diseases that are wondered about. From past to present, many diseases have been discovered, diagnosis and treatment methods have been found thanks to scientists, science and technology. As a result of this service to humanity, there has been a decrease in human deaths compared to the past. In Turkey, many investments in the field of health have enabled the development of the health sector in the country.

While diseases are treated in the developing health sector, unknown diseases are discovered and solutions are sought. Brucellosis is one of the diseases that are not known to everyone but can be treated. So what is brucella, what are its causes, how to treat it, let’s find out together.

What is Brucella?

The infectious disease caused by the Brucella bacteria is called Brucellosis. It has more than one type and variety. It is usually transmitted from animal to human. The mode of transmission is in the form of eating products such as raw meat, raw milk, and contact with the animal in which the brucella bacteria is present.

When looking at people at risk, it is known that veterinarians, butchers and people dealing with livestock are more likely to catch this disease. It is not known in which part of the body Brucella bacteria will cause infection. This infection can occur anywhere.

Brucella bacteria can be found in cows, camels, sheep, dogs, and wild boars. Although it does not show any symptoms in some cases, it usually comes with some symptoms. What is Brucella can be briefly explained in this way.

How is Brucella Transmitted?

This disease, which has been heard by many for the first time but is clearly known by many, always arouses curiosity. In the researches done on the internet, we can see that the subject of How Brucellosis is Transmitted is frequently researched with curiosity.

This disease is transmitted in three different ways. The first is that it is transmitted through the mouth. As a result of consuming the meat and milk of the sick animal, the bacteria enters the body and infects the person. Another type of transmission is respiratory transmission. This disease can be transmitted to people who are in the same environment with sick animals or people. Finally, it is the infection that occurs through open wounds. In other words, if there is an open wound during the intense contact of people such as veterinarians, butchers, farmers with animals, this bacteria is transmitted to the person through the wound and infects the person.

Is Brucella Transmitted From House Dogs?

One of the topics that pet lovers who keep pets in their homes are most curious about is the question of Is Brucella Contagious from House Dogs? Yes, in some cases, it has been seen that this disease is transmitted from house dogs However, it tends to be milder than in other cases.

What are Brucella Disease Risk Factors?

There are people in the risk group for many diseases. When we look at the Brucella Disease Risk Factors, it can be briefly explained as follows:

  • Drinking or touching the raw milk of animals containing bacteria, eating or touching their meat
  • Those who eat village cheese that has not been pasteurized
  • Those who live in and go to an area where brucellosis bacteria and brucellosis disease are quite common
  • People who are in close contact with meat, such as butchers
  • Farmers working on the farm
  • People who are microbiologists
  • veterinarians

What are the Symptoms of Brucellosis?

Brucella is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium that is transmitted from animals to humans. The symptoms of this disease vary. Because bacteria can affect different organs and symptoms can vary. In general, what are the symptoms of brucellosis, the most common are as follows:

  • high fever
  • tremor formation
  • feeling tired
  • Fatigue
  • Occurrence of muscle pain
  • Occurrence of joint pain
  • Pain in the waist and back
  • headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • sudden weight loss
  • night sweating


How is Brucella Disease Diagnosed?

Since brucellosis usually gives flu-like symptoms, the person prefers to try to heal at home instead of going to the hospital for treatment. However, the slightest symptom occurring in the body can be a sign of different diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to go to a doctor’s control in every symptom.

Brucella bacteria can be diagnosed after some tests and examinations after going to the doctor. Usually the diagnosis is made after a blood test. How Brucellosis is Diagnosed can be briefly explained in this way.

How is Brucella Treatment Done?

When wondering how to treat Brucella, the treatment of this disease is carried out with the use of antibiotics. Generally, antibiotics are used for as long as 6 weeks. Because this bacteria is resistant and treatment can take a long time. As we always say, with early diagnosis of this disease, the treatment process can be shortened and it can be overcome more easily.

What are Brucellosis Complications?

Brucellosis can occur in any part of the body. For this reason, a variety of complications occur. If we were to answer the question of What are the Complications of Brucellosis, we can explain it as follows:

  • Infections in the central nervous system
  • The occurrence of endocarditis, that is, the infection of the membrane in the inner part of the heart
  • Arthritis formation
  • Infection in the testicles of men
  • Abscess formation in the liver
  • Infection in the spleen
  • baby abortions


What are the Ways to Prevent Brucella?

  • Animal products of unknown origin should not be eaten or drunk.
  • Pasteurized milk and dairy products should be consumed.
  • Cheese made with the brine process should be waited for at least 3 months to be consumed.
  • Animals with frequent abortions and animals with frequent stillbirths should be examined by a veterinarian.
  • .
  • Animal waste should be disposed of by burial.
  • If there is a sick animal and there is a person or people showing symptoms in the house, it is necessary to go to the doctor immediately.
  • Finally, animals should be vaccinated against brucella.


Which Department Takes Care of Brucella Disease?

One of the topics that is wondered by everyone is the question of Which Department Takes Care of Brucella Disease. For the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, it is necessary to go to the Infectious Diseases department.

Brucella Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has gained a worldwide reputation with the investments it has made in the field of health and the medical doctors it has trained. With the diagnosis and treatment methods, everyone’s attention has shifted to Turkey. Turkey ranks first among the countries preferred by people who cannot find treatment in their own country.

The fact that the treatment methods are up-to-date and positive, as well as the fact that the doctors are experts and successful in their field, further strengthened the reasons for this preference. The fact that essential needs such as diagnosis, treatment, food, drink, shelter, and even vacation in the country are met at an affordable price can be shown among the other reasons for preference.

Before coming to Turkey for the treatment of Brucella, we can see that foreign citizens do research on the Treatment Prices of Brucella Disease in Turkey. But at this stage, it would not be very healthy to give a clear price information. Because many factors such as the department affected by the brucella disease, the diagnosis period, the treatment period, and the stage of the disease directly affect the price issue. At this stage, you can contact us to get a clear price information and to exchange information about brucellosis.

In addition, if you come to Turkey for Brucella treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


To sum up, Brucella is a type of bacteria that is transmitted from animals to humans and causes infection. The disease is called brucellosis. It usually affects people who consume raw products of animals and people who are in close contact. It has many symptoms, but depending on which organ the bacterium affects, the symptoms may vary.

Our aim in Brucella disease is to bring together all local and foreign citizens who want to be treated with experts and experienced doctors, to ensure that the treatment processes proceed smoothly, and to send them off to their homes in a healthy way after the treatment. If you want to get detailed information about the treatment, you can contact us.

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