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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries usually occur as a result of a sudden change of direction. It occurs when the person suddenly slows down while jumping or running.

In some cases, surgical operation is required in anterior cruciate ligament ruptures. These operations in Turkey are completed with a high rate of success.

What is a Cruciate Ligament?

Today, people of all ages are engaged in an active sport. As a result, knee injuries are also common.

There are 4 important ligaments in the knee joint. These are:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • Inner Side Ties
  • Outer Side Ties

These ligaments connect the thigh bone and the leg bone. With this binding work, the leg does not move or rotate abnormally apart from the thighbone. Today, most injuries are seen in the anterior cruciate ligaments.

How to Identify A Cruciate Ligament Rupture?

Cruciate ligament ruptures are injuries that usually occur as a result of sudden movements by people who play sports. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • Hearing a breaking sound in the knee while the person is in motion, and the feeling of breaking in the knee.
  • Intense pain in and around the knee after the rupture. Knee swelling may occur 24 hours after this injury occurs.
  • If the anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, internal bleeding may occur. This bleeding can cause bruises, redness and edema in the knee area.
  • The person may have difficulty moving the knee.
  • The person has difficulty walking and moves with a limp.
  • Numbness in the leg while walking.
  • In some patients, there is a feeling that the knee has moved from its place.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Anterior cruciate ligament rupture is generally more common in football players, basketball players, tennis players or athletes involved in gymnastics. The reason for this is that the sport they do includes sudden movements and sudden stops.

During the treatment of rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, doctors perform surgical intervention. The broken and damaged ligaments are removed and the ligaments taken from another part of the knee or from cadavers are placed. This procedure is done while the person is standing.

This surgery is performed by a specialist orthopedic surgeon. Some doctors wait for the swelling in the person’s knee to go down and perform the surgery after the swelling subsides.

A few weeks before the operation, the patient is started on physical therapy. The aim here is to reduce the pain and swelling in the patient’s knee until the day of surgery. During this treatment, the muscles in the feet are also strengthened.

The operation is performed with the person standing. For this reason, after the surgery, the patient can go home after the last check-ups. The person needs to continue living with the help of crutches for a while.

Can Cruciate Ligament Rupture Be Treated Without Surgery?

Just When the person is injured from the anterior cruciate ligament:

  • If the tear is partially seen and there is no feeling of space in the knee.
  • If the person gives up his sports life.
  • If the patient agrees to minimize his physical activities and the patient is a child whose growth plates are still open, treatment can be requested without surgery.

However, this decision is made as a result of the doctor’s examination. If the injuries are serious, a surgical operation may be required.

Exercises After Cruciate Ligament Surgery

The person injured in the anterior cruciate ligament and undergoing surgical intervention should start an exercise program with the approval of the doctor. These exercises are very important for the knee to regain its former strength.

In the first stage, the patient should start the exercise slowly , and the intensity of the exercise should be increased slowly. The patient should not forget that he has undergone surgery, and should stop exercising without forcing himself when he feels any pain or uncomfortable.

These exercises should be done when the doctor approves, when the swelling and pain begin to decrease after the surgery.

Healing Process of Cruciate Ligaments

A person injured as a result of active sports is treated by undergoing a surgical operation. There are serious risks such as infection and bleeding that may occur during or after this treatment. Conditions such as stiffness and swelling in the knee after the surgery, weakness in the healing of the transplanted ligaments, or insufficiency of the ligaments after the person returns to sports are also among the risks.

After the operation, the knee should be checked at regular intervals. There should be equal mobility in both knees within 1-2 weeks following the postoperative period. After the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligaments, the surgery and recovery process takes approximately 9 months.

Athletes, on the other hand, can return to their active sports life in a period of 8 months to 1 year. In some cases this response may take even longer.

Cruciate Ligament Surgery in Turkey

Many people living abroad prefer Turkey for treatment in case of illness or injury. The most important reason for these preferences is the advanced level of technological opportunities in Turkey.

The fact that the devices and treatment methods used during the surgery are state-of-the-art gives confidence to the patients. The seriousness of the surgeons who are experts in their fields supports this trust.

Good pre- and post-operative care and explanations are also among the reasons for preference. It is also very important for us that patients receive quality health care at an affordable price. The price issue is the factor that people are most curious about. It is not healthy to give a price because the patient’s condition and factors such as the examinations, tests and treatment methods to be applied vary.

You can contact us for more detailed treatment plan and price information.