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What is Polio?

Polio is one of the ailments that parents are curious about. From past to present, people, especially children, have suffered from many diseases and had to cope with these diseases. Although these diseases force children for a while, they recover afterward. With the studies carried out in the field of health, treatment methods and even vaccines have been found to prevent diseases affecting children. One of these diseases that can be prevented by vaccination is polio. Another name is Poliomyelitis. It has been destroyed by approximately 99% of the world with the treatment and vaccination method found. However, it has been determined that it is still seen in the Asian continent and the African continent. So What Is Polio? Let’s examine how the Diagnosis & Treatment is done.

What is Polio, Diagnosis & Treatment

One of the most curious diseases by everyone is the disease of polio. This disease usually affects children under the age of 15 and the most risky age group is 5. However, in some cases, it has also been seen in individuals older than 15 years.

It is a paralysis that occurs when a virus, commonly called polio, attacks the nervous system in the body. This paralysis is actually an infectious disease and is highly contagious. In some cases, paralysis has been observed to be permanent.

This disease, which is transmitted from person to person through droplets by eating infected water or food, causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea and inflammation in the intestines after infection.

However, with the polio vaccine found as a result of the researches, this disease, which started to be wiped out from the world at a rate of 99%, is still seen in some developing countries of Africa and Asia. What is Polio can be briefly explained in this way.

What Causes Polio?

Polio is a childhood infectious disease that leads to permanent paralysis and even death if left untreated. This disease is caused by a virus called polio. After the virus infects the body, the person becomes infected and begins to show symptoms. It is generally known to be transmitted from person to person, but in some cases it has also been observed in monkeys. This is how the question What are the Causes of Polio can be answered.

What Are the Symptoms of Polio?

Today, it is thought that 95-99% of people infected with the polio virus, namely polio virus, do not have symptoms. However, these carriers can continue to spread the virus. When wondering what are the Symptoms of Polio, these symptoms can occur in two ways. The first is the nonparalytic symptoms that do not cause paralysis. The second is the symptoms that cause paralysis and are called paralytic. So, let’s examine what these symptoms are like.

Symptoms of nonparalytic polio disease:

  • high fever
  • Sore throat
  • headache
  • vomiting occurs
  • Fatigue
  • occurrence of meningitis

The symptoms of paralytic polio that cause paralysis are as follows:

  • loss of reflexes
  • muscle pain
  • The occurrence of severe spasms and contractions
  • Loosening and sagging in the limbs
  • sudden onset of paralysis
  • deformation in the limbs

How is Polio Diagnosed?

In order for polio to be diagnosed, parents must first take their child’s symptoms seriously. The patient who goes to the examination with the symptoms that appear, should first be made a physical examination and reflex examination. Afterwards, the patient’s past health history is listened to from the parents, and then some tests and examinations may be needed.

  • Taking a swab from the throat
  • stool test
  • Examination of spinal fluid
  • EMG


How Is Polio Treated?

How to Treat Polio, which is a very serious disease, is wondered by everyone. However, there is no clear cure for polio. Unfortunately, paralysis may be permanent and irreversible. The treatments are carried out to prevent the person’s quality of life and possible symptoms. The only way to get rid of this disease is to be vaccinated in time before the disease is transmitted.

How is Polio Transmitted?

How Polio Is Transmitted If we need to explain, it is a virus that is transmitted very quickly and easily. It is usually transmitted by contact with feces containing the polio virus. In some cases, it is seen that it is transmitted by inhaling droplets spread into the air by sneezing and coughing.

Anything infected can transmit this disease. If the cleaning rules are not followed, the contamination can be faster and cause epidemics. These diseases are more common in African countries with water shortages. Pregnant women, people with HIV (AIDS) virus and children are in the high risk group.

How to Prevent Polio?

Vaccination is the only way to prevent polio disease. Vaccination is done in two ways, one with drops from the mouth, and the other with a needle inserted into the muscle from the arm. The purpose of the oral drop vaccine is to prevent the disease by mixing with the blood and digestive system. The vaccine made from the arm aims to create a protective shield against the disease. In this way, both the risk of transmission and the risk of contracting the disease are minimized and the virus is tried to be destroyed.

Polio Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey aims to move the field of health forward by following the developments and technology in the field of health. In order to prevent many infectious diseases, there are vaccines and vaccination process is carried out. One of these infectious diseases is polio. There is no specific treatment and recovery opportunity after catching this disease. The paralysis that occurs is unfortunately permanent. At this stage, the duty of Turkish doctors and Turkish hospitals is to vaccinate before the disease finds the person and to provide multi-faceted protection for the individual. Turkish citizens are vaccinated against polio by the state from infancy.

Foreign citizens, who learn that vaccination is a routine procedure, seem to come to our country to prevent polio or to treat people who have had the disease. These travels are stimulating health tourism in Turkey. The fact that the hospitals are large and fully equipped explains the reasons for preference.

We can see that foreign citizens do research on Polio Treatment Prices in Turkey before they come to our country for polio treatment. However, it is not correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because there is no clear cure for this disease. The treatment methods applied are carried out in order to increase the quality of life of the person by reducing the effects of the disease. The differences in the treatments to be made will cause changes in the price. For this reason, you can contact us for detailed price information and exchange information about the disease. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


To sum up, polio is a viral disease that causes infection. It is more common in African countries where clean water is not available. It has been destroyed by 99% on Earth. It has been observed that this disease is transmitted by contact with infected feces and through droplets. After it is transmitted to the person, it cannot be done because there is no clear treatment for the disease, and the resulting paralysis is unfortunately permanent. The only way to prevent this disease is to be vaccinated.

At this stage, our aim is to bring together the patients with the experts and experienced doctors in the field to ensure the smooth progress of the treatment process. After the treatment process, the person is sent back to his country in a healthy and happy manner.

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