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Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s Syndrome is not a well-known disorder. The human body is a wonderful machine that is programmed to protect the person against possible threats by secreting all the necessary hormones. In case of any threat, the hormone needed is secreted, allowing the body to continue its routine work.

One of these hormones is cortisol, which is secreted by the adrenal glands. Cortisol hormone helps the body cope with conditions such as illness. But just as too much of everything is harmful, too much of the hormone cortisol brings harm to the person. Excess of this hormone causes a disease called Cushing’s Syndrome.

Generally, the incidence in women is 3 times higher than in men. So what is Cushing’s Syndrome, What are its Symptoms, What are the Causes, let’s find out together.

What is Cushing’s Syndrome?

Each hormone-secreting gland in the body has the task of producing a different hormone. These hormones take part in different jobs for the continuation of the life cycle of people. One of these hormones is cortisol. It is a hormone that helps a person cope with stressful situations such as trauma and illness.

In cases where this hormone is too much, a disease called Cushing’s Syndrome occurs. The excess of this hormone can occur naturally or by overuse of drugs containing cortisone. What is Cushing’s Syndrome can be briefly explained in this way.

Among the symptoms is the formation of swollen fat tissue in the nape area between the two shoulders. This swelling is called the buffalo hump. The formation of a round face, that is, the face of the moon grandfather, and the formation of pink and purple cracks in the abdomen are seen.

What Are the Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome?

Although there are changes in the symptoms according to the level of the hormone cortisol, the symptoms in general are as follows:

  • Swelling in the area between the two shoulders, called the buffalo hump
  • The swelling and rounding of the face, which is called the face in the moon
  • Pink and purple cracks in the abdomen
  • Cracks in the breast area
  • Cracks in the arms
  • Cracks in the thigh area
  • As a result of thinning of the skin, easy wounding, easy bruising and tearing of the skin
  • delay in wound healing
  • excessive weight gain
  • acne formation
  • hair loss formation
  • Oily skin
  • Condition of weakening and thinning of the muscles
  • occurrence of depression
  • Anxiety occurs
  • Irritability and irritability
  • The desire to drink water at short intervals
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Occurrence of headache

. In addition, this disease carries the risk of triggering other diseases. These risks can be summarized as follows:

  • .
  • Diabetes
  • .
  • Hypertension
  • The risk of getting infectious diseases more easily
  • Bone resorption
  • Growth retardation and developmental delay in children

What are the Causes of Cushing’s Syndrome?

  • Steroid drugs have been used longer than usual and in higher doses than normal
  • The pituitary gland tumor in the person secretes more than necessary cortisol hormone
  • lung tumor
  • Pancreatic Tumor
  • Some of the thyroid gland tumors
  • The state of the adrenal glands working more than normal
  • Tumor formation in the adrenal glands


What is the Difference Between Cushing’s Disease and Cushing’s Syndrome?

The disease caused by the use of drugs or the excess of the hormone cortisol secreted in the body is called Cushing’s Syndrome, while the condition caused by the tumors in the pituitary gland secreting more than necessary hormone is called Cushing’s Disease. The question of what is the difference between Cushing’s Disease and Syndrome can be briefly explained in this way.

How is Cushing’s Syndrome Diagnosed?

The question of How to Diagnose Cushing’s Syndrome is a subject that is wondered and researched by everyone. If we need to talk about it briefly at this stage, there is a possibility that diagnosing this syndrome can be a somewhat tiring and time-consuming process.

After a number of symptoms, the patient’s past health history is carefully listened to. Then the doctor physically examines the patient and investigations are started. In this process, a number of tests and examinations are needed. We can list these tests and examinations for you as follows:

  • Measurement of blood ACTH level
  • Measurement of cortisol level
  • Measurement of cortisol level in a day’s urine
  • Measurement of cortisol level in saliva
  • low dose suppression test
  • high dose suppression test
  • Application of CRH stimulation test
  • Application of the petrosal sinus test
  • CT imaging method
  • MR imaging method

How is Cushing’s Syndrome Treated?

While everyone wonders how the Cushing’s Syndrome Treatment is, the treatment method is determined according to why the cortisol hormone rises and how much it rises. The main purpose in this process is to reduce the level of this hormone to normal levels.

Treatment options such as reducing the dose of cortisone-containing drugs, surgical intervention, radiation, and drug therapy are reviewed, and the most appropriate one is selected for the patient, and the process begins.

Which Doctor Should Be Seen for Cushing’s Syndrome?

Cushing’s Syndrome, like every disease, is one of the diseases that has bad results if left untreated. In this disease process, early diagnosis stops the progression of the disease and the worsening of the person’s condition.

After a number of symptoms occur, the person must first go to a doctor’s control in order to start the diagnosis and treatment process. However, since the person generally does not know which doctor and department to go to, the question of which doctor to go to for Cushing’s Syndrome confuses him. For this syndrome, it is necessary to go to the endocrinology or internal medicine department and be examined by specialist physicians.

Cushing’s Syndrome Nutrition

As in other diseases, Cushing’s Syndrome Nutrition is tried to be applied by researching on the internet in this disease. However, it would not be correct to give clear information about nutrition here. Because each disease is personal and the damage caused by each disease is different.

For these reasons, individuals with Cushing’s Syndrome should meet with a specialist dietitian with the recommendation of a doctor and determine their diet according to themselves.

Cushing’s Syndrome Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey always carries the quality of the health sector forward with its studies in the field of health. Scientific researches, contributing to the renewal of technology by following it, and the fact that the diagnosis and treatment process is based on science, increase the rate of treatment successfully. On the other hand, the positive success rate in treatments attracts the attention of foreign citizens and enables them to prefer to carry out the healing process of their diseases in Turkey.

The hospitals are large and fully equipped, the treatment units in the hospitals are developed and comprehensive, the doctors are experts and experienced in their fields, all the personnel who deal with the patients, including the intermediary firm, are helpful and friendly, the diagnosis and treatments are scientific, Vimfay International Health Services Options such as facilitating visa application procedures during the visa process of the Agency and fulfilling the needs such as diagnosis, treatment, clothing, food, drink, accommodation and vacation at affordable prices in Turkey also explain the other reasons for preference.

But before coming to the country for treatment, we can see that foreign citizens do research on Cushing’s Syndrome Treatment Prices in Turkey. However, it is not ethical and correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because every disease is individual. The process of diagnosing and treating diseases differs from person to person. These factors directly affect the prices. At this stage, if you want to have a clear price information and exchange information about your disease, you can contact us. In addition, if you come to Turkey through us for treatment, we can facilitate visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


As a result, if we need to summarize, excessive secretion of cortisol hormone by the adrenal glands or excessive increase in the cortisone level in the body after long-term use of cortisone-containing drugs causes Cushing’s Syndrome. At this stage, the person needs to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, the ground for different diseases will be prepared.

Symptoms include swelling of the sebaceous gland in the nape area between the two shoulders, called the buffalo hump, the formation of pink and purple cracks in the body, the swelling of the face and the appearance of a lunar grandfather’s face.

As Vimfay Health Services Organization, our aim is to bring together patients, experts and experienced doctors in the field, to ensure that the treatment process proceeds successfully and smoothly. Our translators accompany you at every stage of your treatment, including transfer procedures. After the treatment, people are sent back to their countries as healthy and happy. You can contact us for detailed information.

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