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What is Parotidectomy?

What is Parotidectomy ?, Parotidectomy Prices in Turkey With the developing and advancing technology in our country, it is possible to treat many diseases. Even if these treatments are serious or mild, they are always taken seriously by doctors and it is aimed for patients to continue their lives in a healthy way.

The human body continues to operate in a certain order like a clock set. In case of disruption of this continuity, the body signals to us that it is sick. In this way, people who go to the doctor and start the treatment process of their existing diseases recover more easily if they are treated early.

The human body is a perfect creature. This perfection is present in every organ. One of these organs is the Parotid glands, which most people do not even know their name and location. In other words, they are also known as salivary glands among the people.

These glands are located in the head and neck region of the person and produce the saliva necessary for the digestion of the person and send saliva to the organs such as mouth, throat and nose with the help of channels.

In the treatment of diseases such as cancer that occur in these glands, the surgeon takes the Parotid glands if he deems it necessary. This inference is made in the form of taking full or taking tomorrow. This procedure is called Parotidectomy Surgery.

What is Parotidectomy Surgery?

The Parotid glands, located in the ear part where the head and neck region meet, are an important organ for the production of saliva, which has an important role in the health of the person. Surgical surgery may be considered necessary in the treatment of diseases such as cancer that may occur in these organs.

In such a case, the doctor removes all or part of the patient’s Parotid glands. This procedure is also called Parotidectomy Surgery. This surgery, which is performed under the influence of general anesthesia, is mostly successful. The patient, who has a comfortable recovery process, is discharged within two days and sent home.

What is Superficial Parotidectomy Surgery?

During the operation, the Parotid gland in the patient is divided into two lobes. Superficial Parotidectomy surgery is the removal of the parotid gland, which is located in the plane of the facial nerve of the person and has a superficial appearance. It is one of the most common types of surgery performed in the medical field.

What is Total Parotidectomy?

In this parotid gland surgery, it is the process of removing all the parotid glands in the person, including the superficial and deep lobes.

The process of removing all of these glands is done with the stage of the disease and the decision of the doctor.

What is Superficial Parotidectomy?

The purpose of Superficial Parotidectomy; It is the process of removing only the superficial lobe in the parotid gland, paying attention to all nerve functions of the person.

What is Radical Parotidectomy?

In this procedure, parts such as the facial skin of the person on the bones or on the parotid glands are also removed. At this stage, they also need to remove some additional textures such as these.

What are the Complications of Parotidectomy?

As in the treatment of every disease, some serious complications can be found in parotidectomy. The most serious of these complications are those related to the facial nerves. The tumor, which is attached to the parotid glands of the person, may also be attached to the nerve. During their removal, nerve weakness may occur, albeit temporarily.

Some tumors, on the other hand, may have completely surrounded these nerves, making removal impossible.

Generally, the development of complications is very low in doctors who are experts and experienced in their field. For this reason, you should know and choose the doctor you will entrust yourself to.

How Many Hours Does Parotidectomy Surgery Take?

Each disease varies from person to person. From the reaction of the person’s body to the disease to the stage of the disease, all kinds of factors affect the treatment process. Surgery is also included in this effect.

Conditions such as complications that may occur in the operating room, the reaction of the person to the surgery, the spread and size of the disease in the body affect this process.

The duration of the parotidectomy surgery, which is among the most curious questions, varies from person to person. The surgery, which is usually expected to be between 1-6 hours, proceeds according to the functioning of the process.

Parotidectomy Surgery Prices in Turkey

Many surgeries are performed in Turkey. While these surgeries return people to their normal lives, they also arouse repercussions in the world press. Foreign citizens, who hear the voices of these echoes, choose to be treated in Turkey in order to entrust themselves to reliable Turkish physicians.

The treatment process proceeds under equal rights for everyone, whether they are a Turkish citizen or a foreign citizen. What is different is only the diseases and treatment methods. Each disease is individual and the treatments vary from person to person.

As a result of the researches, it has been seen that Turkey is among the countries that foreign citizens see as the most reliable. Factors such as the fact that specialists and experienced doctors in their fields work, all the personnel who care for the patients are friendly, the hospitals are developed and spacious, and the treatments are affordable explain the reasons for patients to prefer them.

If you want to have Parotidectomy Surgery in Turkey, you can start this process through us. You can also get detailed information about the process and prices by contacting us.