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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can occur when we are not sensitive to our skin. Human skin is the most vulnerable area to external factors. For this reason, we should show our skin the same care we show for the care of our other organs. Because some problems may occur on the surface of the skin due to lack of care. One of these problems is Skin Cancer. Skin cancers can occur in any part of the body. However, it usually occurs in areas exposed to the sun. In some cases, in order to detect skin cancer in moles on the body early, it is necessary to know and observe the person’s body very well.

What is Skin Cancer?

Every human body has melanocyte cells. These cells provide the natural color of the skin. Skin cancer occurs due to the unnecessary and uncontrolled proliferation of melanocytes, which are responsible for producing these color pigments called melanin. While skin cancer is known as skin cancer among the people, it is called melanoma in the medical field. What is Skin Cancer can be briefly explained in this way.

Skin cancers can appear suddenly on clean skin in some cases. In some cases, it is formed on the mole that already exists in the body. For this reason, it is necessary to know the person’s body and skin very well in order to be diagnosed early. In addition, they should follow their moles closely and consult a doctor in case of the slightest change. Early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer is very important because this disease can spread to the body at a serious speed.

What are the Types of Skin Cancer?

Several types of cancer are found in research on what are the Types of Skin Cancer. Some of these species are not life-threatening, while others can be fatal if left untreated. We can briefly list the types as follows:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer
  • Melanoma Skin Cancer
  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

What are the Causes of Skin Cancer?

  • Exposure to solarium rays for a long time
  • Frequent repetition of sunburns
  • Exposure to sun rays without using a protective cream
  • Being fair skinned
  • to have red hair
  • to be freckled
  • Living in places with intense sun
  • working under the sun
  • The presence of moles in a certain part of the body,
  • Having a family history of skin cancer
  • Having a history of skin cancer
  • weak immune system
  • exposure to radiation
  • exposure to chemicals
  • chronic wounds
  • smoking
  • Age
  • Organ transplantation to people
  • different skin diseases
  • Having sun allergy


What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

As in every disease, our body, which works like a clock, warns the person by giving various symptoms in skin cancer. In some cases, cancers can be seen on clean skin, and in some cases, cancer can develop on moles that are already present in the body. In this case, knowing the body and moles of people well makes it easier to notice the symptoms immediately.

  • Changes in moles in the person’s body
  • The occurrence of peeling on the skin
  • Bleeding on the skin
  • Blistering in moles
  • Swelling in moles
  • The occurrence of itching
  • Sensitivity formation
  • pain formation



  • asymmetrical structure
  • Border, that is, irregular borders
  • Color, that is, the change in colors and the state of being tawny
  • Diameter, that is, the size in diameter
  • Evolution, that is, changes that occur in moles

Also in moles It creates the ABCDE rule. If there are ABCDE changes in moles on your body, it would be beneficial to see a specialist dermatologist as soon as possible:

How is Skin Cancer Diagnosed?

How to Diagnose Skin Cancer is a topic that everyone wonders about. The first step in the diagnosis process is to go to the doctor with the suspicion of the symptoms that the person follows in his body. The doctor examines the area with the complaint by physical examination. Then a number of tests and examinations are carried out. Generally, the area is examined with a method called Dermatoscopic Examination. The examination is made with the Dermatoscope device. Or Histopathological examination method is preferred. In this method, the suspicious mole is removed from the body by applying local anesthesia and sent for examination.

How is Skin Cancer Treated?

If we answer the question of How to Treat Skin Cancer, the treatment method and process varies according to the type and stage of the cancer.

Skin cancer is tried to be treated with methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, with the path to be followed by the doctor.

What are the Ways of Protection from Skin Cancer?

What are the Ways of Protection from Skin Cancer;

  • With wide hats, organs such as the face, neck and ears can be protected.
  • Try not to go out during the hours when the sun’s rays are strong.
  • In cases where it is necessary to go out, generally prefer shaded areas.
  • Incorporate the use of sunscreen into your daily routine.
  • Stay away from the solarium.
  • Do not forget to wear sunglasses when going out.
  • Try to stay away from harmful chemicals.
  • Check your body regularly.

Is Skin Cancer Deadly?

One of the topics that is wondered and researched by everyone is the question of Is Skin (Skin) Cancer Fatal? It would not be correct to give a clear answer at this stage. But early diagnosis is always very important. The treatment rate of skin cancer, which can be treated in the first stages, is greatly reduced in the 3rd and 4th stages of the advancing stages. For this reason, it is very important not to neglect the doctor’s checks and to check the body at frequent intervals. For detailed information, you can contact our doctors by calling us.

How Long Does Skin Cancer Spread?

How Long Does Skin Cancer Spread? is one of the questions that cannot be answered clearly. The spreading time may vary from person to person. In cases such as early detection, the cure rate is quite high.

Skin Cancer Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in making its name known to the world by achieving a serious success rate in the treatment of many diseases. All cancer treatments are included in the diseases treated. The duration of treatment varies from person to person and according to the type of cancer. In some cases, the cure rate is quite low, while in some cases the cure rate is quite high. The fact that the doctors are experts and experienced in their field also increases the success rate of the treatments. An increase has been observed in the health tourism made to our country in order for foreign citizens to be aware of these rates and to find treatment opportunities in Turkey that they could not find in their countries.

  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • High cure rates
  • Hospitals are large and fully equipped
  • Easy transfer and travel procedures
  • Obligatory needs such as diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, food and drink can be met at affordable prices in Turkey

situations such as these are shown among the reasons for preference We can see that foreign citizens do research on Skin Cancer Treatment Prices in Turkey before they come to our country for treatment. However, it would not be correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because every disease is individual. All factors such as the diagnosis process, the treatment process, the treatment options, the stage of the disease, the damage to the person cause a change in the price. For this reason, you can contact us for more detailed information and price. In addition, if you come to Turkey through us for skin cancer treatment, we can facilitate your visa application procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


To sum up, skin cancer is a serious disease that needs to be treated and can be fatal if left untreated. For this reason, it is necessary for the person to know his body and the moles in his body well in order to be able to notice the symptoms early. During the treatment process, there may be changes in the treatment methods according to the doctor’s preference and the course of the disease.

In this process, our aim is to bring together the patient and experienced doctors, who are experts in their fields, to ensure that the treatment process proceeds smoothly. After the treatment, the patient is sent back to his country in a healthy and happy manner. You can contact us for detailed information.

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