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Glass Bone Disease

Glass Bone Disease is one of the most serious diseases. A number of different diseases that have emerged since the history of humanity have been included in the lives of people. Although there is a general cure for these diseases, some of them still have not been cured. For many diseases, research continues rapidly.

Turkey supports medical science with its investments in the field of health and tries to pave the way for scientists. In this way, our scientists and doctors do all the research necessary for the treatment of deadly diseases that need to be treated, and try to increase the quality and duration of life of people as much as possible. One of the different and serious diseases that exist today is Glass Bone Disease, that is, osteogenesis imperfecta with its medical name. So what is glass bone or glass baby disease, how is it treated, what are the symptoms, let’s learn together.

What is Glass Bone Disease?

When we look at the past, glass bone disease, which was mentioned in the books in 1895, is generally passed on to the person through genetic and hereditary ways. Collagen in human bones helps bones to be strong. In some cases, the amount of collagen in the body of people is negligible, which causes the bones to break on their own without the effect of a blow or trauma. What is Glass Bone Disease can be briefly explained in this way.

Hearing disorders are also observed in people with glass bone disease in general. Since the entire bone structure is affected, it also affects the ear bones in later ages, and it also brings about hearing-related problems. In addition, problems such as dental problems, heart problems, breathing problems and curvature of the spine may occur.

It can be said that living with glass bone disease is very difficult. Disorders of bone and skeletal structure also trigger nervous and digestive system disorders. For this reason, a number of complications may occur throughout life. Chronic constipation and chronic headaches can be explained as examples.

What are the Causes of Glass Bone Disease?

Glass bone disease, which is one of the diseases that many people only hear about and that many people have to deal with throughout their lives, is curiously researched by everyone. It is often wondered what are the Causes of Glass Bone Disease.

Type I collagen deficiency is among the causes of glass bone disease. In addition, although this disease is a genetic disorder, it is passed on to the person through genetic and hereditary ways.

What are the Symptoms of Glass Bone Disease?

  • Weakness in tooth structure
  • Easy fractures in bones
  • Humpback, i.e. kyphosis
  • Curvature of the legs
  • Curvature of the arms
  • Hearing problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Occurrence of heart diseases
  • spine disorders
  • Having a triangular face structure
  • The white part of the eye appears blue
  • breathing problems
  • Having a loose joint structure


What are the Types of Glass Bone Disease?

Although there is no clear cure for glass bone disease, research continues. In these studies, types of glass bone disease were also found. The types of glass bone disease, which are examined in 4 types, can be explained as follows:

What are the Types of Glass Bone Disease?

  • Type I; In general, these patients can continue their normal lives. But bone deformations are evident. Short stature and blue in the white of the eyes occur.
  • Type II; This type of glass bone disease is quite serious. It can have fatal consequences. Darkness may occur in the whites of the eyes. Bone fractures have also been observed during birth.
  • Type III; In this type, the disease may progress. Short stature can be seen. The face shape can be compared to a triangle. The white of the eye turns gray. In addition, due to scoliosis and bone fractures, the person may have to use a wheelchair.
  • Type IV; It is generally milder than other types. The person can continue his daily life. However, due to his low mobility, he leads a limited normal life. There may be graying of the whites of the eyes. Short stature is evident.

Is Glass Bone Disease Genetic?

One of the questions that is wondered and researched by everyone is the question of Is Glass Bone Disease Genetic? If we answer this, yes, this disease is genetic and inherited from mother or father to child. Usually one parent is enough for it to be passed on to the child. However, in some cases it has been observed that it is passed from both mother and father to the child.

Who Gets Glass Bone Disease?

There is no clear answer to the question of Who Gets Glass Bone Disease. This disease is transmitted from person to person by genetic factors. For this reason, the disease does not occur suddenly, but in the womb.

How to Care for Glass Bone Disease?

Undoubtedly, the thing that parents fear most is that something will happen to their children. For this reason, they take very good care of their babies with the necessary devotion. However, this care process varies in babies with glass bone disease. Because these special babies, who require much more attention and care than other babies, should also be more careful. If we need to explain how to care for Glass Bone Disease, we can list it as follows:

  • First of all, it is expected that parents and everyone who cares for the baby should be aware of the seriousness of this disease.
  • Doctor’s checks, recommendations and medications should be applied regularly without interruption.
  • Since these babies and children are cared for differently than normal babies and children, more attention and care should be taken.
  • The baby should be approached with gentle, slow, non-rapid movements.
  • The baby should not be pulled.
  • One should be extremely slow and careful while being cared for, loved, bathed, dressed, and laid down.
  • If rib fractures occur, it can cause serious damage to the heart and lungs. For this reason, the baby should not be placed face down.
  • The holding process should be spread from the chest cage to a wide area and from the armpits.
  • The grip area and the sleeping area should be as wide as possible. These large areas will prevent breakage.
  • Choose clothes which Easy-to-wear .

How Is Glass Bone Disease Diagnosed?

How to Diagnose Glass Bone Disease, which is a very difficult and serious disease, let’s examine it together.

Fractures in the baby during birth are a symptom that can lead to the diagnosis of the disease immediately. However, the past health history of the family of the baby born with broken bones is heard. Genetic screening and research are done. A number of blood, urine tests and tests are done. The diagnosis can be made after measuring the bone density and examining the bones.

For babies in the womb, prenatal diagnosis can be made with amniocentesis fluid taken from the mother’s womb at the 14th week of pregnancy, in cases where the mother and father have a history of glass bone disease.

How Is Glass Bone Disease Treated?

Glass bone disease is a genetic disease passed from family to person. There is no known cure for this disease. For this reason, the treatment procedures to be carried out during the disease period are not aimed at eliminating the disease, but with the aim of minimizing the complications that will occur. The aim of the treatment process is to increase the quality of life of the patients and to minimize the damage that will occur. .

. . . . . .



Glass Bone Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in taking the health sector to the next level with its investments in the field of health. For this reason, treatments and treatment processes have also made a sound abroad. Turkey ranks first among the countries preferred for treatment by foreign citizens who cannot find a cure for their diseases in their own countries. For this reason, there has been progress in health tourism as well as holiday tourism in Turkey. Since the treatments given increase the quality of life, it is not overlooked that the preferences are in favor of Turkish doctors.

  • Hospitals are big and clean
  • Fully equipped hospitals
  • Presence of advanced treatment units in hospitals
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field
  • The smiling and helpful staff
  • Requirements such as diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, food and drink are available at affordable prices
  • The intermediary firm facilitates visa procedures by sending an invitation letter

. Before coming to our country for the treatment of glass bone disease, we can see that foreign citizens are doing research on Glass Bone Disease Treatment Prices in Turkey. However, it would not be correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because the damage caused by the glass bone disease differs from person to person. Different treatment applications can be made especially in glass bone disease types. These different processes may cause changes in price. You can contact us for more detailed information and to get a clear result on prices. In addition, if you come to Turkey through us for the treatment of glass bone disease, we can facilitate your visa procedures with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


To sum up, glass bone disease is a genetic disease that is passed from parents to children. A number of symptoms may occur, while the baby’s birth with fractures makes it easier to diagnose, the diagnosis can be applied to the baby in the mother’s womb with tests. Care should be very careful and attentive. Treatments are carried out to increase the life span and quality of life of the person.

At this stage, our aim is to bring together patients and doctors who are experts and experienced in the field to ensure that the treatment process proceeds smoothly. Problems that may arise during the transfer and treatment process are resolved by us, allowing you to focus on treatment and recovery. You can contact us for detailed information.

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