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Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone disease is one of the most common ailments. One of the most important workers of the excretory system in the body is the kidneys. The kidneys, which are located on the right and left parts of the spine and there are two in each healthy body, take on important tasks for the excretory system. The main of these tasks is to filter the harmful substances and wastes in the blood and to ensure that they are excreted through the urine. It is also responsible for maintaining the balance of oxygen and hormones in the body. There are a number of diseases that can happen to these organs, which have many duties. One of these diseases is Kidney Stone. In this article we have prepared for you, we will look for answers to many questions such as what is kidney stone, how it occurs, what are its causes and symptoms.

What is Kidney Stone?

After a while, petrification occurs from the remaining sediments of minerals and salts filtered in the kidneys, which are two of the building blocks of the excretory system. These stones, which form in the kidney, fall into the urinary tract and cause pain almost equal to labor pains. Due to this severe pain, many people apply to the doctor.

If left untreated, this disease, which can progress to kidney losses, is one of the serious diseases that should be treated. After the occurrence of this disease, its treatment is carried out by urology doctors. The question of what is a Kidney Stone can be briefly explained in this way.

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones?

Every illness, from the flu to cancer, occurs with concrete symptoms. A number of symptoms also occur in people with kidney stones. Kidney stones can sometimes progress and multiply without any symptoms. Small size ones can fall with the person’s urination. The symptoms of this disease, which usually manifests itself with severe pain, are wondered by everyone. What are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones can be briefly listed as follows:

  • severe pain
  • Severe back pain
  • Severe pain in the lower abdomen
  • Severe pain and burning sensation during urination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • cloudy urine production
  • Making foul-smelling urine
  • Observing changes in the density of urine
  • blood in the urine


What are the Causes of Kidney Stones?

As with many diseases, there is no single cause of kidney stones. More than one factor comes together and prepares the ground for the formation of kidney stones. So, what are the Causes of Kidney Stones, we can briefly list them as follows:

  • overweight
  • Recurrent urinary tract infection disease
  • Previous kidney stone case
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • Kidneys with congenital abnormal structures
  • Different kidney diseases
  • Prolonged intestinal diseases
  • gout disease in the person


What are the Types of Kidney Stones?

The stones that occur in the kidneys are small in some cases and are excreted through the urinary tract without any symptoms. In some cases, they can be the size of a pebble, but they can cause serious pain. In such cases, the person needs to be treated. When we look at the Types of Kidney Stones, we come across four different types of kidney stones. These are:

  • Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones
  • Cystine Kidney Stones
  • Uric Acid Kidney Stones
  • Struvite Kidney Stones


How Are Kidney Stones Diagnosed?

The question of How to Diagnose Kidney Stones is among the questions that people who will go to the doctor in line with some symptoms wonder about. Kidney stones are diagnosed after some tests and examinations by the doctor. These methods can be listed as follows:

  • Diagnosing with ultrasonography method
  • Diagnosis by ureteroscopy method
  • Diagnosing with X-ray method
  • Diagnosis by computerized tomography (CT) method
  • Diagnosing with urine test method

What Can Be Done to Prevent Kidney Stones?

We can see that people who have had kidney stones before or have been treated do research in order to take some precautions so that they do not experience this disease again. So, what can be done to prevent kidney stones, we can explain for you as follows:

  • It is important that everyone, sick or not, sick or not, drink enough water to meet their daily water needs. It has been seen that especially the water that is drunk at night is a serious help in preventing stones.
  • People should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, but in moderation.
  • Every ready-made food in the package should be avoided.
  • The amount of salt and sugar should be reduced.
  • Weight control should be considered.

How Are Kidney Stones Treated?

Different answers can be given to the question of How to Treat Kidney Stones, depending on the type and size of the stone. Kidney stones, which are usually smaller than 4 mm, are expelled from the body spontaneously. The recommendations of the doctors for these stones are to drink plenty of fluids and to move a lot.

In cases where it is not possible to fall on its own, drug treatment can be applied. In addition, in some cases, stone breaking is performed with the ESWL method. After the treatment, x-rays are taken again and it is also checked whether the procedure works.

In cases where such treatments do not work, the doctor may perform routine examinations of the patient and perform a surgical operation in cases where there is no problem preventing the operation.

How Does Kidney Stone Drop?

One of the topics that people with kidney stones and who do not need surgical intervention are investigating is the question of How Kidney Stones Drop. This is related to the size of the stones falling. Stones up to 4-5 mm fall off on their own, thanks to drinking plenty of water and plenty of movement. In larger stones, it is either removed with the help of medication, treated by breaking the stone with ESWL, or surgical operation is required.

What Is Good For Kidney Stone Pain?

Kidney stones, which usually cause severe pain, can lead the person to panic during the pain. For this reason, one must first be conscious. This situation, which causes intense pain, does not cause serious complications to the person. Nausea and vomiting accompanied by pain can cause the person to lose fluid.

With these symptoms, the person who goes to the hospital is first opened and the serum is connected. Painkillers and anti-nausea medications are also included in this serum. The purpose of the serum is to both reduce the pain by adding painkillers and add supplemental fluid to replace the lost fluid. During the treatment process, the doctor’s recommendations should be strictly followed and the prescribed drugs should be used carefully.

Kidney Stone Treatment Prices in Turkey

Kidney stone treatments in Turkey result in positive and superior success. Turkey, where all kinds of treatment from kidney-related cancer to stones are made, is among the top countries chosen by foreigners for treatment. There are many reasons why foreign citizens prefer Turkey for treatment. We can explain the reasons for this preference for you as follows:

  • Successful treatment,
  • Hospitals are large and fully equipped,
  • Doctors are experts and experienced in their field,
  • All the staff dealing with the patient are friendly and helpful,
  • Treatments and other essential needs are affordable,

. Kidney Stone Treatment Prices in Turkey are among the topics that foreign patients wonder about before coming to Turkey. However, it is not correct to give a net price at this stage. Diseases are personal and diagnosis and treatment processes vary. These also directly affect the price issue. You can call us for detailed price information and detailed treatment information. In addition, if you come to Turkey for kidney stone treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application process with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.


In conclusion, if we have to gather all this information, kidney stones are the disease that needs to be treated. In some cases, kidney stones that can pass on their own are treated with medication or surgical support in some cases. Although there is no clear cause, a number of factors can trigger kidney stones.

The most effective way to prevent kidney stones from forming is to exercise and drink plenty of water. Our aim in the treatment of this disease is to ensure that the patients feel comfortable during the treatment process and that the process is comfortable. We send the patients who regain their health as a result of the treatment to their countries in a healthy and happy manner. If you want to get detailed information and information about the treatment process, you can contact us.

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