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Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Cancer – Radiation Oncology – Cyberknife

Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Early diagnosis and effective treatment methods are of great importance in the fight against cancer. Radiation Oncology, one of these treatment methods, uses high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. Cyberknife is one of the most advanced and effective methods of radiation oncology. In this article we have written for you, we will examine what Cyberknife is, how it works, and its advantages.

What Is Cyberknife?

Cyberknife is a robotic radiation therapy system used in cancer treatment. This method, which started to be developed in the late 1990s, is now recognized as an effective option in the treatment of many types of cancer. Cyberknife offers treatment without damaging healthy tissues by directing radiation beams to cancer cells with high precision.

How Cyberknife Works?

The Cyberknife system determines the exact location of cancerous cells thanks to small markers placed on the patient’s body and real-time imaging technology. Then, a linear accelerator is used, which moves with a robotic arm and directs radiation beams to the target. In this way, changes in the position of the target caused by the natural movements of the patient, such as breathing, are also monitored, ensuring that the radiation beams are continuously directed to the cancer cells.

What Are The Advantages Of Cyberknife?

The advantages offered by the Cyberknife system are as follows;

  • Cyberknife applies radiation beams to cancer cells with millimeter precision. In this way, the risk of damage to healthy tissues is minimized.
  • Cyberknife is a treatment method that does not require surgical intervention. This means less pain and risk of complications for patients.
  • Treatment times with Cyberknife are usually quite short. This treatment, which is completed in a few sessions, allows patients to return to their daily lives quickly.
  • Cyberknife can be used as an effective treatment option for many types of cancer. It is successfully applied in the treatment of tumors in sensitive areas such as the brain, lung, prostate, liver, and spine.

Cyberknife is a state-of-the-art radiation therapy system used in cancer treatment. With its high sensitivity, non-invasive structure, and short-term treatment advantages, it is a beacon of hope for many cancer patients.

Cyberknife Treatment Areas

Cyberknife is recognized as a highly effective and revolutionary treatment method in the medical world. This robotic radiosurgery system focuses on cancerous cells and tissues with other medical problems with high precision and provides treatment by applying high doses of radiation to diseased areas. The areas where Cyberknife treatment is successfully applied are as follows;

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumours,
  • Lung Cancer ,
  • Prostate Cancer,
  • Liver Cancer,
  • Pancreatic Cancer,

Who Performs Cyberknife Treatment?

Specialists who perform Cyberknife treatment are usually physicians who have been trained in the field of radiation oncology and are experienced in this field. Special training and certification are required to apply this treatment method. Physicians who apply for Cyberknife treatment work with a multidisciplinary team that evaluates the condition of the patients and plans the treatment process. This team usually consists of the following specialists;

  • Radiation Oncologists,
  • Medical Physicists,
  • Radiation Therapists,
  • Surgeons and Other Specialists,

Cyberknife treatment is an effective and safe method for cancer and other medical problems. Specialists applying this treatment method plan the most appropriate treatment process according to the condition of the patients and can achieve successful results.

Cyberknife Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has managed to announce its name to the world with its investments and studies in the field of health. Especially the latest technological devices used in diagnosis and treatment procedures have been a beacon of hope for many diseases. However, there has been an increase in health tourism in Türkiye.

  • Hospitals are large, clean, spacious and fully equipped in terms of technological equipment.
  • Turkish doctors are specialized, successful, and skilled in their fields.
  • Nurses and carers are friendly and compassionate.
  • Finding answers to the questions asked quickly and accurately.
  • Patience and understanding of all staff, including the intermediary company dealing with the patient.
  • Turkey offers holiday opportunities with its natural and historical beauties.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, accommodation, eating, drinking, dressing, and holiday needs can be met at affordable prices.

Such situations are shown among the reasons for preference. Regarding Cyberknife Treatment Prices in Turkey, we can see that patients and their relatives who want to come to Turkey are doing research. However, it would not be right to give clear price information at this stage. Many factors such as the type of disease, stage, diagnosis process, treatment process, and stay in Türkiye affect the price issue. If you want to get more detailed price information, you can contact us. In addition, if you come to Turkey for treatment through us, we can facilitate your visa application process with the invitation letter sent by us to the consulate.

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