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Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a type of cancer popularly known as bowel cancer. This cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. It is the 5th most common type of cancer in Turkey. While this type of cancer can be seen in people of all ages, it is generally more common in people aged 50 and over.

What is Colon Cancer?

The colon is a tube-like organ that forms approximately 1-5-2 meters of the intestines in the human body. It is known as the large intestine among humans and is located in the last part of the digestive system. Colon cancer occurs in this region. According to statistics, 1 out of every 20 people gets this cancer.

This cancer starts in cells that exist in the colon. As the number of cancerous cells increases, it surrounds the colon in the form of a circle. Early diagnosis of this type of cancer is very important. If diagnosed early, the chance of cure is high. Colon cancer, which is detected late, can spread to the nearest organs, and from there to other organs such as the liver and lungs through the blood circulation.

As we mentioned above, if this disease is diagnosed early, the chance of getting rid of it is the highest.

Colon Cancer Stages

As with many types of cancer, there are certain stages in colon cancer. However, these phases cannot be distinguished from each other with precise lines. In the medical field, it is examined in 5 stages to determine the treatment process. Symptoms between stages are different and inform the doctor about how far it has spread to the body.

Stage 1 Colon Cancer: It is the earliest possible stage of cancer. Colon cancer, which is detected with early diagnosis, is easy to treat, but does not require the patient to receive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The diagnosed small tumors are removed and the patient is followed up.

Stage 2 Colon Cancer: At this stage, cancer involvement is seen in the patient’s colon. It may be necessary to remove a part of the colon surrounded by cancerous cells with a surgical operation. By controlling the lymphatic tissues of the patient, it should be determined whether cancerous cells have reached here.

Stage 3 Colon Cancer: Cancerous cells are found in the inner and outer parts of the colon. However, there is no spread to distant organs. With the surgical operation, it is aimed to get rid of the tumor by removing a large part of the colon along with the lymph nodes. If you are at risk of cancer recurrence, it would be beneficial to receive chemotherapy.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer: In the previous stage, the cancer also affected the lymph nodes. 4. In the 4th stage, the spread is rapid. The cancerous tissues that have spread are removed by surgical intervention and chemotherapy treatment is started to the patient.

Stage 5 Colon Cancer: It is the last stage of colon cancer and spread is seen in other organs. The patient’s condition is severe. It is checked whether the surgical operation will remove it. If he cannot remove it, only chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment is applied. If shrinkage is detected in cancerous cells, surgical operation can be performed.

Colon Cancer Treatment in Turkey

As in all types of cancer, Turkey is among the preferred countries in the treatment of colon cancer. Turkey, which has succeeded in making its name known to the world, especially with the developing technology in the field of medicine, has also managed to attract everyone’s attention with its success in cancer treatments.

Turkish doctors, who have achieved successful results in every stage of colon cancer with many different methods and treatments, have also been a beacon of hope for cancer patients living abroad. Turkey is preferred for treatment due to the ease of transportation during journeys from Europe and the Middle East.

Satisfying the eyes with its natural beauties, Turkey also offers a different and beautiful holiday experience to the patients who come for treatment. Turkey is the first choice of patients who want to receive quality and friendly service at an affordable price.

While mentioning the price issue, Turkey’s Colon Cancer Treatment Prices are among the topics that everyone is curious about. It is not correct to give clear information at this stage. It varies according to the stage of colon cancer and the treatment to be performed. You can contact us for more detailed information.

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Colon cancer is the most common type of cancer in Turkey and in the world. Early diagnosis plays a very important role in this type of cancer.

Our bodies have very intelligent chemistry. It sends us signals for every different thing that happens inside. The body also shows some symptoms in patients with colon cancer. These symptoms are as follows:

  • Persistent diarrhea or constipation complaint
  • Having a different size of thinness in the stool than normal
  • Blood in the stool and anus
  • Presence of secretions resembling egg whites in the stool
  • In the case of colon cancer progression, the intestines are blocked and the person feels swelling and pain. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately. It should not be forgotten that early diagnosis of colon cancer saves lives
  • Feeling of fullness in the intestines despite the need for the toilet
  • Difficulty while defecating the person
  • Feeling pain while defecating
  • sudden weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

If you are also complaining about the symptoms described above, you should definitely consult a doctor.

What Causes Colon Cancer?

Genetic factors are the most important factor in people suffering from colon cancer. If there is a family member with colon cancer, the risk of developing colon cancer increases.

Age is also among the factors that trigger colon cancer. It is especially common in men aged 50-60 years. Tumors in the intestines that start out as benign at first can later turn into malignant cancer. If these tumors are detected early as benign, they should be followed up.

Chronic intestinal disorders in people also trigger cancer. Unhealthy foods and smoking that people consume increase the risk of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Stage 1 Symptoms

This stage is the easiest to treat. Cancerous cells that are noticed with early diagnosis are removed and the patient is followed up.

It manifests itself with symptoms such as constant complaints of constipation or diarrhea, difficulty in defecation and bleeding, thinning of the stool, and a feeling of fullness in the intestines. If there are symptoms like these and the ones listed above, it is absolutely necessary to contact a specialist doctor.

Colon Cancer Stage 4 Death Symptoms

As with any disease, early diagnosis is very important in colon cancer. Colon cancer, which cannot be detected early and has reached stage 4, is considered as the last stage . The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and other organs in the body, as well as the colon.

At this stage, since the patient’s body will be weak, surgical intervention is not performed. Instead, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are preferred.

The patient is quite weak at this stage. For this reason, most of his time is spent lying in bed. He has difficulty in eating and drinking water, so he experiences rapid weight loss. The person’s pain is increasing.

Colon Cancer Stage 4 Survival Chances

It would not be correct to talk about the chances of survival for sure. Cancerous cells have spread to the colon, lymph nodes and other organs. At this stage, doctors do not recommend surgery, but only apply to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Factors such as the experience of the doctors, the condition of the patient, the treatment methods used are the factors that affect the survival or survival of the person.

How Long Does patient of Colon Cancer Stage 4 Live?

If you, your family or your environment have symptoms of colon cancer, you should definitely consult with a specialist doctor at this stage.

The treatment and methods to be used and the developing technology increase the patient’s quality of life, life expectancy and chance of survival.