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What is Brain Clot? Brain Clot Treatment Prices in Turkey

The most important organ that controls the life and movements of people is the brain. Even the slightest abnormality in the brain can be enough to turn a person’s life upside down. For this reason, when the changes and diseases occur in the brain, they give symptoms suddenly and need to be intervened in a short time. If the intervention is delayed, undesirable consequences may occur, up to death. One of the diseases that deeply affect a person’s life and occur in the brain is the formation of a clot in the brain. So What is Brain Clot? Let’s find out how the treatment process progresses, together in the rest of our article.

What is Brain Clot?

The disease that occurs as a result of a blood clot in one of the blood vessels of the person traveling to the brain by using the blood circulation route and blocking a vessel in the brain is called a blood clot in the brain. This is the most understandable and short answer that can be given to the question of What is a Cluster in the Brain, which is wondered by everyone.

A blood clot can also occur in the brain through cerebral hemorrhage. Another reason is that vascular occlusion may occur due to the clots that are born in another part of the body and reach the brain via circulation. Regardless of the reason, vascular occlusions caused by clots in the brain interrupt the blood path that feeds the brain, causing serious complications. These include diseases such as stroke and paralysis. It is extremely important that the clot in the brain affects which vessel and which region. Complications may vary for this reason.

Symptoms occur suddenly. If the person suddenly gets worse, he should go to the doctor immediately. The sooner the intervention is done, the sooner the treatment process can take place. If treatment is delayed, it is inevitable to encounter many negative consequences, including brain death.

What are the Causes of a Clot in the Brain?

After the blood clot in the body reaches the brain through the circulation, a blood clot in the brain occurs. This situation is seen not only with blood clot, but also with fat clot and air bubble. There can be several reasons for this to occur. But in general, the most common causes and risk factors can be listed as follows:

What are the Causes of a Clot in the Brain?

  • age factor
  • gender factor
  • racial factor
  • Obesity in the person
  • Adopting a seriously sedentary lifestyle
  • diabetes disease
  • Presence of insulin resistance in the person
  • cholesterol diseases
  • smoking person
  • The person’s use of alcohol
  • Use of drugs without the supervision of a doctor
  • genetic factors

What are the Symptoms of a Clot in the Brain?

Among the most curious topics is the question of What Are the Symptoms of a Clot in the Brain? However, the symptoms of this disease can be examined under a broad heading. Because in which part of the brain the clot has taken, a change in symptoms can be observed. However, when we look at the general cases, we can list the most common symptoms for you as follows:

  • blurred vision
  • double vision
  • Sudden speech disorders of the person
  • Numbness in some parts of the person’s face
  • Partial paralysis affecting a certain part of the body
  • Impairment of the person’s gait or difficulty in walking
  • severe headache
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness


How can it be understood that it has a clot in the brain?

A blood clot in the brain is an extremely serious condition that needs to be treated quickly. So, how can it be understood that a person or a doctor has a clot in the brain, let’s examine it together.

First of all, a number of symptoms that occur in the person may be the harbinger of a clot. These; Symptoms such as severe headache, numbness and numbness in the arms and legs of the person, inability to move the arms, inability to move the legs, loss of facial expressions, partial paralysis of the face, intense desire to sleep, and weakness may occur. It is unthinkable that a person who knows himself and his body well will ignore these symptoms. For this reason, it is necessary to apply to the health institution after these complaints.

After the person applies to the doctor, the doctor understands the clot with a physical examination, a number of tests and examinations. At this stage, some diagnostic methods such as blood pressure tests and imaging methods should also be performed

What are the Possible Consequences of a Clot in the Brain?

When one wonders what are the Possible Consequences of a Clot in the Brain, if this situation is not immediately intervened, it can lead to death. It is of great importance which vessel the clot occludes. Because every part and detail of the brain gives commands to another part of the body. The most well-known consequences after this disease may be as follows. The person may have a stroke, have a stroke, and have gait and speech disorders. His hearing and vision may be affected. For this reason, the person should apply to the nearest health institution at the slightest symptom.

How is Brain Clot Treated?

When we are faced with the question of How to Treat a Clot in the Brain, we can answer it as follows. The treatment process starts with the person’s application to a doctor after the complaints and diagnosis after tests, examinations and some imaging methods. In the first place, the disease is tried to be controlled with blood thinners and anticoagulants to ensure blood flow and in cases where the clot is small. In cases where the clot is large and drugs do not have an effect, the location of the clot is determined and the clot is removed by angiography.

After these treatments, it will be an important step for the person to pay attention to his health and to prevent the recurrence of this disease.

  • The person needs to eat a balanced and healthy diet regularly.
  • Foods containing excessive fat should not be preferred.
  • Excessive use of salt should be avoided.
  • The person should consume vegetable and fruit products regularly every day.
  • The person needs to move.
  • Regular exercise and sports routine should be included in life.
  • He must quit smoking.
  • Regular visits to the doctor are required.

With these and other necessary precautions, the risk of clot formation can be reduced.

Can the Paralysis Caused by a Clot in the Brain Be Healed?

After a patient becomes paralyzed due to a clot, one of the most frequently asked questions by the patient and their relatives is whether the stroke due to a clot in the brain will be cured.

There have been cases in which paralysis, that is, the stroke, has improved. It is known that the lost body functions are restored with the control of a doctor and the support of physical therapists. For this reason, the person should willingly be involved in the treatment process and strive without being pessimistic.

How is Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Performed in Brain Clot?

Another curious question is How to Do Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Brain Clots. At this stage, it would not be correct to give clear information here. With the completion of the hospital treatment of the person, an exercise plan should be prepared with the support of a physical therapist together with the doctor. It is extremely important for the patient to strictly comply with this plan for the healthy progress of the treatment. Any exercise to be done should be done under the supervision of a doctor and with the support of a specialist.

Brain Clot Treatment Prices in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in increasing its superior success rate with the important surgical operations it has performed. The increase in this success rate is followed with appreciation by both its own citizens and foreign citizens. In addition to this follow-up, citizens living in foreign countries have increased their travels to Turkey for treatment. People who cannot reach the necessary treatment in their own countries prefer to come to Turkey intensively to be treated here. Of course, there are more than one reason behind these preferences. We can list the reasons for this preference for you as follows:

  • The size of the hospitals
  • cleaning of hospitals
  • Fully equipped hospitals
  • Scientific and up-to-date treatment methods used
  • Using the latest technological devices and scientific methods in the diagnostic methods used
  • experience of doctors
  • Empathic approach of doctors
  • Empathic approach of doctors
  • Likewise, nurses should be experts in their field
  • The smiling staff
  • The understanding of the staff
  • The hospitable staff
  • Inexpensive general needs such as treatment, shelter, accommodation, food and beverages, shopping, clothing and vacation

. We can see that many foreign nationals, before coming to the country, are wondering about the Treatment Prices for Brain Clot Treatment in Turkey. However, it is not correct to give a clear price information at this stage. Because, factors such as treatment, diagnosis, tests, examinations, imaging methods, treatment process, accommodation cause changes in prices. For this reason, you can get information about the price and detailed information by calling us. In addition, if you come to the country through us for the treatment of blood clot in the brain, we can facilitate visa procedures with the invitation letter sent to the consulate by us.

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