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Treatment in Turkey for Somalis

Today, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Developing technology in many fields has also made great advances in the field of medicine. Many diseases that seem incurable have been made possible to treat.

Turkey is among the countries that closely follow the technology and carry out scientific studies. While it is possible to treat many diseases as a result of the studies carried out by the scientists he has trained, serious diseases that other countries do not dare to treat are successfully treated in Turkey.

Treatment Opportunities in Turkey for Somalis

Turkey’s healthcare facilities are highly developed. The field of health, which the country’s administration meticulously monitors and makes investments in, continues without any disruption in the country. In addition to the Turkish people who find fast and permanent answers to the treatment of diseases, there are also citizens from foreign countries who come to Turkey for treatment.

The experience and skills of the doctors are at the highest level. For this reason, in diseases that cannot be treated or cannot be treated, Turkish doctors take the lead and perform the treatment. The cure rate of the treated diseases is at high levels. In addition, the news of difficult diseases that are treated are announced to everyone by the press of both Turkey and the world.

Hospitals in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology. The Turkish government is not depriving anyone of treatment by increasing the expenditures made in the field of health, which is important. It is also extremely important that hospitals are well-maintained and clean. The hospital staff who provide this care love their job and do things that will make the life of the patients easier.

In addition to these, the caregivers who take care of the patients closely carry out their work with utmost respect, affection and meticulousness.

In addition to the developed health area in the country, there are also natural beauties and historical past that offer vacation opportunities to people. The big cities where treatments are made, especially Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, also hide excellent natural beauty and historical past.

Among the patients coming from foreign countries, there are also people living in Somalia. These people generally prefer Turkey because it is developed. Because the health system in Somalia is in a very bad condition and although the diseases seem simple to us, they are serious because there is no treatment there.

Many children and adults die every year due to untreated diseases that can be treated. The administration, which is at the head of the country, cannot make progress in the field of health, as it cannot manage the country with sufficient control. For these reasons, Somali citizens generally prefer Turkey for treatment.

How to Get a Health Visa from Turkey?

We also facilitate visa application processes with the invitation letter we send on behalf of Somali citizens who prefer to come to Turkey through us for treatment.

Why Do Somalis Prefer Turkey for Treatment?

The Somali health system is not well developed. For this reason, infant, child and adult deaths due to treatable diseases are at an advanced level in the country. For this reason, Somali citizens travel to benefit from health services, especially in developed countries. Turkey ranks first among the countries they prefer for treatment. We can list these reasons for you as follows:

  • Turkey’s advanced health area
  • The diagnosis and treatment methods used in Turkey are state-of-the-art,
  • Clean hospitals and food
  • Having clean drinking water
  • Hospital staff, caregivers and nurses are smiling
  • Physicians are aware of the psychological collapse in patients and approach them with compassion
  • Physicians are highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced
  • It is possible to treat diseases in Turkey
  • Easy access
  • Factors such as the historical and natural beauties of Turkey can be shown among the reasons for preference

Diseases Treated in Turkey

We can list the diseases most commonly treated by Turkish doctors to Somali citizens as follows:

  • COPD
  • Keratoconus Disease
  • ASD Disease
  • Brain Abscess Disease
  • Brain Tumors Disease
  • Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey
  • Infertility Treatment in Turkey
  • IVF Treatment in Turkey
  • Hair Transplantation in Turkey
  • Colonoscopy Treatment
  • Lumbar Hernia Disease
  • Hollywood Smile in Turkey
  • Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment
  • Endoscopy Treatment
  • Radiotherapy Treatment
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
  • Rectal cancer Treatment
  • Colon Cancer Treatment
  • Bypass Treatment
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Disease
  • Pigeon Breast Disease
  • Rhinoplasty Treatment
  • Lower Jaw Surgery Treatment
  • Tube Stomach Surgery Treatment
  • Gynecomastia Treatment
  • Kidney Transplant Treatment
  • Marrow Transplant Treatment
  • Liposuction Treatment
  • Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment
  • Face Lift Surgery Treatment
  • Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment
  • Abdominoplasty

If you also want to be treated in Turkey, you can contact us to have information in many areas such as all the questions you have in mind, treatment processes, treatment prices.