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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicineis a branch of medical imaging and treatment methods that aims to diagnose and treat diseases with the use of radioactive substances. The techniques used in this field constitute one of the important tools of modern medicine in disease diagnosis and management.

What Is Nuclear Medicine and What Does It Do?

Nuclear Medicine aims to evaluate the functions and diseases of organs by introducing radioactive isotopes into the body and monitoring the distribution of these isotopes in the body. This method is used especially in cases where traditional imaging methods such as X-ray or MRI are insufficient.

What is PET/CT?

PET/CT is a combination of Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography. In this method, a radioactive substance, a radiopharmaceutical, is injected into the patient. The radiopharmaceutical accumulates in specific organs or lesions in the body and this accumulation is visualized to diagnose the disease.

How Is PET/CT Performed?

In PET/CT, the patient is taken into a scanning device following the injection of the radiopharmaceutical. PET images showing the distribution of the radiopharmaceutical substance in the body and CT images showing anatomical details are combined. In this way, both the function and anatomy of the organs are evaluated at the same time.

What should be considered before PET/CT?

Patients are usually asked to come on an empty stomach before the PET/CT scan. The introduction of the radiopharmaceutical into the body and more information about the scanning procedure will be explained in detail by our healthcare team before the scan.

Which Diseases is Nuclear Medicine Used to Diagnose?

Nuclear Medicine is used in the diagnosis of many diseases. This method, which is used in many areas such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid diseases, and bone diseases, provides early diagnosis of diseases and monitoring of treatment processes.

Nuclear Medicine is an important tool in the field of modern medicine and is used in diagnosing diseases, creating treatment plans, and monitoring treatment results. Within the scope of health tourism, you can examine the services offered by our experts in the field of Nuclear Medicine and take steps to protect your health at the highest level.