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Newborn Doctors in Ankara

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and one of the leading healthcare centers. In this context, Neonatology Doctors in Ankara represent one of the most sensitive and critical areas of healthcare in the city. Neonatology aims to assess the health status of newborn babies, provide attentive care and meet their medical needs.

These specialized doctors in Ankara offer a wide range of services, from premature babies to prematurity or other medical challenges encountered during the neonatal period. The newborn period is a time when babies are most vulnerable and need to be carefully monitored.

With their advanced medical technology and experience, Neonatology Doctors in Ankara assess and treat babies’ health problems in the first days of their lives and provide support through parent education. While these specialists strive to ensure that babies have the best start in life and guide families, they undertake an important mission within Ankara’s strong position in the field of health.

Newborn Paediatricians in Ankara

  • Prof. Dr. Altay BABACAN (Department of Child Health and Diseases)
  • Prof. Dr. Ümit SARICI (Department of Child Health and Diseases)

What Do Neonatology Doctors Look For?

Neonatologists are health professionals who specialize in assessing and treating the health status of newborn babies and providing attentive care. These specialists focus on the medical challenges faced in the first days of life during the newborn period, the most critical and sensitive period for babies. Here are the main areas that Newborn Doctors are responsible for caring for:

Premature Babies: They provide medical follow-up and specialized care for babies born prematurely as a result of prematurity.

Respiratory Problems: They provide treatment, mechanical ventilation management and respiratory support for babies with respiratory difficulties.

Nutrition and Fluid Balance: They assess the nutritional needs of newborn babies and create special nutrition plans.

Infection Control: They diagnose and treat common infections in the neonatal period.

Heart Problems: They diagnose heart disorders seen in newborn babies and plan the necessary treatments.

Blood Diseases: They provide support in the management and treatment of conditions such as anemia, and prematurity-related blood diseases.

Immunological Problems: They diagnose and treat immune system problems.

Neurological Problems: They monitor and manage neurological problems seen in newborn babies.

Intensive Care and Support: They provide monitoring and treatment of babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Family Counselling: They provide guidance and counseling to families on infant care, nutrition and development.

With their expertise in these fields, Neonatology Doctors in Ankara aim to protect the health and quality of life of babies at the highest level during their most vulnerable period. They support the healthy growth and development of babies with modern medical technologies and attentive care approaches. By creating special and individual care plans for each baby, they help them make a healthy start.

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