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Liver Polyclinic

Liver Polyclinic The Liver Polyclinic is a department specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of liver-related diseases. The liver is an organ with important functions in the body and is a structure that can be affected by various causes. The Liver Polyclinic works to ensure early diagnosis of liver diseases, determine treatment methods and protect the health of patients at the highest level.

Which Diseases Does the Liver Polyclinic Treat?

The Liver Polyclinic focuses on a wide range of liver diseases. These include

Hepatitis: Viral hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E) is an inflammation of the liver and is evaluated by specialists.

Fatty Liver Disease: This disease, which is the accumulation of fat in the liver, is managed with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Liver Cancer: Follow-up, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals at risk of liver cancer are carried out at the Liver Polyclinic.

Alcohol and Toxin Related Diseases: Alcohol and toxin-related liver diseases are diagnosed and treated here.

Cirrhosis: In cases where liver function is severely impaired, cirrhosis is diagnosed and managed by specialists.

Genetic Liver Diseases: Diagnosis and treatment of inherited liver diseases are also performed at the Liver Polyclinic.

What Does the Liver Polyclinic Do?

The Liver Outpatient Clinic performs a detailed evaluation of patients, performs the necessary tests and performs examinations based on laboratory results to make a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, it creates treatment plans to monitor the course of the disease, determine appropriate treatment methods, and maintain patients’ health in the best possible way. In addition to treatment, it also provides guidance on lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations and medication management to maintain patients’ health.

The Liver Polyclinic serves with a team of experts to protect your liver health, diagnose diseases early and treat them with the most effective treatment methods. Within the scope of health tourism, you can examine the services offered by our experts in this field for your concerns about your liver health and take steps to keep your health at the highest level.