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Home Care Services

As Vimfay International Health Services, the Home Care Services Unit of the hospitals we have contracted with continues to work to ensure that our patientscan receive treatment at home comfortably and meet their needs in the best way possible. Your health and well-being is always a priority for us.

What is Home Care Services?

Home care services are a special type of service that enables patients to receive the medical and supportive services they need in their own home environment. Thanks to this service, it is aimed for patients to be treated comfortably with their families away from the hospital environment.


Our physiotherapists provide physical rehabilitation by offering special exercise programmes to our patients with limited mobility.

Physician Examination and Practices

Our experienced doctors carry out the necessary medical examinations at the homes of our patients and apply treatments when necessary.

Nursing Practices

Our professional nurses provide medical care, medication and health follow-up according to the needs of our patients.


We increase the mobility in your living space with the transfer service that enables patients to relocate safely.

Wound Care

By ensuring that wounds are treated correctly and hygienically, we minimize the risk of infection.


We carry out regular visits to assess the health status of our patients and update their treatment plans when necessary.

As the Home Care Services Unit, our aim is to meet the health needs of our patients in the best way possible and to treat them comfortably in their own homes. We are here for your health.